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  1. Sonic, I'm glad you checked in and that you're doing well.
  2. I'd argue that would not be a new development
  3. You made the correct assumption. I was wondering about gabapentin as a mood stabilizer. Thanks
  4. I know someone just prescribed gabapentin. Do you know if it commonly prescribed now for bipolar disorder? I take depakote and lamictal but can't find much support online for gabapentin and bipolar.
  5. I assume this is covid related and am so sorry you have had so much trouble.
  6. Will

    random thoughts!

    Just got a call notifying me that the Social Security Admin has issued a warrant for my arrest. Pretty sure I can resolve this by buying the caller an iTunes card. I'll check back with them later.
  7. Will

    Targeted ads on CB

    I'll explore https-everywhere, thanks. I am concerned with security more than privacy, if that makes any sense. Chrome does give not-secure warnings at least
  8. Will

    Targeted ads on CB

    I started to say that's no fun, but then decided to (what else) google it and google had this to say: Do Not Track is a great idea, but when it comes down it, the technology has no bite. Companies can---and usually do---choose to ignore it and face no consequences for doing so. Despite this, you should enable the setting for the few sites that honor the setting.
  9. Will

    Questions Thread

    12:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., which I suppose is night-ish, but it's a forced regimen just to keep me from being up all night and sleeping all day Can you sleep with white noise in the background?
  10. That's well stated. Strength/resistance training does have a different effect on my mind and mood than aerobics. And it can be done without weights or bands, etc. I've been doing both for years because I am one of those people who have to exercise to not be depressed. It is very much key to not think of having to do something exhaustive. Just do what you feel like doing on a given day.
  11. I don't have a choice because I have to get out and walk to avoid cabin fever and to try to move the needle on the depression. It's hot as fuck for about 8 months a year here. The gym is out due to covid. The dog went about a block on his last try and looked at me and said "take me home." So I walk alone.
  12. I talked to my pdoc today and I mentioned my fear of what seems to be more manic episodes, with greater severity, and more closely spaced. She mentioned that I am atypical in that aging usually brings more depressive episodes. I don't miss lamictal at all so far, and I'm hopeful depakote stabilizes my life for a bit.
  13. I am going to work on my temper while I am (now) more or less euthymic. Perhaps that will help when I cycle back up.
  14. I also wondered whether lamotrigine was doing anything. My dosage was 300 mg. It made little sense for me to be on it anyway because the real danger for me is manic psychosis, and I had two episodes while on it.
  15. Thank you for starting the thread. I fear my son is in a similar situation with his job. Or it may be my typical low threshold for anxiety kicking in. Some very good advice and links here.
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