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  1. That would make sense because I’ve only been on it a few months. And I told my doctor my adderall wasn’t doing its job a couple months ago. It’s just so much worse now. My doctor is so useless. She doesn’t tell me anything.
  2. I take lithium. I rarely get depressed. Only 3 episodes in the last ten years, but the one I just had was horrible and I’m terrified it’ll happen again. I refuse to take zyprexa because of the weight gain. I’ll check out risperdal and Saphris. That is interesting. I guess a trial and error period will be my best bet.
  3. And can translate it for me? Or tell me what I need to switch to. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2898838/ Vraylar has rendered my adderall completely useless. Abilify does this to some extent but not nearly as bad. I really like vraylar, but if there’s no way to fix my add, I have to find something else. Last time I took it, I had an adverse reaction to seroquel. Latuda keeps the mania at bay, but does nothing for depression. I hated geodon. What are my options?
  4. .9 That would be a good idea. But my carb and sugar cravings have been out of control since I started vraylar. This is so frustrating. I’m not usually this difficult to treat. Well I’m not necessarily difficult. I respond well to meds and don’t get a bunch of side effects. It’s just this weight gain.
  5. I took metformin several years ago. I didn’t have any loss, but I’ll admit I never developed the habit of taking it three times a day. My pcp wants to put me on victoza, but he’s never been able to get it approved. I'm thinking about bringing up topomax again, but I’m nervous because I’m doing so well on lithium. It’s causing more weight gain though. I saw my pcp yesterday about back pain. He said I’ve got to lose weight and exercise. Apparently my spine is not used to carrying all the extra weight.
  6. Only on 1.5mg, which is odd because I usually take moderate to high doses of aps.
  7. I was just about to say this same thing. I didn’t like concerta or Ritalin. I was wondering if jornay might have a different effect. What do you think about the article? I asked my scientist friend if she could find any info on whether aps affect stimulants and she sent me that. I’m in school. Studied for a test for 2 days and still made a D. I usually study for a few hours and make an A, but I couldn’t remember anything. I'm hoping I don’t have to quit the vraylar and go back on latuda.
  8. I just learned that they can find out if you do this. Can anyone tell me if this article affects whether Dexedrine or vyvanse will help? Also, I wonder if taking a stim and ap is what gave me td. it looks like I shouldn’t take both? But I can’t function without the stimulant. I’m pretty sure it’s since I started vraylar a month ago that my adderall quit working. Abilify has the same effect but not nearly as bad. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2898838/
  9. I ended up asking for seroquel because it got me out of my last depression. I had an allergic reaction to it and had difficulty breathing, which was weird since I took it for a year last time. So the nurse told me to stop it and made me an appointment. In the meantime, with no antipsychotic, I became manic. She saw me after no sleep, no coffee and no adderall and still hyper. That appointment is the first time it felt like she believed me or cared. She put me on vraylar and I dropped the Effexor. Let me tell you, between the lithium and vraylar, I feel better than I’ve felt in years. I may be a little hypomanic, but it’s a welcome change and not causing me any issues.
  10. I’ve never heard of mydayis. 12 hour coverage would be amazing. Has anyone heard of jornay? I just got an ad for it. It’s methylphenidate that you take at night. Ok Dexedrine is at the top of my list. If my stingy psychiatrist won’t prescribe it, my pcp will. I get my adderall rx from both because my pcp will give me 3 scripts at a time, and my psychiatrist is 30 miles away.
  11. The sr? Or is there an xr? I’ve never taken that. I don’t get side effects from the regular adderall. Well it doesn’t even feel like I’ve taken it anymore. Thanks all for weighing in.
  12. I’ve taken concerta, vyvanse, and Adderall XR. I felt like the adderall xr gave me anxiety, so I always went back to adderall. I think concerta was my first med (20 years ago), so I don’t remember why I switched to adderall. The vyvanse wasn’t effective, but I thought the dose was low at 50mg. I took a drug holiday for 2-3 weeks a couple months ago when my son stole my adderall, and the pharmacy said I had to have a police report to fill early. I'm going to talk to her about vyvanse possibly at a higher dose. I’ll mention Dexedrine. And I have heard of zenzedi. Definitely going to look into that.
  13. Well that’s good to know about the desoxyn because I’ve always wished I could be prescribed it. I’ll mention Dexedrine to her.
  14. I’d been telling my psychiatrist my adderall (ir 20mg x2) wasn’t getting it done. And she said I couldn’t go any higher. I had an eval done today and it included the computer add test. I’d taken my adderall a couple hours earlier and really thought I did well. She said on the attention scale, the average score is 100. I got a 27. She said I need a new med and take the results to my doctor. I always thought adderall was the best, besides desoxyn which my psychiatrist won’t give me. Any suggestions?
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