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  1. Thanks for all the replies. I'm looking at this on my phone so I can't see or change what's in my signature. Please disregard whatever it shows as it is literally years out of date. I am no longer taking Wellbutrin.
  2. I am running out of options on meds and am considering ECT since my existing health issues make me very wary of second-generation anti-psychotics, which is what my pdoc thinks will help the most now, if only on a temporary basis to get me out of this acute crisis of a bad mixed episode, mostly depressive in nature. I am at high risk for developing diabetes, and am considering ECT as alternative to more meds. What are your thoughts for both short and long term treatment if you were choosing between the two? I haven't been here in a few years and my signature is way out of date, so please disregard it. I was recently doing okay on Lamictal, lithium, and trazadone, but then I went into acute kidney failure a couple of weeks after surgery, so the lithium and trazadone were suddenly stopped, which has pushed me right over the edge. (Luckily I made a good recovery from the kidney failure, but lithium is off the menu forever.) Over 20 years (I'm 60, wasn't dx'ed till 40) I have been through many med changes in all med classes, currently on 300 mg of Lamictal. My pdoc added remeron to the Lamictal, but I stopped after two weeks due to huge appetite increases (with pdoc okay). I ate 6000 calories yesterday, and my pdoc wants me to switch to risperidone. Not quite a year ago, a couple month trial of Abilify left me with mild tardive dyskinesia that is still ongoing, so I'm pretty tired of second generation anti-psychotics. However, the intensity of this new mixed episode is really concerning to my pdoc, who I've been seeing weekly for over a year (he also does therapy). He and I talked about ECT in the past, but then I got more or less functional on the meds, so it wasn't pursued. Every depressive episode just keeps getting worse and worse over the years, which I was aware would happen, but I didn't have any idea how bad it was actually going to be.
  3. Thank you, I figured it out. There's one of those annoying drop-down small banner ads at the top of the screen that I didn't realize I could hide. That's the first one I've had show up on top, prior to this they've always been on the bottom...
  4. I'm not sure I'm asking this in the right forum, but is it possible to send a PM while using the site on my Android phone?
  5. I haven't been here in forever, despite the fact that as we all know, the crazy never really goes all the way away. I turned a friend onto the site today, and then realized I should have a look at it again, myself. I forget why I quit hanging around earlier, maybe I actually felt good for awhile. I'm surviving, right now in the middle of (yet another) depressive episode, and trying to hang on as I take a ride on the med merry-go-round. God, I'm sick of this fucking disease! I'm looking at this on my phone so I have no idea what my signature says. The dx is still bipolar II, but the meds continue to change. I look forward to catching up with everyone.
  6. I find my 200 mg Lamictal to be sedating so take it at night. My pdoc said about 20% of his patients have the same issue.
  7. I just saw my pdoc and he okayed Trazadone plus Ambien, since I'm still only getting 4 -. 6 hours a night and basically never feel rested. He also suggested I try going back on Lunesta for a few weeks first (have some on hand) in case the Ambien has pooped out. I couldn't tell any difference when I tried Lunesta after being on Ambien for a few years, except the Lunesta leaves a bad taste (literally) the next morning. Fingers crossed some of this will work, I'm tired of being tired!
  8. I just finished week 3 of the starter pack, and my mood does seem to be finally picking up. Also, the food cravings I noted earlier have for the most part gone away, which is a great thing as I also have binge eating disorder. Over the last several months I've been doing much better controlling my bingeing, so the initial hunger on Viibryd was alarming, and I'm glad it's settled back down to normal again.
  9. Plain Ambien puts me out okay, but I wake up after four or five hours. Ambien CR didn't seem to do any better for me, although I was taking a generic, and based on the varying quality of different Ambien generics, maybe I had a crappy generic version and a different one or name brand Ambien CR would work. While trying various sleep meds, the pdoc prescribed Trazadone, which didn't seem to help much, either. Is anyone on a combo of Trazadone and Ambien (or some other combo) that works? I would like to have some new ideas to ask my pdoc about as I think my current depressive episode would be just about gone if I could get a good night's rest.
  10. It didn't work for me after several weeks, just gave me insomnia and made me constipated. I then tried Fetzima, also did nothing, followed by Effexor, which turned me into a zombie, and now I'm on the starter pack of Viibryd, which finally seems to be helping. I hope you find something that works for you.
  11. Lots of times I brush without toothpaste, since it's the mechanical action that cleans your teeth, not the toothpaste, although the toothpaste helps. But sometimes I can't face that fresh minty feeling and the plain brushing keeps my teeth relatively healthy, I go to the dentist every six months so if it wasn't working I would know by now.
  12. Have you been diagnosed with a vitamin B12 deficiency? I'm in the middle of (or hopefully near the end of) a depressive episode and my GP just dx'ed a B12 deficiency, and told me to start taking supplements. I went to see him this time because I've been feeling lightheaded sometimes and my blood pressure has been on the low side. The GP told me to start taking B12 supplements. Have you been dx'ed with this, and if so, what was your experience? How long before you noticed some effects after starting supplements, if that's what you did?
  13. The lead apron really helps me, too. I also do deep breathing through my nose, and keep my eyes closed. I hope you have a good appointment and don't beat yourself up too bad about it, I'm sure your dentist has seen worse.
  14. After looking at xrays of my painful knee today showing lots of missing cartilage, the doctor prescribed this for swelling and pain. Are you taking it, and what do you think about it? My xrays showed bone to bone contact on one side of both knees, no wonder they hurt on stairs!
  15. After one week I notice that I'm hungrier than I've been in a while, which is not a good thing for me. I keep thinking of things to distract myself from eating, but those thoughts keep showing up as things like, "Gee, let's drive to the bakery and get some cupcakes!" But my mood seems to be improving, which is the main thing at this point.
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