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  1. also, after college i would like to be a liberal talk radio host. it would pretty much be the opposite of rush limbaugh, with fun guests and background music and contests and games.
  2. im not new here. ive been here on and off for three years now, and now im the big 16 years old! my interests and passions have changed and developed, and i thought a re-intro would be necessary. i'm rose, i have bipolar disorder, ad/hd, borderline personality disorder, binge eating disorder, ednos, and possible ocd. my interests include sci fi, music, sex, and humor that doesnt go over well with very many people. actually most people think im serious and i don't know why. anyway, i have the most amazing girlfriend, and we help each other work through our obstacles in life. i help her with her flashbacks and she helps me with my eating issues and occasional substance abuse.
  3. I want to not cry wheneer somebody argues, a want to not get a blank stare when people raise their voice, I want to ride the bus without freKing out! How do I not be scared, or at least pretend not to be?
  4. She said she thinks it's crap and o can turn it on and off. And I should stop. I just need support.
  5. Thanks for the replies so far, and no, I don't have a therapist, but I'm pretty sure my mom is working on that.
  6. I used to get random thoughts like that, like "Larry the keys are in the dishwasher!" but it went away on it's own, wouldn't know how to help ya.
  7. I Think I shouldn't be depressed because there are a lot of people out there who are worse off then me. I wasn't abused, I don't get bullied, it was that f****** hospital! I was sent to a mental hospital and now I have all sorts of things going on up there, what did I do, was it my fault, I feel sorry for the other girls, I'm scared, it's basically all that goes through my head! But I have food, clothes and a place to live, and some people are living on the streets begging for food or money, but here I am in my nice, cool, comfy bed typing selfishly about a depression I have when I shouldnt have it to begin with! Plus, I'm 13 and I am too young to have these feelings!
  8. "I was sent to a mental hospital for it! "

    And they say *we* have poor understanding of others and poor social skills!

  9. I wanted to burn myself last night, turned on my Hair straightener, put my index finger on it, and reflexively pulled away. So Now I'm just as miserable as before, maybe a little more miserable, because I'm a chicken. It wasn't even that I was miserable, it was just that I went online and saw a trigger picture on my Tumblr dashboard.
  10. My asperger's is the biggest part of my life, I have very few friends and I just can't learn social skills. I was sent to a mental hospital for it!
  11. With the exception of my family, I am afraid of most people I'm not very close or related to. Even some of my fMily makes me nervous sometimes. I just feel like they're lookin at me and when they talk to each other I have to reassure myself they're not talking about me. Does anyone else get this way?
  12. I went to the childrens ward of a mental hospital (for asperger's) and now I'm terrified of "fighting voices" when people raise their voices and use a certain tone, it scares the he'll out of me. I'm scared of people movin chairs because they might throw them. I get this blank look in my eyes, almost like I'm unconscious with my eyes open, but I'm thinking freely, not about what happened (arguments usually) but other things and I use this small, mousy voice that's almost a baby voice but not quite. Almost a whisper but it's too high to be a whisper. Does this happen to anyone else?
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