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  1. My favourite GFCF brownie so far. I did not have millet so I used the rest of the flours to substitute (by weight not measure). Haven't tried Emeril's yet, Dawn
  2. I know this is an old post, but I also discovered when I was eating something that was labelled lactose free, that it contained sodium caseinate (ie milk protein) which is how I found I had an intolerance to milk protein as well. This is less common than lactose intolerance, but not uncommon. I would think that they just don't suggest you eliminate a food completely without trying to replace it - and also generally want you to check levels of vitamins, minerals etc in general to make sure that you aren't missing nutrients or have some health condition that eliminating a food could aggravate. Here are some milk allergy recipes
  3. Hey Recluse. I am bad for this. I haven't found out everything that I'm allergic to yet. I am currently testing, but even before that I knew that some things were hurting me and I still ate them. Since you have so few things that you can safely eat, how about a rotation diet? After my detox I ate both cheese and bread (12 grain at that). I still had a reaction, but it was not as bad as it had been when it was something i was normally eating. Rotation diets are based on not having a food more than every 4th day - or in more complicated diets - a food family. Stacia, perhaps the same would be beneficial to you. It isn't uncommon for reactions to be delayed - even 24-48 hrs (alternately they can be immediate).
  4. I am having similar issues and currently going through a elimination diet and food challenge (see for example here and extensive allergy page here). If you don't suspect other food intolerances you wouldn't have to do the whole thing, just eliminate gluten until your symptoms go away (7-14 days) and then introduce it back and record your reactions. You can test each grain separately. There is a lot more than wheat out there. Try millet, barley, rye, oats (there's more). During the test phase, test one grain at a time. Once you get that out of the way, the key to good GF baked goods is a blend of flours. About GF flours Here are some blends and substitutions As for recipes. There are some great blogs. Like Celiac Teen, Gluten-free Goddess, Gluten-free girl and the chef, simply gluten-free. As I lost everything on my computer I lost so many resources, but I hope this will start you out. Good luck Dawn
  5. Victoria You are not a failure. You have shit in the way of doing well right now. I never got help until the year before I graduated and I totally wish I had. It made all the difference. I had a notetaker, got to take tests separately, more time for tests, even extra time for assignments (sometimes you need a dr's note) and was able to withdraw from classes instead of failing them. Check out disability accommodations for your school. It will be worth it.. Your instructors don't need to know what your issue is, you will just have to take a letter to them (at least that's usually how it goes) saying these are the accommodations requested and they will sign it saying yes or they want to meet with your disability counsellor or something. It took awhile, but I got through school. You can too. Would you believe that I went from a failing average in university to a 99% in the last year since I've been (what I call) recovered? Yes you can. It can get better and it's okay if that time is not now, but look into accommodations. They really helped. Edited because I think it's rude that I didn't sign my post lol and then to fix code Dawn
  6. Me too. I lost some inexplicably and it still drives me nuts that I don't know what happened. I may not fit the borderline dx anymore but that abandonment thing still gets me! I wonder what I did wrong. I kind of wonder what happened an entire year or more of my life. I wish those people could see me now. They would love the new me. Dawn
  7. Steve... it may seem that there always is a better combo because everyone is different, so my perfect combo is not your perfect combo... is not someone else`s perfect combo. There is no such thing as the perfect combo because we are all different. Still, it`s not that knowing if someone else has had an experience with a med is a bad thing. As they say "your milage may vary" I'm with ya Stacia. I'd be afraid that if I left my current meds I'd have to go through that awful circus of med trials again and risk not working, not finding anything else that works and my current meds not working if I come back to them at a later time. Dawn
  8. Personally I would say yes, usually symptoms related to stress generally can work themselves out. Or I can work them out, whatever the case. For me, I try to do the things that I need to stay well. Self-care, exercise, fun, productive things, creative things, things for other people (the feel-good effect), being able to back off or delegate some things, eating right and taking my meds and vitamins properly. It is also important to work through the stress, whether that is writing, talking to someone, art, whatever. Just me though. Dawn
  9. I cannot say for certain that pediatric bp exists, but I will tell you my experience. I was a depressed kid, borderline adolescent (much more of the situational and quicker mood changes) and finally ended up seasing a bigger pattern of mood changes that became a bipolar dx in my 20s. Dawn
  10. I do actually take an anti-depressant (amitriptyline) but it does not relieve my depression. It does however help with pain and sleep. On the other hand, I cannot tolerate SSRIs and no AD has every helped my depression. They either make me manic or do nothing for my mood. I have found that APs have actually helped my mood. I was so shocked that seroquel helped my mood better than anything I had ever tried. Thinking back, perphenazine and lamictal were actually somewhat helpful. Dawn
  11. This is actually a fact of how nicotine works on the brain in SZ. Something from my smoking cessation certificate(this was a general course with MH overview). Don't ask me to explain the way the brain works though. I think it's frontal. There is something about not being able to filter stimulation that nicotine is able to act on. I am actually doing another smoking cessation course this month, but the mental illness one is not available yet. I will take it when it is! I can't wait to learn more about this. I'll let you know. To both, the way it is here is that there are no longer smoking rooms and no smoking on the grounds - you have to go to the sidewalk. Sucks if you're restricted to ward. They did have smoking rooms when I last had my extended stay at the psych hotel. Dawn
  12. I am slightly surprised at my own answers(that I have so many reasons) because I do think about going off meds once in awhile, usually when I miss a day. But thankfully if I miss two days I remeber why I don't go off them - either withdrawal or symptoms get in the way. Good to remember all those reasons so I don't go off in the first place.
  13. HI Sei, I also have depression (bipolar, but more depression than mania these days) and anxiety (although that is much better than when I was young). I also wanted to say hi because I also like to draw and exercise is one of my main forms of anti-depressant! I love that exercise helps me sleep and lifts my mood. If your depression or anxiety or interfering with your life, I would say why not try the meds. You are also doing other things in your life that may help, such as exercising and art. You may not have to be on them forever, which is often the fear. I know there is often a lot of trial and error. I went through it too, but to be on good meds now has made a world of difference. You can give them a shot and if they aren't for you say good by to the meds. Dawn
  14. Linda, you sound like me. It's so weird. Like even the eyes. It may not be the same thing, but I only use one eye at a time and the closest I get to using two eyes is rapidly going back and forth between each eye. Also bullied, borderline, bipolar, psychotic at some point. Social problems...thought I was aspergers or something at one point. Logical, mathamatical, alalytical. Not to say I couldn't be irrational during episodes of crazy! Sorry, this is not about me, it's about you, but I wanted you to know that you're not alone, and that I am glad that the very first message I have ever read has also allowed me to not be alone too! Wow! Dawn.
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