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  1. I'm hoping someone here can help me. I'm on the 8mg Suboxone strips and I'm experiencing a very unpleasant side effect-excessive sweating. I mean to the point where my hair is soaked within a matter of minutes of barely exerting myself. It's so embarrassing. Has anyone else experienced this? Advice from anyone would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  2. I'm not exactly new; I just haven't logged in for many months. I have bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, depression, anxiety and substance abuse problems. I came back here for support because I'm not currently in treatment due to not having medical insurance-I thought maybe I could use the boards here as an outlet for now. So anyway, here I am. Hello to everyone!
  3. Right now, I'm not happy with my mental state. I don't have medical insurance and I don't qualify for a medical card through the state, therefore, I am not on my (many) meds at the moment because of the cost. I want to feel good but I just don't and I don't know if I ever will. I go from happy to tears in a matter of minutes. I guess such is life when you have BP.
  4. Hi everyone. i need some advice. i just changed pdocs about a month or so ago and I'm not really feeling it with this new doctor. I liked him at first but he address my sleep issues, which are huge for me. i think he could be overmedicating me as well. I'm on Saphris, Geodon, Prozac, Seroquel and tranxene, all at the same time. i know what to do since just had all of my records transferred to him. Does anyone out there have any suggestions for me? I don't want to look like a doctor-shopper. Thanks in advance for your responses!
  5. Blah! Saphris tastes horrible! *puke*

    1. jeff


      is saphris that little white disc thingie?

    2. PinkCupcakes


      Yep! It was gross but it helped me sleep! Always a plus for me!

    3. llama44


      Do you have the black cherry ones?

  6. Thank you, vapourware. I find it to be pretty sedating at times but for the majority of the time, nothing knocks me out! I don't want to have to increase my dose... My appointment with pdoc is FINALLY tonight so I plan to talk to him then. Thanks again for your reply.
  7. Hi wj. I've noticed some jaw clenching/grinding and I've been on it about a week and a half. This just started a couple of days ago. But it has helped my mood overall. Thanks for your reply.
  8. That's awesome, ehygon. I may have to look into something like acupuncture after your experience. Thanks for the feedback.
  9. Thank you both for responding. I've been on SSDI for a year. And yes, Luna, you are correct; Medicare after 2 years. $1500 is a lot but I made in the mid 40s at my old job and I think they based my benefit on that amount. I don't know though.
  10. OK, here's the scoop. I'm on SSDI and get $1500/month. I have to pay $500/month for insurance from my former employer (I'm on COBRA). I went to the Job and Family Services office to apply for a medical card and I was told that I'd have to meet a $1000/month spend-down if I decided to pursue the Medicaid. Needless to say, that was not an option for me. I live with my fiance who is a construction worker but we are not married. I had to list his salary, all of our expenses, etc. There is NO WAY that we could afford to live if I'm shelling out $1k in medical expenses, leaving me with only
  11. Me: "I miss my mom.". I said this while crying hysterically Him: "Get used to it." Time for a new pdoc. I can't click with this guy. I left his office in a fit of tears.
  12. When I'm really, really depressed, I will wear the same clothes repeatedly-mostly PJ pants and a tank top and hoodie. No makeup. But these are mostly days when I don't leave the house. I used to be a daily primper and that's what people are used to, so when I go out not "made up", I usually get the "are you sick?" Question. I don't work right now so the workplace comments don't really apply to me. However, on (really) good days, I will do the full routine and people say I look like a different person, which makes them assume I am fine, which isn't always the case. Not doing the full
  13. Ehygon, that's good news. I haven't tried acupuncture and I have a stupid question: did it hurt? I am so glad you have some supportive doctors who are helping you through this. Neuros can have lousy bedside manner sometimes. Keep us posted on how you're doing.
  14. I too have almost every one of those symptoms. I do tend to be on the more depressed side usually though.
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