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  1. If you mean Nov 23, true - we drove 6 miles to my ILs for Thanksgiving. If you mean my current tomorrow, false. TPBM loves scrubbing bathrooms behind boys who still can't aim right.
  2. I wonder when menopause is going to hit? Seriously. I'm ready for it. I'm 49 and I'm just over this whole monthly cycle thing. I don't want to do anything invasive or artificially hormonal about it. I just wish it would get here already. jt07, I love your avatar. I have a copy of that picture hanging in my kitchen.
  3. About 45-50 at the moment. Lows have been in the 30s, highs in the 50s.
  4. I had my kids at 31 and 34. This was pre-diagnosis. After the first, I was dx'd with PPD. I was on celexa during my pregnancy with my second and was told he'd be fine. When the kids were in preschool/K, I was diagnosed bipolar and started the meds I'm on now. My oldest is 16, with ASD and ADHD. My youngest is 12, with ADHD, depression and anxiety. Both have pdocs and are on meds, and currently doing well. I wonder sometimes if they inherited these genes, or in the case of my youngest if the celexa has something to do with his struggles. I try not to dwell, though, because it's not like I can go back and change things. My kids bring me great joy, but also worry for their futures given their neurology and MI's. Helping my youngest through suicidal ideation was one of the hardest things I've ever done - probably harder than when I went through it myself.
  5. I am not ashamed of it, but I am cautious who I tell. I only tell people I trust, and no longer my bosses. I had two incidents in which it was held against me at work, neither of which I can prove to the point that I can win a lawsuit that a disability law was broken. If you're struggling with what to tell people, consider not telling them at all. I get that there is something about being open and not ashamed, but it really isn't any of their business. You can not tell if it's awkward to do so, and still be not ashamed.
  6. I signed up for this. I just got notice they have my results now. I need to find my password again to go look at it. Thanks for reminding me!' Edited to add, I just looked at them, and none of the 17 reports the sent me have anything to do with mental health. I did learn I'm likely to drink more coffee than the usual person, and I am more likely to be a deep sleeper. The sleep thing is interesting, because I wake often during the night, but can sleep through all of my alarms in the morning. This directly affects coffee consumption once I get out of bed. Anyway, interesting, but not what I was looking for out of this. Maybe there are more results coming.
  7. I've looked up the possible withdrawal effects from coming off of Abilify. Does anyone have any experience as to how long the withdrawal effects last? Considering some med changes, and based on past experience, I don't want to start something and then have it not work and have bad withdrawal coming off of it.
  8. From a professional standpoint, I think that kind of skill would make you stellar at sales, as long as you remained ethical in your dealings. On a personal level, if you didn't have other very nice qualities - big on compassion, empathy, loyalty, etc. - I'd avoid you, considering you to be a jerk, or at the very least pushy. You say you've never really hurt anyone, but how do you know? Some people aren't going to tell you you've done that, because they'd rather avoid your aggression. And I certainly hope you accept NO as NO in sexual relationships.
  9. It actually sounds like he's trying to meet you at your comfort level. Maybe he was just really excited in the beginning - super honeymoon phase - and can calm down. Or maybe he's just backing off temporarily to earn your trust before going back to the way he was. I don't know if you know him well enough at this point to determine. If you proceed, do it cautiously. Honestly though, with what you've shared about him so far, I think he could go either way. The smothering way would be a deal breaker, obviously. If he was non-smothering, then it depends on if you are truly into him or not. I feel I should also warn you that I think I'm a little hypo - just bought a pair Michael Kors shoes (on sale at least) when I went in to do purely an exchange of another (cheaper brand) pair in the wrong size. Maybe I'm being overly positive.
  10. I'm on it. Seems to work fine. It's an adjunct to my lamotrigine to keep me from going hypo. I actually lost a little weight on it. We keep the dose low though so that I don't have the involuntary movement side effects (whatever that is called, the word escapes me at the moment). And I take it a night.
  11. Geez, no wonder you so anxious about this. I think a competent pdoc will be able to help you sort out all this med stuff. Perhaps that should be your first priority - finding the right pdoc - before finding the right med.
  12. Of course all of his friends are going to support him - they're probably just like him. There are lots of much better people in this world. I hope that you can find some to build real friendships with. And I would still cancel all the cards and get replacements. It's very easy to do, and extremely unwise not to. You're setting yourself up to be used by him again if you don't. Do not trust him at all to not try to use them again, even if he hasn't used them in the few days since he left. As you have described him, he's of a character that will totally use them again. Do not trust, and do not listen to, him and his friends. At all.
  13. Since I last posted here, I had my hair cut into a lob. I originally went to a cheap place for a trim, and came out with one side a inch shorter than the other. So I went to a real salon, after having spent an evening on pinterist looking at wavy lobs. My hair is naturally straight, so the stylist showed me how to wave it with a flat iron. She cut it shorter than what I was wanting, but it will grow.
  14. You should be jumping for joy that this guy is gone. He clearly admitted to using you for money, like you owed him or it was his due from you or something. I'm just flabbergasted that you allowed that. Don't feel hurt that the asshole left. There was nothing redeeming about this guy. This IS for the best. Delete, delete, delete! And then get thyself to a therapist who can help you work on your self-esteem. If you had any at all, you'd have never given this guy the time of day.
  15. Technically, if you aren't talking to him about your husband, it would seem reasonable to expect him to not talk to you about his other women. But there are so many unhealthy things about your emotional affair, I find it hard to say he's being selfish.
  16. I take both lamictal and geodon, and drink a significant amount of coffee and caffienated colas. I do not have heart palpitations or anything like that. I think that's a side effect of the energy drink. I do not use energy drinks because I've heard they cause the symptoms you are experiencing.
  17. Did your friend handle things badly? Yes, greatly so. I think he lost patience with you and was (still is) unkind about it. And there is no excuse for being unkind like that. However, I also think your expectations of him was misplaced, and that you did not read the cues well enough to understand your picture of the relationship did not match his. I think that therapy would be beneficial to help you figure out how to navigate social relationships.
  18. My hair is longish - ends about an inch or two above my bra strap in the back. It is layered from about an inch or two below the jawline down. I've been growing in out for while. I am naturally medium to dark brown, but I have gray streaks that are oddly placed and I am quite vain so I color it all away. I am currently dark brown, but have been known to get highlights. I currently like the length, but I'm debating getting bangs. I'm holding off because I know I'll love them for about a week, and then I'll wish they were long again.
  19. Personally, I think that for a year and half, he intellectually knew you were bipolar. But this incident over Christmas really brought things home for him. So realizing that he is unable to deal with this, he broke things off quickly and cleanly. I think it is wrong to rake him over the coals for him admitting he can't deal. I think that it would have been much worse for him to have known he can't deal or be supportive in the way you need and to have stuck around anyway. There are many, many posts of people here who are hurting from people who can't be supportive in the way they need but stick around - it just causes you more harm because you continue to expect what you're not going to get. And I'm not saying that this shouldn't suck for you. You are entitled to feel deeply hurt by this. I am very sorry that you are going through this. Just because you hurt doesn't make him evil. He did the best he could in recognizing his limitations and not dragging this out for you. For you, I hope that you can stop looking for something or someone to blame (be it him, his mom, or even yourself), and instead are able to find means of emotional support from people who are able and qualified to give it. And I hope the pain lessens quickly.
  20. I feel for you both, because she's reacting from a state of pain, and not handling it well at all. Since it's triggering for you, can you block her?
  21. I would not trust a 6 year old to avoid playing with a gun that's just lying around, no matter what you teach her about guns and how much you tell her to leave it alone. Children like to push limits to determine where they are. Sometimes, them pushing those limits can be used as a teaching moment about the need for the limits. This is not one of those situations.
  22. Sounds like your husband isn't ready for your son to grow up. Kind of sweet really. By going to a barber for the first shave, the barber can tell him the ins and outs of shaving, facial hair grooming, etc. But it would be great if your husband could be part of that process. Of course, I am assuming he's the father and what I'm suggesting is a father/son thing. But if he's a step father and they have a good relationship, it would be a cool bonding moment.
  23. I get irritated with the back-handed brag. You know, when someone complains about how his wife suddenly wants to redecorate the living room, so he has to save up a couple of months to pay for the $10,000 upgrade. True story.
  24. Told to me by a then 40-something female: Dump your friends (who are fine, but you're boyfriend thought they weren't smart enough) because the relationship you have with your boyfriend is more important. We were 16 at the time.
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