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  1. Back after a long hiatus.

  2. Does anyone have a tattoo which embraces their diagnosis? If so, what is it?

    1. Chiaroscuro


      Not yet, but I want to get "Chiaroscuro" across my lower back, it's an art term that means a juxtaposition of light & dark which I feel suits my bipolar diagnosis!!

    2. jt07


      No, I refuse to identify with my diagnosis.

    3. smurf2050


      that's a cool idea.

  3. So, the biopsy results came back good, sorta. It is benign 2 which means it is doing something right now but it is not cancer.....yet. It may never be cancer but they have to watch it to see what happens. Well, so that is the first part of this saga. The second part is that apparently the stupid doctor who did the biopsy decided that he only had to biopsy one nodule instead of the two that were ordered. I have no idea why and neither do my doctors. So, guess what? I have to have a second one...

    1. Blart752


      that is really a pain in the ass, to have to get a second biopsy

    2. bpladybug


      you have got to be kidding? you have to go under anesthesia a second time???

  4. I had a biopsy on 3 thyroid nodules today. All I can say is, the doc was wrong. It F*****n hurt! I can'r swallow or burp or yawn without pain. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

  5. I have back problems. My lower herniations are at bay for the moment. My cervical spine however, is not. I received bad news today....well, at least I thick it is bad bus but who knows. I have had neck pain and symptoms of a pinched nerve so my doc sent me for and MRI. I had one of my cervical spine (neck) 18 months ago and the new one shows progression from stenosis (narrowing of the spine) to disc degeneration now. So one of my nerves is hung up on a disc and I have neuropathy. He put me on gabapentin for nerve pain. I looked it up and it is for seizures, depression and nerve pain. BUT, I already take lamictal and wellbutrin for bipolar II and rozerem for sleep. So now I have this but that is not even the worst news....Like I said, I think.......the MRI showed a large nodule on my thyroid. They did an ultrasound today and now I wait. I have a nerve conduction next friday and once the isolate which nerves are involved they will probably start some kind of traction therapy or whatever. But then he has me set up for a follow up and possible needle aspiration on this nodule. I am freaking out. I already can't sleep, I am a tad manic and I have been drinking a more too. To help me sleep of course. Any comment or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Well I got some crappy news today. I went over some MRI results with my doc today and not only did the MRI show that my spinal stenosis has progressed to degenerative disc disease but I have a large nodule on my thyroid. WTF?

    1. bpladybug


      my husband has degenerative disc disease...so sorry for you, I know what that means

    2. kimmybird


      It just went downhill so quickly. The narrowing 18 months ago to this. Herniation comes next. That was how it went with my low back but thanks to Pilates, I got back low back into shape and the herniations went back in. I just don't know how I can strengthen the muscles around my neck any more than I already do. Sitting on a computer doesn't help, that's for sure but hey, it's all part of the job. I just hope they can figure out how to get me some relief and get this ner...

  7. Sleep has not been very successful for me lately. But, like my therapist said, if you can't sleep, you may not need it so don't worry about it and get up and do something.

  8. I can't wait til I have time to get back to a normal workout routine next week! I feel like crap because I have been slacking for the past two weeks.

  9. Fantome D hit the nail on the head for me. My crazy meds are: Wellbutrin SR 150 mg 2x per day and Lamictal 150 mg 2x per day and then I alternate between trazadone and rozerem for sleep. Our sex life revved up in a major way when I got everything in synch. My husband has to shut me down most of the time. My libido is stronger than it was when we were first married 16 years ago. I am much more sexually UN-inhibited now too.
  10. Back to back yoga then Zumba was great tonight but now I am ruining it with left over fries from last nights dinner out.

    1. bpladybug


      you can do yoga and zumba in one evening??? I am impressed

  11. Hey Kimmybird, We are the same age & have the same diagnosis, woo-hoo! Thanks for adding me as a friend, not sure hoe to add you, although maybe I already did somehow??

  12. Do you own these piggies? I love piggies! I have 2.

  13. Exercise makes me feel pretty darn good.

    1. bpladybug


      exercize makes me feel good too

  14. Can anyone tell me what the difference is between Xanax and Valium? I take Valium to fly but it wipes me out. The first several hours upon arrival suck unless I sleep. My sister says Xanax doesn't make you sleepy. So I asked my doc for it for my last flight. She says it has the same effect as Valium and won't prescribe it. If they are the same, why is she so hesitant to prescribe X...

  15. I forgot to take my afternoon dose of lamictal/wellbutrin! So I just took it which sucks because I need my rozerem to sleep right now! Guess I'll be surfing the net for a few hours.

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