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  1. My cocktail has changed and so has my attitude. You can see the difference in my signature as I have altered it to reflect my newfound self-awareness. I added CBD oil into my cocktail. I've been on it for roughly a month. I don't think it does anything dramatic to my thinking process but I read it's good for overall health so I'm all in. If it helps me live longer, I'll take it!
  2. I got my medical marijuana card last week and today I bought my first medicinal grade marijuana product. It was a tincture consisting of CBD and THC with a ratio of CBD 10 to THC 1. It's basically a CBD product. I thought I'd try to keep everyone up on my response to the new drug. I took my first dose around 3pm and I psyched myself out for a minute or two but took a couple deep breaths and it was smooth sailing after that. I can hardly notice anything obvious. I mean, is there any difference at all? What I can say without hesitance is that this medicine doesn't make me sleepy at all and it certainly doesn't counteract the large iced laté I had after lunch in the later afternoon. I can't say if the coffee is keeping me up or the marijuana or a synergy between the two. Oh yeah, I took another dose at 8pm. It's about 11pm right now. Is it making me slightly happier? CBD is supposed to make you calmer and happier. Maybe it takes longer than 8 hours to feel a noticeable difference. Each dose was a whole dropper. That's probably more than they recommend for Newbies. I'm taking this medicine because I have chronic inflammation. This has been consistent for several years in a row as evidenced by an extremely high number regarding my High Sensitivity CRP. CRP is a marker for inflammation in the blood that can be measured via a blood test. Normal is 0. Mines 12. Ugh. Scary, right? They've ruled out a multitude of causes. It's not my heat. Its not celiac or another autoimmune disease. It's not my uterus or ovaries. I don't show any signs of cancer. All of my other organs are good. I have no aches or pains. So, what's left? Could it be sensitivity to environmental toxins and processed, crappy food, combined with the stress of being morbidly obese? Perhaps. Will medical marijuana, specifically, CBD oil, help me combat the inflammation if i diet and exercise? It shows promise. Inflammation can cause obesity. Inflammation can cause autoimmune diseases, cancer, heart disease, arthritis, and diabetes. It douses your body in poison. It's really a great idea to try to get rid of it. It causes stress and depression. An interesting thing is that stress can cause inflammation as well. It seems all these things are inversely related I guess. All of them. I was talking to a friend about Big Pharma today. I made a good point, I think that was possibly pro-meds. Why would the government want to make us dumb by giving us psychiatric meds? At the time I couldn't think of anything. Really, I still cannot. My conclusion is that psychiatric meds do not make us dumb... Not necessarily. Studies also show that treating things like depression and bipolar early on with drugs can save us from future brain deterioration caused by the disorder. My million dollar question is, are there possibly better drugs and medical solutions that Big Pharma won't be cheerleaders for? Most definitely. Thats all because they're making top dollar. Its greedy. I still take Abilify and Prozac but i'm not too worried about it making me stupid. If it was going to do that, I would've been stupid a long time ago. I've been taking these drugs for decades and am showing zero signs of mental decline. Cheerio.
  3. Thank you both for your replies! I am still in zero caffeine and feel better every day but after that initial crash I still have a bit of sleep issues where I don’t fall asleep easily. Maybe when I start CBD I’ll be a new person. That’ll be the next chapter. I’m getting my “green card” soon. I know I’m considerably lucky.
  4. I stopped caffeine cold turkey three days ago after I realized how bad my insomnia was most nights and on some nights felt myself slipping into a very mild mixed mania which felt absolutely horrible. I was drinking coffee every day plus iced tea and sometimes diet cola too. I found that I am able to sleep again and I haven’t felt myself slipping Anymore. The first 48 hours I felt depressed and like a giant POS. Today has been more doable. I wonder when I’ll get back a normal energy level. I don’t know if it takes a week or maybe a month. I don’t plan on using caffeine again. Has anyone else went off caffeine and has it helped you?
  5. Greetings icygrave. Welcome back and congratulations of 16 days sober! I've been on varying doses of Abilify since I was 23 years old and I've come to settle on 7mg as a dose that keeps me from being hypomanic or delusional while I still feel I'm myself. It's a very low dose for schizoaffective but everyone is different. The first thing I noticed on Abilify was that alcohol didn't work anymore. I didn't notice much else aside from lack of mania. I still feel like a person with thoughts and feelings and even motivation on good days. I am morbidly obese but I could have avoided this and I don't blame it on medication alone. I probably am not the best person to talk about this because I went form having a super-human metabolism, to taking Abilify and eating like I did before. I gained wait slowly but surely and whenever I set my mind to lose weight I give up because it doesn't magically fall off like it did before the meds. I was considering a new approach. Vegan Keto. It's a relatively ketogenic diet minus animal products. At first Abilify made me feel a bit happier than usual but that faded pretty quickly. I take mine in the morning because to me its slightly activating and definitely not sedating at all. Good luck.
  6. After years of inner turmoil caused by having to take Abilify, I have found an extremely light cocktail that includes 7mg of Abilify that i am very enthused with. Let me step back and give you some history. I was on 7mg for almost 2 years and then in January of this year I went down to 5mg. Slowly, very slowly, I started coming unhinged. I became accustomed to daily anxiety and periods of agitation which I did my best to keep to myself. I had blips of depression. I knew something wasn't right and that I needed to stop it in its tracks. That is when I requested to go back up to 7mg. This was shortly after increasing my Prozac from 30mg to 40mg. Now, a couple weeks into the med change and I am so grateful I didn't let things become worse. I feel much more patient. I feel calm and ready to deal with stressful situations. I feel very well. My pdoc says that Prozac and Abilify interact with each other by making each other more potent.
  7. Post a baby pic of yourself and also post a present day or grown up pic of yourself. ?
  8. It’s 33 right now and will go up to 47 today
  9. @wookie you look fantastic! I probably should wear makeup but i'm lazy!
  10. I’m dizzy. My cat woke me up at 4:30am. I know she wants to go back home. We have been staying at mom’s house because of the snowstorm.
  11. That's great that you have a new path to take with Ketamine now. I hope it works. ?
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