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  1. Yes, trazadone usually works very well for me. I’ll sleep 8-10 hours a night. It’s just since I started vraylar. I’ve taken vistaril, remeron, belsomra, ambien, klonopin, Seroquel. Most work but there are side effects and I don’t get any side effects with trazadone. I didn’t take the vraylar last night and slept much better. Not my usual 8-10 hours, but 5-6 restless hours.
  2. That was. My psychiatrist closed at noon today and doesn’t check messages. So I called my pcp. The nurse was shocked the other nurse told me to take 450mg of trazadone and really wanted me to not take it anymore. She said there’s not really anything stronger and suggested taking the vraylar in the morning since it’s activating. I think I’m going to like vraylar once I get some sleep. Even with the lack of sleep, it’s keeping me from mania. And my depression is gone. Fingers crossed taking it in the a.m. helps me too.
  3. She mentioned trying one of the two newer meds. I just can’t find any info on how they make you feel. Thanks, juniper.
  4. Yes, for me the sweet spot is 15mg. It’s very calming. Though I’ve never taken any lower. But I’ve taken 30mg for breakthrough mania.
  5. I’m sorry I wasn’t clear. Yes I was just diagnosed with TD. I’ve had it for a while though. I’m pretty sure it was caused by abilify because that’s what I was on when it started. I had a depressive episode, so she switched me from latuda to seroquel. I had an allergic reaction to seroquel for some reason, so I stopped it. Then I became manic, so she put me on vraylar. I go back in a week and a half to get something for the TD. I just have no idea what to expect.
  6. I was diagnosed earlier in the week, but she started me on vraylar and didn’t want to start two new meds at the same time. So I go back in a week and a half. I’m not a med scaredy cat usually, but I’m pretty nervous about this. What meds are good and what are the side effects?
  7. Dang. I was hoping to find something saying it’s less activating at 3mg. I just started on 1.5mg. I was severely depressed, so I appreciate not being sedated but I’m exhausted. I’ve been awake since 3:30 after a very restless night and I had taken 450mg of trazadone. Yesterday I woke up at 2. So I’m really tired. I wish there was something better for sleep than trazadone. Otherwise I’d be happy.
  8. I have it. But I’m starting vraylar tonight so she didn’t want to start treatment for the TD today. I go back in two weeks. Kinda nervous. I know nothing about those meds or how they make you feel. I hope this isn’t permanent.
  9. I do this so bad, which I realize. So now I’m the opposite. I try to come up with the most succinct way to convey my message, especially in business emails. This practice has caused me problems in writing essays in English. I think it’s an ADD thing for me.
  10. Iceberg, I’m seeing her about it tomorrow. The toes are new but the fingers have been going on several years, and I’ve brought it up to her before but she didn’t address it. I’ve taken seroquel, latuda, and abilify for antipsychotics. Notloki, I looked it up and it can be in your fingers and toes. I just don’t know if that’s what it would look like. If it’s not it, I don’t want to go see her.
  11. I started with tapping and tracing my fingers about 5 years ago. It’s a non-stop movement as long as I’m awake. If my bf calls attention to it, I can stop for a minute. Most of the time I hold my phone in one hand and vape in the other or sit on my hands. I’ve shown this to 3 psychiatrists over the years. I thought it was anxiety but I do it no matter the situation. And now I’ve started doing my toes. It’s making my feet hurt. My hands used to hurt, but I guess they got used to it. Here’s a short YouTube video of just made of my toes.
  12. Most of those I took for mdd before I was bipolar. I haven’t taken many antidepressants since until now. I don’t think my doctor knows what she’s doing.
  13. I have no motivation to do anything, don’t brush my teeth or bathe every day, wear dirty clothes, sit on the couch hungry or needing to go to the restroom miserable for an hour because I don’t want to get up. Skipped two classes today when I had a test and a paper due. I just can’t do anything or enjoy anything. Eta I rarely get side effects or they wear off quickly. The weight gain from those two drugs is the only problem. Oh and the focus problem with abilify. I asked my doctor to switch my latuda to rexulti last time I saw her. Instead she added Effexor which has done nothing.
  14. I didn’t write that well. I’m starting abilify tomorrow. It’s always been a good drug for me but exacerbated my add. I’m gonna take it until my appointment.
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