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  1. Thanks for clarifying. That's more restrictive than my country. Here we have physical distance rules, a ban against grouping together in public and closure of restaurants/bars/sportclubs. However there don't seem to be domestic travel restrictions (at least up until now).
  2. Doing ok here. Reduced social contact has been my "normal" for a very long time already (partly due to my anxieties, and partly due to simply being an introvert). Pardon me asking, but what exactly does "lockdown" mean? Does it only mean that your country is closed to travellers from other countries, or does it mean that you have to literally lock yourself up in your house and not go outside?
  3. I have been taking 30 mg escitalopram for several years now. I don't have OCD, but I've got GAD with obsessive tendencies and depressive episodes. I believe that the escitalopram has helped to reduce the depth and frequency of my depressive episodes, but unfortunately hasn't really made a dent in my obsessive thoughts.
  4. I have my doubts. Some young people seem to be unable to fathom that something really bad could actually happen to them, no matter what the scenario. The mental pathways are simply not there. Sigh, if only the predisposition to worry was a bit more equally and fairly distributed across the human populace ...
  5. Scientific research into the electrical properties of crystals has actually a very long and rich history. Quartz crystals in particular have been heavily studied for almost a century, in large part because of their applications in electronics. Digital clocks and computers rely on the special electrical properties of little quartz crystal components to function. This here is one of the first scientific experiments on the electrical properties of crystals (performed by the Curie brothers). It dates back all the way to the late 19th century! I'm pretty sure though that there isn't any scientific evidence that the electrical properties of crystals provide any special health benefits. Having said that, I share the opinion that crystals are beautiful to look at. And having something nice to look at and focus the mind on is never a bad thing.
  6. Granted! The next morning you wake up in an alternate universe where cheese was never invented. The most popular food in this universe is icelandic Hákarl though, and every house is filled with its overwhelming ammonia-rich smell. I wish that musquitos didn't exist where I live.
  7. From xkcd, the king of scientific what-ifs: What would happen if you tried to hit a baseball pitched at 90% the speed of light?
  8. Thanks for opening this thread. Even though I don't live in the United States, I am shocked and scared shitless. Up until now I believed that the United States, for all its flaws and failings, was still a country that could be held up as a positive example in this world. But now, I'm just not sure anymore if that balance is still positive. The man who was just elected highest leader and face to the rest of the world made a sport out of insulting and degrading entire groups of people. Leaders are supposed to inspire people to rise above themselves, not to tempt people to give in to their darker halves. Right now, it feels to me like any moral authority that the United States still had on the world stage is dead and buried.
  9. Dark humor is often one of the very few solaces that you've got left when seriously depressed (as evidenced by the popularity of this topic). Suicide bunnies are the greatest! http://www.caharin.c...ies-comic-strip
  10. If I ever end up in a deep and unrelenting depression again, then yes. I would try it. If this drug passes the trials, then the short-term side-effects can't be much worse than the currently available anti-depressants. And as far as possible long-term side-effects are concerned, I can't imagine that it has a much bigger impact on my lifespan than the air pollution and the artificial additives in supermarket food.
  11. Well, the first sign is when I start ruminating over past mistakes. The depression has gotten really bad when I start sleeping on the couch instead of in my bed (because I'm scared that if I go lie in my bed I'll be never able to get out again anymore).
  12. A great deal of people are also afraid that something they say might inadvertently trigger the person to harm himself again. They feel like they must walk on eggshells, and so out of fear break off contact. On the bright side, some people can indeed turn out to be very supportive instead. The old saying applies: 'in times of hardship, you find out who your true friends are.'
  13. What you describe sounds a lot like synesthesia. To my knowledge synesthesia is not necessarily related to schizoaffective disorders though. That's about all I know. I got no idea if antipsychotics change/suppress synesthetic perceptions. Some of the other forum membes might know more.
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