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  1. I have left this in this category because I feel it is impacting my health. I have been on many dating sites and met lot of guys, but many times guys will bring it up without meeting. It bugs me because I feel "tempted" but I struggle. Is it the symptoms? Is it normal? Should I let my guard down?
  2. I think it is reasonable to assume that your psychosis could be caused by a physical problem. It's criminal that some of these psychiatrists are not checking to rule out other causes before they start to prescribe meds. You'll run into the same problem that I have where the doctors keep telling you 'it's all in your head' blah blah blah. Well it might not be. Other than that, I think you could benefit a little from some anti-anxiety treatment because you are getting really worked up. Maybe take a benzo or two or drink a beer. That is awful advice, especially since OP has already stated they had physical tests done which ruled out physical causes. Please do not feed a person's fear and distrust of doctors. That is irresponsible. It also sounds like you don't have a grasp of OP's previous postings - if you did, you would understand our responses. Kindly refrain from posting any more advice along this vein. OP: I agree that perhaps you haven't quite accepted your diagnosis yet, and are looking for alternative explanations. Being told you have a schizophrenia spectrum disorder is hard but sometimes that is reality. For instance, you don't need to have hallucinations to be diagnosed with schizophrenia - if the delusion is deemed "bizarre", then that is enough qualification. The "blunted affected" probably boosted your case for the diagnosis. I've had Parkinsonian symptoms from medication as well, and it's very unpleasant. For me, it meant having to come off the med because it was impacting on my functioning. My delusions were not bizzare at all. Most of them were quite belivable. But you are right. It is hard to accept a diagnosis like this. Thank you all for responding. I have been prescribed Zoloft by my GP. Because I can't stop obsessing about this. I guess I won't know the true nature of my illness until it happens again.
  3. Much of what you have written supports your pdoc's diagnosis of SZ. Schizophrenia has positive and negative symptoms. Delusions are your positive symptoms. Blunt affect, lack of motivation, and cognitive problems are negative symptoms. However, it seems like you are spending way too much time obsessing about your health. I don't know if it is a delusion or a simple obsession, but I think you need to bring it to the attention of your pdoc. It is always a good idea to be checked out by a GP, but likely you are fine physically. I know what you are saying. I am perfectly aware that this is schiz in the back on my mind. That is why I am still on meds and have always been compliant since my illness started 18 months ago. But some part of me just won't accept it. And I can't help it. I am trying to accept my diagnosis really hard but I just can't seem to. Every possible thing, like I had a folic acid deficiency when I developed schizophrenia. I attributed it to the folic acid for a while and tried to find research to support it. Anyway, I did see my doctor and he put me on Zoloft. I am on Abilify, only 10mg of it. The doctor wrote to the pdoc saying the dose should probably be reduced. My hands were shaking a bit when I went to the hospital to get it checked out but now it seems to be fine. Just a tiny little tremor.
  4. Are these delusions around my health? I spoke to the new doctor over the phone on Wednesday thinking that I was having seizures. She told me to talk to my GP about these problems. I also went to A&E on Wednesday thinking I’ve developed Tardive Dyskinesia from the medication but they suspect its Parkinson-like tremors caused by the medication. I am so involved in my thoughts that I lose track of time. I have short term memory problems. For instance, on Wednesday I went to A&E. I saw the receptionist walk out of the office and go outside. However even though I was looking directly at the reception area I didn’t see her walk back in. I only realised a few minutes later. Also when I type things on the computer at work I would forget what I typed seconds later. I seem to switch off like this because I am so lost in thought. I am worried this is happening to me because I am having seizures, a tumour or in the beginning stages of another psychotic episode because I keep thinking I might have different illnesses, which I probably don’t have. I spend ages on the internet researching different illnesses and thinking I might possibly have it instead of sz because I don’t believe my psychiatrist. I have got a fear about her because every time I see her I end up worrying even more. I have had a CT scan done and an EEG even though they came out normal. I even had a thyroid test done because I wanted to rule out other causes of my psychosis. I also wanted a nutritional test done because apparently a lack of certain B vitamins causes psychosis. I cannot stop thinking negative thoughts. I cannot concentrate. My appetite is poor. It has been poor for years. I don’t seem to enjoy anything. I have no motivation whatsoever. I have really bad anxiety, particularly in social situations. I want to cry sometimes but I can’t. I feel that the medication has made me develop apathy and a “blunted affect” which is annoying me. When I went to A&E Dr Hossain gave me a letter to give to my GP. In it he said I have “blunted affect” probably because of the Parkinson’s-like tremors and stiffness caused by the medication. However my pdoc has told me before that it is probably a symptom of sz (she does not know about the Parkinson’s-like symptoms). She diagnosed me with sz based on two symptoms, blunt affect and delusions. I have never heard voices or had visual hallucinations. I have contacted my CPN about this but I am worried I’m not being taken seriously, which I don’t blame her for. I am worried that if I carry on like this I won’t be taken seriously by doctors at all. The thoughts annoy me mostly as I am on the internet everyday researching different illnesses. I cannot seem to stop. I have brought this up with my CPN who time and time again tells me to stop but I can’t seem to. It drives me up the wall worrying about my health all the time, every second and every minute of the day since I wake up. I cannot concentrate on anything else.
  5. It could be. But I've never gone past this many lbs in years. I have PCOS on top of it so it's really diffuclt for me to lose weight.
  6. Can you gain weight this quickly? I've haven't gone past this many lbs in years?
  7. Thank you tryp Well I have taken antidepressant called Seroxat in the past with no mania so I assume it will be okay to take it?
  8. I am in the process of switching doctors and getting a second opinion on my diagnosis. My GP in the meantime has prescribed me 10mg of Citalopram. But I have suspected mania too (but we're not sure about it). Am I safe to take it?
  9. When I looked at wikipedia it said it's one of the first rank symtoms of schizophrenia, and schizophrenia alone though. I came here to confirm whether this was true or not.
  10. Hi kayakmoose , it does sound like thought broadcasting, do you mind if i ask what your diagnosis is?
  11. I'm really sorry you've been feeling this way, hope it works out for you. You have a very understanding doctor. When I told my doctor I was having trouble crying, feeling anything she just brushed it off as a side effect of the medication so I have to live with it
  12. Well I was initially diagnosed schizo-affective, bipolar type. But it's been one year and five months since my first ever episode and I've not had a manic episode since then. I am on 10mg Abilify only. Do you think my bipolar diagnosis is incorrect then? 10mg can't be enough to cover bipolar symptoms, right? Sorry I know I've been questioning my diagnosis lately and I have asked for a second opinion but it's going to take ages to get one.
  13. Between January 09 to March 09 I started working. After a while I felt as though everyone I worked with disliked me. I was constantly crying because of this. On top of this I had constipation which was making me very uncomfortable and miserable at work. I was losing weight as well (I have Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) making it extremely hard to lose weight so this was unsual for me). Every time I came home from work I used to watch a recorded TV program called Doctors on BBC which appeared to be repeating the events of my day at work. Everything that happened to me at work was happening on this TV program. I think this was the beginning of my psychosis. Once I left that job the TV stopped sending me these messages. The depression lifted. I put all the weight back on. Then the next month I started a new job. The delusions returned still being connected to the TV program Doctors. Whenever I took a day off work I didn’t have these delusions. I don’t understand why this was the case. Maybe I was making these connections because I myself was working in a healthcare setting and the TV program was also based on a healthcare setting. I was constantly paranoid that people at work didn’t like me. I was crying a lot. Felt restless. Had constipation. Felt faint often. Lost weight again because of lack of appetite I was eating two meals a day. I went to the hospital to get myself checked out and it turned out my bowel was severely impacted. I left this job again in September because I was feeling so miserable. The delusions later stopped the instant I left the job. The TV program stopped sending me these messages. I haven't spoken about this to my pdoc, didn't think it was necessary. But was just wondering if people here experience delusions some days and not others like this.
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