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  1. When filling out a job application there is the questioner that always asks if you have a disability. Do you mark that you have one or do you say that you don't. I am not sure if I should say that I have one or not. I'm afraid I will be discriminated against if I say I do have one, but If I say I don't have one and something happens then my butt isn't covered. Anyone?
  2. I take my meds 3 times a day. I take my ad in the morning along with my topomax. I take my first.dose of geodon at noon. Then at night I take my lamictal, second dose of.geodon, seroquel.and 2nd dose of topomax. Thank God for pill organizers otherwise I'd probably forget something one night.
  3. I was first diagnosed at age 21. But like many people I should have been diagnosed with bipolar way earlier. But I only talked to the doctors when I was depressed. When I was hypomanic or manic I didn't see anything wrong. Yeah I was doing really risky dangerous stuff but I thought I was just coping with life events. I think back and am embarrassed about some of the things I have done. Too late now though. Can't take them back. It seems the longer I went undiagnosed with bipolar and was just being treated for the depression the worse my bipolar got. Until I went into a bad manic episode for 7
  4. For me my sex drive has returned if not increased but it may be different because I'm a girl. Also I'm on the high end of stable. Switching very easily from stable to hypo. Good luck I hope you find something that works for you.
  5. I have always been a, little paranoid thinking everyone was faking being my friend, talking behind my back etc. I was sure that the pdocs were giving me sugar pills instead of anything actually useful to me. Now when I get in a episode I'm sure the police are after me. I believe every car driving behind me is a police following me. I was stuck by a train once and there was really a police officer behind me. I was in a full blown anxiety attack. Also I'm sure people are watching me while I'm trying to sleep. Luckily my anti psychotic has helped with most of that.
  6. I agree with what everybody has said talk to your doctor. There are people who have been on certain medications for lifetimes with out any problems. Could it be possible your doctor is just taking you off of it because it is known to cause this problem? Get tests done . Any slight medication change can cause a manic episode. At least I know its a trigger for me too. Good luck!
  7. Thanks everyone. The conversation started because her cousin was diagnosed with schizophernia. My friend reacted as if this was going to personally impact her life even though my friend sees me more than she sees her cousin. While I can sympathize for her cousin I don't like the feeling she gave downgrading my struggles with bp. As many of you have said comparison is not really fair when it comes to mental illnesses. Especially comparison coming from someone who doesn't suffer from any mental illness herself.
  8. The funny thing is she wasn't even speaking for her. Her cousin was diagnosed schizophrinic. She doesn't even know first hand how either disorder impacts a persons life. Oh well I guess I won't take offense.....
  9. No mental illness is worse than the other? I had a friend tell me that schizopherinia is worse than bipolar and I was really offended for some reason. I mean if I'm manic enough I hallucinate and get exteremly paranoid. Was it wrong for me to be offended?
  10. Peaches are a problem for me too. Tried a piece of peach pie the other day only to be let down. The doctor took me off the lithium t though so soon I won't have that problem anymore. Good luck to you guys though.
  11. I don't mind the word crazy but being called a lunatic really boils my blood. I had a friends brother call me a lunatic while I was in a manic state and I all but attacked him.
  12. I took 900 mgs of lithium and I had the side effect of depression. They lowered the dosage to 300mgs and I became mixed. I'm taking 600 mgs now still have a low grade depression but I'm waiting to see my doctor next tuesday for med changes.
  13. I use this app also. I have a little reminder set everyday to do it at 10 pm. I think it's a very handy for mood tracking.
  14. I can't answer about the shakes but I noticed when my dosage was lowered to 300mg the shakes just about disappeared. Were you dosages changed recently?
  15. I am so frustrated right now. I spent 5 days last week in a mixed episode debating whether or not to call my doctor. I didn't want to bug her, she never seems to have time for me anyways. and then Saturday I wake up and I am feeling fine. Good right. Wrong. I wake up again today and I am mixed again. How can I go 5 days being mixed and have one day where I am stable and just go back to this horrible state once again. I literally got mad because a pen dropped on the ground. Now I am not sure if I should call the doctor or not because she can't even see me until October 25th because she is that
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