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  1. With me on zyprexa i used to sleep too much or not at all. It really was not a good experience for me. and I think it may be contraindicated for people with insomnia from what I have heard about it. https://www.goodrx.com/blog/could-your-medication-be-causing-insomnia/
  2. What are you talking about, i thought rexulti came in dosages of .5 to 4 mg? Rexulti for me made the strange feeling in my throat go away or the esophageal dysmotlity, but not sure what it does at higher doses but at the low dose that's what it did. Although I had the same feeling with topamax together with gabapentin, these two kind of lit a match in me and like in the song devotion and desire by bayside kind of burnt me out and had some intense nightmares since everything was more intense since it lit a match in me everything being heated up a notch.
  3. I did take 10 mg for like 4 years at night. But the negative effects were very bad. I wasn't looking to add on to my zyprexa but just use it as a PRN. I am taking seroquel xr right now.
  4. I've had sleep troubles while on zyprexa, is that because it isn't indicated for people with concomitant insomnia?? I wouldn't sleep on it, or i would sleep for like 10-12 hours. Because of that and because my current regimen isn't working as much is there any way to take it PRN low dose if i talk to the doctor about it? Because I can take it like once or twice and it doesn't affect my sleep.
  5. Lately I've been okay in terms of going the bathroom. But when I was on zyprexa I would have nothing for several days and then diarrhea. While weening off I was constipated a bit, but at least I shit solid. I've found that activia helps me, the only probiotic that seems to work. In an unrelated story, once I was at a park and there was a porta potty, and boy did I regret opening that door to chunks and chunks of shit all over the rim of the toilet, bad bad encounter....the worst.
  6. They were able to fill it. But now that I want it filled this way from now on, I'/m not sure how to go about getting it filled this way other than calling them every time to get it filled with the correct generic version. Anyone have any suggestions?
  7. Well, I asked today and the say they can do it, they just need an extra day. But i have to wait out the current script i have.
  8. Yeah i just read the gabapentin post from ADD and he/she said that he was given a list of manufacturers from walgreens. So I may look into that.
  9. I have/ had anhedonia and it could be your invega that you take, maybe talk to your doctor about whether u can adjust the dose of it. I took invega and it caused anhedonia for me, doesn't mean it could be the same for you though.
  10. I used to take gabapentin and the ones that i had were amneal and actavis. The amneal was fine. And the actavis although having a "666" imprint was also fine. There is an "invagen" one however with imprint "ig322" which gave me stomach pains. I'd like to ask the OP if they special ordered any specific generic gabapentin and how they went about doing that?? I'm currently looking into doing that.
  11. Thanks jt, I think I'm gonna roll the dice and just switch pharmacies to albeit a closer one with CVS. I'm not sure if the pharmacy would be able to special order a medication, but if they are able I think they would charge more money for it. Has anyone else special ordered a medication with success?
  12. I've been taking zyprexa for awhile and I noticed that between the Generic Teva version and the generic apotex version, there is a difference in the antidepressant effect I feel from Zyprexa. Has anyone else noticed differences in the generic versions or even when compared to brand name? I noticed that the apotex version I was more happier. I also noticed more cardiac side effects from the apotex one. Also, has anyone tried the AB(aurobindo) Prasco one? and how is it? Has anyone noticed antidepressant effects differing in their versions of Zyprexa?
  13. I used to have really greasy stools, and would have these minor skidmarks issues. Or rather i would be sitiing there and if i farted i would get this liquid residue. Now i still get it, but less due to being on zyprexa. Doctor said to try metamucil, but that shit seems to bind me up, so it didn't work.
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