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  1. My cocktail has changed and so has my attitude. You can see the difference in my signature as I have altered it to reflect my newfound self-awareness. I added CBD oil into my cocktail. I've been on it for roughly a month. I don't think it does anything dramatic to my thinking process but I read it's good for overall health so I'm all in. If it helps me live longer, I'll take it!
  2. I got my medical marijuana card last week and today I bought my first medicinal grade marijuana product. It was a tincture consisting of CBD and THC with a ratio of CBD 10 to THC 1. It's basically a CBD product. I thought I'd try to keep everyone up on my response to the new drug. I took my first dose around 3pm and I psyched myself out for a minute or two but took a couple deep breaths and it was smooth sailing after that. I can hardly notice anything obvious. I mean, is there any difference at all? What I can say without hesitance is that this medicine doesn't make me sleepy at all an
  3. Thank you both for your replies! I am still in zero caffeine and feel better every day but after that initial crash I still have a bit of sleep issues where I don’t fall asleep easily. Maybe when I start CBD I’ll be a new person. That’ll be the next chapter. I’m getting my “green card” soon. I know I’m considerably lucky.
  4. I stopped caffeine cold turkey three days ago after I realized how bad my insomnia was most nights and on some nights felt myself slipping into a very mild mixed mania which felt absolutely horrible. I was drinking coffee every day plus iced tea and sometimes diet cola too. I found that I am able to sleep again and I haven’t felt myself slipping Anymore. The first 48 hours I felt depressed and like a giant POS. Today has been more doable. I wonder when I’ll get back a normal energy level. I don’t know if it takes a week or maybe a month. I don’t plan on using caffeine again.
  5. Greetings icygrave. Welcome back and congratulations of 16 days sober! I've been on varying doses of Abilify since I was 23 years old and I've come to settle on 7mg as a dose that keeps me from being hypomanic or delusional while I still feel I'm myself. It's a very low dose for schizoaffective but everyone is different. The first thing I noticed on Abilify was that alcohol didn't work anymore. I didn't notice much else aside from lack of mania. I still feel like a person with thoughts and feelings and even motivation on good days. I am morbidly obese but I could have a
  6. After years of inner turmoil caused by having to take Abilify, I have found an extremely light cocktail that includes 7mg of Abilify that i am very enthused with. Let me step back and give you some history. I was on 7mg for almost 2 years and then in January of this year I went down to 5mg. Slowly, very slowly, I started coming unhinged. I became accustomed to daily anxiety and periods of agitation which I did my best to keep to myself. I had blips of depression. I knew something wasn't right and that I needed to stop it in its tracks. That is when I requested to go back up
  7. Post a baby pic of yourself and also post a present day or grown up pic of yourself. ?
  8. It’s 33 right now and will go up to 47 today
  9. @wookie you look fantastic! I probably should wear makeup but i'm lazy!
  10. I’m dizzy. My cat woke me up at 4:30am. I know she wants to go back home. We have been staying at mom’s house because of the snowstorm.
  11. That's great that you have a new path to take with Ketamine now. I hope it works. ?
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