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  1. I'm having a very hard time breathing due to the extremely hot and humid weather. I'm in really bad shape.
  2. It was 92 degrees F today. Hottest day of the year so far. And it is extremely humid. Give me winter back.
  3. Accepting it means to me realizing that there is no cure and to come to terms with the fact that I will suffer my entire life with this. However, this does not mean that I can't do anything about it. The key is management. You find the meds that work the best for you. They are likely not to work 100% but you have to learn to deal with the residual depression and to find some joy in life in spite of it,.
  4. Yes, I did finally accept it, and yes, it did monumentally help and put me at peace. For years and years, I sought cures from psychiatry to taking every possibly helpful supplement out there. Nothing worked. Then one day I had the epiphany that I should just accept it like a person with diabetes has to accept their disease. And like someone with diabetes, I decided to manage it. Luckily, I found a good cocktail that manages it most days, but the cocktail is far from perfect, and I'm always aware that I do in fact suffer from depression. What I gained by accepting it was an end to the constant searching for a cure which is likely not out there. Therapy doesn't help me at all because my depression is not situational and so there's no cure there. Now I try to enjoy the good times and no longer panic and beat myself up over the bad times.
  5. I wonder why someone doesn't shoot those cats.
  6. Around 90 degrees F and very humid all day. It doesn't cool off much at night either. Sweltering.
  7. So angry at my pdoc. 🤬

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    2. DammitJanet


      Just saw this...what a jerk. Any way of doing a tele-visit? Either via Skype or FaceTime or just the phone? 

    3. Wonderful.Cheese


      What a jerk! Omg! I can’t believe this!

    4. echolocation


      wow, what a dick! we might need to put sand in his sheets, too. I'm sorry he's giving you a hard time, jt. 

  8. Ungodly hot and humid.
  9. Not sleeping the last few nights, but otherwise ok.
  10. What sickens me is when I see so-called "Christians" defending this crap. I see a lot of "Christians" on Facebook in lock step with Trump including, unfortunately, some in my own family.
  11. For my entire life, researchers have been doing studies on coffee and they have not found that coffee is harmful. On the other hand, as notloki points out, several studies have shown benefit to drinking coffee. Coffee is one drink that you can drink freely as long as you don't pile it full with sugar and creamer.
  12. Welcome, MrCrazy, to our little island of insanity. We are glad that you found us and look forward to having you as a member. I don't know about the technical, medical definition, but in the vernacular sense I'd say you are right about pride being a delusion.
  13. I guess I would say Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas mostly because of the weather. I generally hate summer holidays because of the heat and humidity. Do you like French onion soup?
  14. I've also never had withdrawal from stimulants. The most I get is rebound tiredness and sleepiness and a return of symptoms.
  15. Sleepy, sleepy, sleepy. Constantly sleepy. I don't know why. My meds did not change so it's not because of meds.
  16. It was a nice, cool day today with a high of 62 F. Tonight it's going to dip into the 40s F. Almost unheard of for practically mid-June.
  17. No. Never. I'm terrified of heights. Are you a sports fan?
  18. Sleepy and kinda down. Sleepy and kinda down.
  19. It was a perfect day today. Sunny with low humidity and cool.
  20. Sleepy and spaced out due to lack of sleep.
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