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  1. Blah! Saphris tastes horrible! *puke*

    1. jeff


      is saphris that little white disc thingie?

    2. PinkCupcakes


      Yep! It was gross but it helped me sleep! Always a plus for me!

    3. llama44


      Do you have the black cherry ones?

  2. Awake again! So much for melatonin!

    1. kimmybird


      Me too. I started Gabapentin today for neuropathy. I have degenerative discs in my neck and a nerve is hung up on one of them right now so I have shooting tingles usp and down my arm constantly. This new med is used for seizures, depression and nerve pain. I was hoping to be sleepier at this moment but no dice. I can't take melatonin. It gives me a hangover.

    2. PinkCupcakes


      How are you feeling now, Kimmy? Any better? Have you been drowsy from it al att yet? It's Neurontin, right?

    3. PinkCupcakes


      I meant to say at all. Ugh. Sorry about that!

  3. I really hate gloomy weather. It kills my mood. :(

  4. Anyone who would like: please feel free to email me at bambinichole@att.blackberry.net if you'd like to talk during the day. I have a BB Torch and it's really hard to post on here. I use my DF's old BB at night and it works better believe it or not!

  5. Hi Snugglepuss. I'm sorry, I must've missed your post to me the other night. I'm glad to report I'm doing better and am seeing a new psych on Monday. Sometimes I get really down and yes, the mood swings are horrible. I don't know how DF puts up with me.

    Write me back and let me know how you're doing and again, thanks for writing me.


  6. How can I believe in heaven when I'm living in hell?

  7. i need to find a new pdoc...I have issues that I'm not being treated for and that bothers me.

  8. PinkCupcakes

    My Babies!

    2 Sphynx cats!
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