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  1. I feel so much better away from home....how will I avoid a bad reentry back into the "real " world?

  2. thanks for adding me as a friend.

  3. To the beach tomorrow...the ultimate light therapy!

  4. "All hands on deck, the seas are getting rough again." the decemberists

  5. All my favorite people are broken.

  6. I hope this "fast reply" thingy allow me to thank everyone for their welcome and kind encouragement! I didn't see a "reply to all" button.
  7. thanks for the welcome. I already have a question. My computer intelligience is deficient. I know I need to prob change the size of my signature, but why are there "extra" symbols in my sig? help with a lower case h. I save H for worse dilemnas. Oh and can I download a photo from my Iphone for my profile pic. Sorry for the bother, but my kids are away at college, my husband is technically challenged.
  8. I am new to crazyboards,starting out with much fear and trembling (no fault of my Lithium). Will try to listen well and ask for help when I need it. Thanks y'all.
  9. Hello.Glad to be here.

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