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  1. Hi there. I started taking it over 20 years ago and still do. It gave me vertigo at the beginning, but that only lasted a few days. If you are concerned, it is worth talking to whomever prescribed it to you. It might be about titrating more slowly, but discuss it with the doctor. I hope that it works out for you.
  2. It's okay to feel paranoid. The reason is very real and the virus has hit the States so hard. Even here, it takes so much more effort to do simple things because of the increased rigmarole. (I am all for restrictions that will help contain the thing, but it can be frustrating.) Take good care of yourself Ladybug. CB is here for you.
  3. I'm so sorry that you've had all of this, Ladybug. I hope there will be no more torments. You have had your share and, yes, draw a force field around yourself so that the corona virus does not reach you.
  4. brown Glasses or contacts (either now or in the future)?
  5. Finally, it's spring! Still cold but not so icy. Overcast and windy today.
  6. 2nd day of Spring in the other hemisphere on the almost edge of time! Day: Friday Min temp: 6C Max Temp: 12C
  7. False. The person below me owns at least one vinyl LP.
  8. True & never likely to. The person below me knows what an angioma is (without googling).
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