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  1. This is sort of related to another question I asked... 1) If you have taken Abilify for mania, did it work? 2) How long did it take to feel any effect? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the advice! Honestly, I’ve wanted to try Zyprexa forever because I’ve heard incredible things about it from so many people. It’s one of those drugs I’ve always been terrified to take because of side effects though... well, side EFFECT, really. I have a 16 year history of anorexia nervous and have mostly refused to take meds that were not weight neutral. I just got out of a long inpatient eating disorder stay, and am at a healthy weight for the first time in a decade but am so afraid of gaining more. I’m getting very close to the point of thinking enough is enough and I should just try it (Zyprexa, that is), so thanks for the extra boost. Sorry for the earful!
  3. Thanks! I’ll ask about that. She’s not the best doc - best I can do with my finances - and there’s no chance anything will happen over the weekend but I’ll call and ask about Seroquel Monday. She’ll probably be ok with that since I was on Seroquel XR for a looong time.
  4. So, I was off all meds for a while - my doc okayed the experiment- but I just got smacked in the head with what I think is becoming a manic episode. My pdoc started me on Abilify 2 days ago, which will hopefully work, but it’s not one of those meds that slows you down immediately, and I’m feel more and more erratic. (I have PRN Klonipin, but I might as well be popping tic tacs.) Does anyone have any experience with a med that’s been effective at making the thoughts stop racing until the main drug kicks in? I’m getting really scared. Thanks!
  5. Hey, there. So, my psychiatrist wants to put me on Vraylar and my biggest concern - I have an eating disorder - is the possibility of weight gain. I know it's a new drug so there's probably not much info... but for those who are on it... did you gain weight and, if so, was it metabolic slowdown or did it make you eat more?
  6. I've been on Seroquel XR for maybe two to three years now. and I guess I was one of the "lucky ones" in that it did not cause weight gain for me. However, about a week ago, my pdoc prescribed Seroquel (IR) PRN in order to address episodic anxiety. I suppose there could be a number of factors at play - PMS, constipation (i.e., the bane of my existence) a little extra sodium last night, etc. - but I've gained 3 pounds in the last week with no change in diet or exercise. Again, I know it could be a coincidence but I was just wondering if any of you have experienced weight gain on the IR version but not the XR version.
  7. Somehow, this post turned into a book, so just read the bold if you're only interested in Seroquel and not other atypical antipsychotics. There are huge variations in how people respond to atypicals, particularly with regard to weight. I originally tried the more weight neutral ones - I was at one of the worst points in my anorexia and would not touch anything with a risk of weight gain - and had bad responses unrelated to weight. Abilify induced a manic episode and Geodon induced a psychotic episode. Fun. As for the very new atypicals, Fanapt made my breath smell so bad that my boyfriend could hardly stand it, and Latuda made me too tired to function. Saphris was actually somewhat helpful. It didn't cause weight gain, per se, but it made me so hungry that it probably would have in someone who didn't not monitor weight closely. My pdoc and I ultimately decided that this side effect, because of my personal psychology, was doing more harm than good. (It made me so hungry that I starting bingeing and purging.) As for the stereotypical "weight gainers," Risperdal made me gain 10 pounds in a week with no change in food take. (That really seems to defy the laws of physics, but that's what happened anyway.) And, no, it was not water weight, as it did not go away when I stopped taking it after a week. Somehow, my pdoc talked me into trying Invega, a cousin of Risperdal, because he said - not sure if this is true or not - that its weight gain profile was not as bad. Well, that may be true for some, but not for me. It too induced rapid weight gain, and I took myself of it in a week. I have several "treatment friends" who consider Zyprexa a godsend (even if they've gained a lot of weight on it) but I have always been too chickenshit to try it because of its likelihood of causing weight gain. That probably sounds vain and stupid but my psychological effect to rapid weight gain is so extreme because of my eating disorder (depression to the point of suicidality) that I was not willing to risk it. I'm not exactly sure how I got off on that tangent, as you only asked about Seroquel. (I guess I was trying to show how side effects that other people on this forum have mentioned did not happen to me and vice versa.) I take a pretty hefty dose of Seroquel. Well, actually, I take 800 mg - I believe this is the highest dose - of Seroquel XR, plus Seroquel (IR) as needed (up to 200 mg per day). No weight gain. No appetite increase. No side effects at all, really, except for drowsiness if I take 200 mg Seroquel (IR) at once, but this is intentional because I use this amount when I can't sleep. For me, Seroquel XR rescued me from an exhausting cycle of inpatient admissions for psychotic mania and suicidal ideation. (The regular Seroquel PRN is a new addition - I'm using it as a sleep aid and am keeping my fingers crossed that it will lower my anxiety, as well - but I've taken it in the past with no side effects.) Thanks in large part to Seroquel, I am more functional now than I have been in years. And my weight is the same as when I started it 3 (?) years ago. I guess the irritating and frustrating moral to the story, as you can see from the variety of answers to this post, is that the only way to figure out how your body will react to a drug is to try it. It sucks, I know...
  8. Okay, thanks! That's another thing I'll look into. Btw, I originally wrote under the name waitingforgodot, but I just remembered that I have this older account...but I'm the same person. So, I know I'm resurrecting an old post here, but I'm feeling a little bit of a time crunch here. So far, I've tried a few alternative therapies and my pdoc upped my Lamictal, which was useless. But school is on the horizon, I'm anxious as hell, and now I'm anxious about how my anxiety level is going to increase once school starts, if that makes sense. I am going to suggest an atypical, although she's a younger pdoc and they sometimes get freaked out by the "oldies," I think because they're being cya about tardive diskinesia. But, anyway, for those of you who have tried typical APs for anxiety, did you take them regularly or PRN. Were they relatively low doses? (That might freak out my pdoc less.) I really need something to kill this anxiety. I'm crawling out of my skin.
  9. Like I said, I think the rationale was that I am maxed out on all my other non-PRN meds, and she was probably hoping to just up the dose of something I was already on rather than add something new. Also, she may have thought I was "confusing" anxiety with hypomania (since I'm also bipolar, and therefore upping a mood stabilizer would make sense) but I've been dealing with this stuff long enough to know the difference. And, as predicted, the extra Lamictal is doing absolutely nil.
  10. Thanks so much for your input. AcroJack, your story made me somewhat hopeful. I think she upped the Lamictal because it's the only medication I'm not on the max dose of and she probably wanted to try upping it before adding an entirely new medication into the equation. Obviously, I'll be thrilled if it helps. I'm just a little skeptical.
  11. My two most prominent mental health issues are bipolar disorder (1) and generalized anxiety disorder. I currently take 800 mg Seroquel XR, 200 mg Lamictal, 300 mg Wellbutrin XL, and Klonopin PRN (up to 3 mg a day), and this "cocktail" has really helped keep my mood stable over long periods of time. What is not stable, though, is my anxiety. My baseline anxiety is way too high, and, in the face of objectively stressful situations, I can become almost catatonic. (I cannot feel my limbs, experience derealization, and find it hard to speak.) Also, my resting heart rate, unless I take a hefty dose of Klonopin, is almost always over 100. Anyway, I saw my pdoc today, and she decided, based on my symptoms, to up my Lamictal to 300 mg/day in split doses. I'm going to give it a shot, but I do a lot of research on the drugs I take, and there is very little support for using Lamictal for anxiety. Does anyone have success (or failure) stories about using Lamictal for anxiety?
  12. Here's what I've experienced but everyone is different, of course. Also, I took all of the meds that caused weight gain when I was either anorexic or in recovery but counting calories, so I know the weight gain was due to metabolic changes (for me), not increased eating/appetite, because I never changed the # of calories I ate. Seroquel, Invega, Saphris, and Risperdal: Weight gain but helped Abilify and Latuda: No weight gain but useless Geodon and Fanapt: No weight gain but other side effects that made them unbearable It's frustrates me like crazy that I can't find an AP that works AND doesn't cause weight gain, but, if there is one, it doesn't exist yet. I hope you have better luck.
  13. Thanks for everyone's input. I can officially say that it has not caused weight gain or hunger in the ten days I've been taking it. Thank goodness, because it's working.
  14. Luvox is the only SSRI that has caused sexual side effects for me (and I've been on almost all of them). Unfortunately, it's also the only one that has worked. But everyone is different, both in what works and whether s/he is willing to accept sexual side effects.
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