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  1. jt07

    Questions Thread

    No. Sometimes I buy postcards and give them away unused as keepsakes though. Why do you think the world is going to hell and why in such a short time? I remember when Bill Clinton was president the world was mostly peaceful and we all had hope for the future. Now even the future of the EU is in question. Now nationalism is gripping the planet.
  2. Better today. I found out that I'm addicted to caffeine. Without caffeine, I feel sick physically and want to sleep all the time and emotionally I feel dysphoric. Got my Mountain Dew today and things started to come together in a good way.
  3. jt07

    whatever the weather

    This is why I want to move to North-Central New Mexico. I lived out there for a summer when I was in grad school, and the weather was simply perfect. It rarely got over 90 F and there was no humidity. The nights were actually chilly (in the 50s F). A lot of people out there don't have AC because they don't need it. Even businesses don't have AC. The reason that it is not hot like Arizona is because this area is at a high altitude. It's a little piece of heaven in an otherwise hot and/or humid country.
  4. I'm glad they got him. Wouldn't surprise me if he were a serial killer in the making. There is no excuse for cruelty.
  5. jt07

    whatever the weather

    85 F? Wow! It's beautiful here and in the low 70s F.
  6. jt07

    Questions Thread

    I worked for a hospital once, but I don't know what its tax status was. Do you think cheddar is better?
  7. jt07

    random thoughts!

    Someone has got to explain why Iceland is greener than Greenland. Shouldn't Greenland be called Iceland and Iceland be called Greenland?
  8. Physically I feel sick. Don't know what's wrong but I'm not feeling well at all. Also, my leg hurts. Emotionally, I'm gripped by health anxiety.
  9. jt07

    whatever the weather

    We've been blessed this year in avoiding severe weather. This afternoon there was a line of severe thunderstorms cutting across our neighboring state and was expected to affect us. However, tonight that line of severe weather has died down to just rain. A cold front should be coming through and giving us some better, cooler weather.
  10. jt07

    Questions Thread

    Chronically messy,. What in your opinion is the simplest way to roast a beef?
  11. Wow, that's odd. I can't answer as to the legality of it because if it were a matter of legality then different states would have different laws, etc.
  12. Thanks, Harp. I'm as fine as you can be, I guess. I haven't really been absent since I've been hanging around just not posting much.
  13. It's there but it's usually a 3-4 letter abbreviation for the manufacturer which you can put into google to find the manufacturer. On my bottles, it's on the lower right hand side of the label.
  14. Fair. Trouble sleeping again. I just went through a period of sleeping too much but now I can't sleep at all.
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