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  1. Divorce now off as I try to figure out what is wrong with wife.  She is either depressed or something physically wrong (thyroid?) with her.  It's not my interpretation, everyone on both sides of the family sees it.  I would like to live elsewhere because I think we're making each other ill, but I am now sane (better every day, thank you) and I recognize my duty here.  I have to live with her so I can make sure she keeps appointments which as of now she seems unable to do by herself.  Well, at least I have a purpose in life since my reputation is shot to hell from the rage in this episode.

    1. Will


      I would like to lay some blame on her for helping cause this latest psychotic episode of mine, but I can't because I don't think she's OK.  And I blame myself for not being more aggressive in finding out what's wrong with her. 

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