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  1. i actually notice i have better control over limiting compulsive ocd behavior when i take it for a while straight. I am supposed to be on reglan or domperidone. Domperidone isn't available in the USA, however i could order it from canada. The problem is it can cause lactation and things and so its a no go. Reglan, I can't take because it causes almost immediate TD. I have some sort of neurological tic/tremor thing going, and it does seem to help that as well. I wish i could get more of it per month. I think when I see my GI doctor next I am going to ask him for a larger script and to do a prior auth. Because it would be worth it to take it every day and not have to deal with the symptoms it treats GI wise, and have to pick and choose which days are worse. I love it, actually. I don't think i have ANY noticable negative side effects.
  2. Sarcasm helps me a bit. Although I'm still stuck in the pattern too much. I drop things a lot. I just have an issue with that. And spill things. A big thing that happens is i spill water on the kitchen floor while on my way to bring my cat his dish. I go into the 'you dumb ass, you can't even carry a fucking dish of WATER right!? Why the hell do you even bother. etc. etc.' But if i say to myself 'its WATER dude... its not like you spilled sulfuric acid on a kid. you spilled water on a linoleum floor ... a papertwoel will pick it up in three seconds. Your roomates spill water ALL the time, and sometimes much more harmful things and all you do is help them pick it up and note if something is on the floor that shouldn't be. Thats all. Do yourself the same.'
  3. Hey, I don't take it every day but probably 3-5 times a week. I take an 8mg tablet. I take it for nausea. I would take it more frequently if it wasn't such a pita to get extra from insurance.
  4. I have ordered clothes online before. I often get clothes on ebay, actually. I love shopping online for stuff!
  5. they aren't psychotic psychopathic in the term here, is refering to the study of psychopathology in the term people use vaguely like 'that person was such a psychopath!" You have to fit very specific criterea to meet this. We did a whole month on this study in my personality class because the professor did his dissertation on it. We had to take out behaviors and analyze them. There are different types of psychopaths, Where as the first type is like your charming, loveable by day, serial killer by night (if you want to be overly generalizing about it) and type two would be more severe antisocial personality disorder as it is currently defined in the DSM. they do NOT mean psychotic.
  6. i showed this to one of my friends and said 'I will let any one of those men come give me my monthly exam. They can do any exam they want.'
  7. I can't do the concentration on the breath thing. Goes into panic attack, and sometimes an asthma attack. Which is why I am trying to find something else.
  8. I suppose. hmm. I will look into the book you posted, and some chants/meditations like that. Its something i haven't experimented with yet.
  9. I would amuse myself more by thinking of them as the result of the third wheel being "familial supervision" gone awry - with certain genetic complications. *snort*
  10. To my dearest Anna, oh how wonderful you are, for modding another board, of which we long for.
  11. Does that also mean that tricycles are conjoined bike offspring!?
  12. I've done several DBT groups, they all did the same things that were unhelpful. Progressive relaxation, ocean breeze tapes, deep breathing.... things that just don't work for me. Mostly western, very western mindfulness. I am thinking... if i learned a few chants by memory.... i could do them while doing some form of exersize. I want to try hooping... and think it would be beneficial.
  13. I want to polish my nails nicely again. I just haven't had the time. my nails seem to take longer than most people when it comes to drying.
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