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  1. I'm just dropping in to say that I am very high and I think it's a great thing. Weed helps me.
  2. YES. Yes, this! Fortunately, the sex is so amazing it quickly redirects my attention Kink. Kink is the cure. ETA: Stims make me frigid.
  3. Stopping suddenly could also make the mania worse. Find a different doctor or be more assertive with this one.
  4. I think this douchebag may be traumatic for your daughter.
  5. Yeah... If you're not already using, it's impossible to know what will happen. Plus, the medical can be much different than the stuff you got from your local weedman. Plus you have to get the right dose, strain, etc. If you're hypomanic and pick up a sativa-dominant strain, you're going to make it worse. If you're depressed and smoking indica all day, your motivation will take a double hit. Don't go out of your way to try marijuana before other meds. Your pdoc might just want you to know that he's open to the idea.
  6. Financial stress makes you vulnerable. Psychos like vulnerable.
  7. All that fiddling is keeping your brain awake. Report back tomorrow and tell us if you remember making this post. Edit: Um, are you alone? You took a hell of a lot of z-drug there. Don't... move. Oh wow I hope you don't mean you took 8+ Lunesta. What are these "other" sleepers? Short-acting zopiclone, as opposed to the zopiclone you took earlier?
  8. Oh man, there's more than oversight going on here. Look around for other specialists, just in case.
  9. I blame the FDA for pursuing doctors so aggressively. Yeah, there are bad docs out there who supply the black market. But the war on drugs has taxed the medical community a LOT in order to put a few bad guys away. A few bad guys, and then some. Docs are paranoid because careless docs can be manipulated and -- OOPS bro there goes your career. So there's a reason for Clinic, M.D.'s behavior. But the reason he picked on YOU was because: he's a dick. he's not getting it wet. he's under supervision for being careless with prescriptions. every other person he sees is a drug seeker, and you landed on "other" (hey, it's a clinic) but most of all: he is a dick. Report him. He's an unprofessional turd and you did nothing wrong.
  10. If there are, you won't find them. The culture here isn't exactly cannabis-friendly, but I say if it works for you, go for it. I'm not surprised it does. itdoesformecough Now drinking plus CPTSD plus benzos plus lithium is not good. Not even at only 600mg of lithium. The least harmful thing here is the cannabis (but I'm a civilian, not a doctor, so grain of salt and all).
  11. Most mental illnesses are NOT disabilities. Not legally, medically, or at all. SOME mental illnesses CAUSE disability. Consider deafness. According to the legal and medical models, d/Deaf people are disabled. But most people in the (North American) Deaf community feel that they are a part of a minority language group and reject the term "disabled" and its negative connotations. The community takes a cultural perspective, arguing that they share a unique language, etiquette, and other things that make up "Deaf Culture." That doesn't mean they get outraged over political semantics -- they know that government and law uses a different perspective, hence the lovely ADA. Let's take MI and see if we can apply it to the same idea. Do aspies have a "culture"? I don't think so, but if you had a community of people with aspergers meeting on a regular basis over the course of several generations, they might develop one. And it would totally rock.
  12. USA. Thanks everyone! He got her a book with a tape recorder, so now he can read her bedtime stories even if he can't tuck her in
  13. Uh oh, someone just pulled a Mel (Gibson).
  14. My boyfriend has an adorable 3 year old girl. She's very girly and likes books. I was thinking one of those ride-on electric cars they have for kids, but they're a little past my budget. We were thinking fingerpaints, because they're fun. But that idea is more for the babymomma, because we want to see her carpets destroyed. This kid is really special. Are there any NEW books for kids?
  15. As a former anorexic, I say yes. Starvation will trigger adrenaline, which will make you feel GREAT! After this, the good feelings go away and you feel drained of everything. Nothing gets you excited. Not even a cupcake, even though you desperately need a cupcake. At this stage you should wear a helmet in case you pass out. The helmet goes great with the cognitive deficits that accompany starvation. But I really don't think you need to be judged for your food choices. Not by me, anyways. I ate a reuben today, and that was it. That thing had so much beef it was like Tupac and Biggie between two slices of rye. Tupac too, because that sandwich was bigger than Biggie. Salty, fatty, and oh so good. I ate it all save the pickle. It tasted too much like a cucumber, and cucumbers are just too salubrious. After all that, who needs the extra 5 calories anyways? The master cleanse made me crap salt water.
  16. Does anyone have any more info on this? Although I'm a pretty good athlete, I was struck by the sections of Thompson's article that describe spatial learning difficulties. It describes me very well, and my parents would agree. I do have social problems that have persisted since childhood. At a party last night, I was really anxious because I didn't know when I was supposed to leave. Oh, and my best friend was hosting the party. He knows me well, but there were too many new variables (new people, new apartment) for me to figure out.
  17. I've been going through some bad depression lately, and it got very bad a few days ago. I have periods of intense anxiety and self-loathing. I feel very much in the world and the world is too much to take. When a fit comes on, it starts to feel like suffocating, like I'm trapped somewhere and can't get out. I get confused, dizzy, and I cry until I hyperventilate. The only way to avoid these fits when I'm depressed is to lay low as possible and hide. I haven't self harmed over a year, but the last few fits were really intense and I lapsed twice in two days. I punched myself in the arm and cut my leg the following day. Is this a full on relapse? I feel like I have shit under control, and I've processed the situation that triggered me. But why do I resort to self harm every so often? I'll have a period of self harm once or twice a year, and then goes away after a short time.
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