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  1. My main thing is painting. That is fairly easy to get into. You can start with colours and shapes then move on as you get more confident to finding your own style. And then you can put finished pieces on the wall if you want. I like to get out every day and walk for a bit. I love being outdoors. I do a bit of writing when I can, but feel I have to be in the right mood for this as sometimes it can be frustrating. Perhaps use this time to try out new things. You may just discover something that you like doing. The library is probably the best place to look for information such as groups, classes, books to tell you what materials you would need, etc.
  2. Congrats! I would say that the first year was probably the most difficult for me so it is good that you have gotten this far.
  3. 1. I have good friends who accept me for who I am. 2. Music. 3. That I live alone.
  4. Get up, have breakfast, take meds, get dressed. How do you like to spend the evenings?
  5. False, though I would love to get published one day. The person below me is currently wearing pyjamas.
  6. No. What is the worst side effect you have ever had?
  7. False. Breakfast is the only meal I cannot skip. The person below me enjoys reading.
  8. It varies. I take 800mg because I still had symptoms on lower doses, and I don't have side effects not even sedation any more. But other people can do well on lower doses. You just have to try and see what is best for you.
  9. I would sooner listen to what your pdoc has to say about your treatment over the CPN. Continue being honest with your pdoc. They cannot know what you are experiencing unless you tell them. That comment from your CPN is a little strange to me. It seems to me that she has an anti med agenda, but if your pdoc is prescribing you meds then there is a need for them. I would speak to your CPN about how her comments are making you feel, and if she doesn't change then maybe ask to see somebody else who would be a better fit for you. Flameless, CPN is community psychiatric nurse. I think it is more of a UK term?
  10. Plain dark purple. What is your favourite kind of bread.
  11. 1. Spending time with friends I haven't seen for a while. 2. Things seem a little clearer than they have been lately. 3. That the weekend is nearly over.
  12. My name is Isobel and I am going to Iowa to imprint interesting issues.
  13. True. The person below me keeps a journal.
  14. I am another who hates summer, especially how bad my pain gets. Today was cloudy, windy, and cold here. I'm ok with that.
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