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  1. I love to take baths. In fact I’m in the tub as I write this. I think it’s the one thing that keeps me fighting to live another day. I hate combing my hair, brushing my teeth, putting on nice clothes. I spend tons of money on clothes and makeup, but rarely use them. Never feel worthy enough.
  2. I've lost 4 friends in 6 months. I've had to acknowledge that part of my tears, sadness, and anger are that THEY are no longer in pain. Two of them were my buddies from my Day a Hospital stints over the years. I can't leave my children behind, but I know I'll never know true happiness or head-over-heels romantic love ever again

  3. Things are just never going to be good. No sense in getting my hopes up. No happiness, no hope. Just NOTHING.

  4. I really wish my ex husband would just go away. Please move to India or something.

  5. I often use tea to calm my nerves. It's the ritual that I gravitate to, so I guess that in itself relaxes me. I'm going to give the Jasmine tea a try though.
  6. I just feel like the walls of misfortune are closing in around me. I'm so tired of being stuck and unable to live the life I worked so hard for. Crying doesn't make a damn bit of difference so why waste the energy..FML

  7. For every good thing that happens to me, 2 bad things happen. FML

  8. I wish there was just one day a week I could wake up happy! Just one day. My dreams are very telling..I'm stuck

  9. I have to take 2 baths a day to help regulate my moods, I also feel compelled to take a bath again when I need to go in the kitchen and prepare a meal (the prozac helps with that most days now).. I don't like showers unless I need to bawl my eyes out and don't want my kids to hear me. Thankfully, the Prozac enduced apathy has tamped down my urge to cry. However, I don't like to change clothes. I wear 2 sets of scrubs and a pair of sweat pants and hoodie all week for 2 days each outfit. They get washed if I feel like they're soiled or smell yucky. I have tons and tons of underwear from VS (thanks shopping addiction), so I change them every day.When I'm deeply depressed I scrap the underwear and socks.
  10. I'll stick with meds untill the wheels fall off. I would love to be day person, but I've always been a night owl. My dream is to work the R.N. night shift from 7pm to 7am or 11pm to 7am. Maybe I'll wear sunglasses in the house after sunset while I'm on my laptop, cellphone, and watching tv. Partially joking, there...
  11. Thank you for your input. Thanks Vapourware, I did read about the Metformin and have that in the back of my mind to request if needed. Thank you Wonderful Cheese, I'm hoping for good things!! Yes, Gizmo, I'm using it to help with the depression and augment my Prozac. I do take Adderall 10mg for energy, but I also have 20mg on hand if I need to go up. My pdoc is really good at listening to me and my myriad of med change requests. I generally don't feel comfortable with male pdocs because of my PTSD, but he listens to my recommendations and thoughts. He respects me as a patient and a nurse.. My last female Pdoc blew off my input and just wrote out what she wanted me to take and that was the end of it!It's because of him that I remain med compliant.
  12. I asked my pdoc for a trial of Zyprexa because I read in my nurse drug book that its new indication helps augment Prozac. I'm currently taking 30 mgs of Prozac, but it's not doing much in the way of energy and motivation. It's helping with my compulsions to shop, but my apathy is just at an all time high. He is giving me 2.5 of Zyprexa because he doesn't want me to gain any more weight. Anybody out there using it to augment their SSRI at such a low dose, who can attest to their progress or lack there of? Weight changes? Triglycerides and Blood sugar levels? Thanks in advance!!
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