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  1. My heart really goes out to ya, dedoubt. Have you ever considered whether you're schizoaffective? Because now that I've finally been more precisely diagnosed as schizoaffective rather than just bipolar, and been Rx'd Risperidone, I'm finally feeling much more stable.
  2. It got cut off: "...without much concern."

  3. Thanks so much. I have an instinct to care more about my long-term spiritual well-being and survival than I do about my temporary physical survival here on Earth, which I do realize makes me vulnerable to more mental issues. But no worries; I feel I'm on a great blend of meds that enables me to have a strong foothold in "both worlds" enough to explore my nagging instinct without muc...

  4. So, I posted a response, except I put it on my page by mistake.

  5. Hi Will! Welcome to the forum. I read that you've had experiences similar to mine. Tell me about them!

  6. Is it really more important that you have absolute proof of such things than it is to keep you from living a depressed life? I think you should go ahead and look into various religions and see if there's one that feels right to you. That intuitive feeling that it's right for you is a form of "proof" if you ask me.
  7. Thanks VE. That was interesting. Would you happen to know of similar findings pertaining to schizophrenia? Because I was treated only for bipolar disorder since 1996 until very recently, and I think I was schizoaffective all along.
  8. Hmm, alienonite's and Anna's answers combined are helpful -- I remember learning that Depakote was originally for seizures, and that researchers just happened to notice that it also helped stabilize bp people. Sounds to me like maybe Depakote's ability to ward off seizures may also lower the risk of bp episodes becoming worse and of the bp episode threshold being lowered. Thanks guys! I'm stayin' on my Depakote!
  9. That's what I've heard. When I asked my pdoc about this he said, "Well, it at least tends to get harder to treat." I'll probably ask my pdoc to elucidate further. But meanwhile I'm wondering if anyone here has any experience with / knowledge about this.
  10. Yeah I've been in psych wards probably 7 or 8 times and overall the nurses have been pretty nice & professional to me, especially considering the stresses of their job -- not knowing if someone's gonna lash out & be violent at any given time, etc.
  11. You can see what meds I'm on from my signature. I like all of them. In the hospital they put me on 3 mg of Risperidone, which was probably necessary at the time, but I cut it down to 1.5 mg after a couple weeks when I wasn't nearly as psychotic, because I felt too drugged up & it was giving me involuntary facial movements. The 1.5 mg dosage seems perfect now.
  12. Well hello, fellow Schizoaffective. I can relate to the feeling of having PTSD from the first break -- I absolutely could not believe that I had a mental disorder. I was in shock for months & months. You're lucky to have only been hospitalized twice. I've probably been in the psych ward 7 or 8 times since 1996, I think mainly because my original diagnosis of regular Bipolar Disorder was wrong and I was therefore being medicated incorrectly. Anyway, I'm pretty isolative too. But I'll be your friend here.
  13. So what have been some of your experiences that you knew would sound crazy but that you really thought weren't?

  14. ANNA: Thanks for your thoughtful response. Yeah, I wouldn't define my spiritual experiences as metaphysics either. Metaphysical-type stuff just seemed to be involved, since I strongly felt like I was dealing with different realms & dimensions. And btw, I surely haven't been trying seem like I'm some kind of superior person or whatever. Who really knows what should or shouldn't be considered superior in the big scheme of things anyway? I am a humble homemaker who wants to be nothing more, who happens to have had experiences I can only describe as utterly profound, and I simply thought I'd excitedly share them here in this little forum. I didn't realize the phrase "astral projection" would come across as so "grandiose" -- I did some research into it and it sounded exactly like what I'd experienced, so I used the phrase. But I don't understand why experiences as amazing as astral projection and the like would necessarily be demeaned by the adjective "grandiose" anyway -- for me at least, they were grandiose, one of the definitions of which is "impressive because of uncommon largeness, scope, effect, or grandeur." I guess the word "grandiose" just conjures up too many defensive feelings of inferiority, and / or the word is just too reminiscent of the psychiatric phrase "grandiose delusion," rendering any associated experiences necessarily null & void to most people. I tend to believe that everyone has their own particular spiritual path, and I think my mental illness has been a big part of mine. I think my chemical imbalances opened up entirely new ways of experiencing things, and that without them I wouldn't have been led to my current sense of enlightenment. And I think this may have been a path laid out for me. I have a feeling that at least some chemical "imbalances" may just be a form of mental-spiritual evolution (aparently still with a few quirks for folks like you & me!). Anyway, now having felt like I've bathed in enlightenment itself (uh oh, that's "grandiose"!) and done enough research to satisfy my curiosity as to what our current society tends to call the phenomena I experienced, I don't really have the urge to study the particulars of various forms of spiritual guidance -- as amazing as it was, I feel I've had more than enough of that stuff and of a sense of general knowing for one lifetime. That's what keeps me on my meds, btw. Anyway, I guess that's all I have to say.
  15. Yeah I kinda wish there was a schizoaffective forum. Anyway, I agree with everything Bueler said about just finding the slots you seem to relate to best. Over the last year my symptoms would be classified as more schizo (hallucinations & whatnot). Plus I tend to find schizo stuff more interesting than bipolar stuff in general. So I'll probably visit the schizo forum the most. I'm pretty new here too btw. Nice to meet ya.
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