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  1. I like my therapist very much but I want to vacuum her office. I have offered.
  2. Divorce now off as I try to figure out what is wrong with wife.  She is either depressed or something physically wrong (thyroid?) with her.  It's not my interpretation, everyone on both sides of the family sees it.  I would like to live elsewhere because I think we're making each other ill, but I am now sane (better every day, thank you) and I recognize my duty here.  I have to live with her so I can make sure she keeps appointments which as of now she seems unable to do by herself.  Well, at least I have a purpose in life since my reputation is shot to hell from the rage in this episode.

    1. Will


      I would like to lay some blame on her for helping cause this latest psychotic episode of mine, but I can't because I don't think she's OK.  And I blame myself for not being more aggressive in finding out what's wrong with her. 

  3. Will

    Targeted ads on CB

    Banner ad: See if they're cheating on you: Step 1: Enter phone number Step 2: View graphic details (Really? They? More than 1 person is cheating on me? It's worse than I thought)
  4. I'm sorry you've been doing badly. Living in the South Under Baptist Sharia Law has always knocked me out. I can so relate to that
  5. Will

    Targeted ads on CB

    WTF, I need the boner pills and the testosterone and I get women's tops
  6. Will

    Targeted ads on CB

    lilygal.com ---- women's clothing Must have seen a top that I liked and clicked on it while manic.
  7. That's a hell of a lot to deal with if you're still in school. In any event, well done to keep going.
  8. @Iceberg So, you and your doc feel you need the lithium AND the clozapine ? Have you DC'ed the lithium ? It's in your sig
  9. Will

    Targeted ads on CB

    Thanks! I'll check it out.
  10. @jarn @Butterflykisses @CeremonyNewOrder You guys make me feel fortunate. I have periods of remission. Basically, I'm psychotic every couple of years or so. Just need to be more aggressive as it's getting worse. I wish you all peace. Also, I have no idea who the Eels are. Old age kills.
  11. You: "Voices say I'm the shit" Me: "Manic psychosis says I'm the nazz" I've got to really consider clozaril. I absolutely cannot have another episode like this recent one. At least for a couple of years to stabilize my life a bit
  12. Can you take clozapine when episodic and then get off in remission ??
  13. Will

    Book Group

    Not making much progress in reading. I may have to switch to audible. I'm watching too much TV though as that is all I can do for now in terms of maintaining concentration.
  14. We need your brain too, jarn. I heard a shrink from Mayo touting it's efficacy at a bipolar biobank thing I'm involved in. I've mentioned clozapine to my pdoc and she talked about the side effects, weekly testing, etc. I'm not sure I'm ready to go that route.
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