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  1. For me, Prozac was the slowest AD to kick in good for me. It probably took at least 2 months to get steadily feeling better. I was starting to get frustrated because all the other ADs I'd taken were pretty quick to start working. Once it does work, though, it seems to be pretty good. Good luck!
  2. I had a myTouch 3G, and when I first got it, the camera would force close. What I ended up doing was buying a bigger (faster?) memory card. That did the trick. I had found that online that alot of people were having that problem with the small cards they provide for you. You might want to try that.
  3. I love my crazy friends! :)

  4. Im starting to think my depression is brought on by my own stupidity...

  5. Im feeling invisible today.

  6. If you feel unsafe, definetly go to the er. I admitted myself through my pdoc, but if you can't get hold of yours, just go to the er. I hope they help you and you get better! Take care!
  7. I went back to where I got the shot, because I had to have my tb read anyway. The nurse looked at it, said it was pretty swollen, but that everything was "normal". It's the pertussis part of the vaccine, she said, that is causing me so much pain. So, just deal with it.
  8. I had the tetanus shot about 2 1/2 years ago. It was just the td though, no p. So, because I had to have all three for my job, I got the tdap yesterday. I expected my arm to be sore. BUT, my arm hurts so bad, swollen, tender, and I have horrible pain in my shoulder and neck, shoots down to my elbow, and my hand is weak. I don't think this is normal, is it?? Its getting worse as the day goes on, and Advil only took a bit of the edge off. I have a heating pad on right now. Not seeing too much difference. Like I said, the Advil took the edge off, I don't feel like Im going to puke from t
  9. "invisible" is basically, because that's how I feel most of the time. Witchywoman is because what I really wanted was bitchywoman, but I didn't know how well that would go over.
  10. Hardly slept last night. Crying last night and most of this morning. I feel like no one cares. Im not good enough. Everyone hates me. Even my sil doesn't like me, because I hung out with my brother for his birthday and drank with him. However, apparently, its ok for her to get high with him. Hmmmm...how is that right? Hypocrites, Im surrounded by them! I miss my nephew, but she doesn't want to make plans for me to come see him. She is now keeping him away from my brother, even for supervised visits, because of what people are telling her to do!! Now, Im a horrible person who doesn
  11. hating life right now. Things can only get better, right???

  12. Yes!! I started on 20mg Prozac at the beginning of March. I was just bumped up to 40mg a couple weeks ago. 20 mg just didn't cut it, I was still depressed and suicidal. I also was sweating alot. My dreams are very vivid, and I sometimes will swear something is real, but it was actually a dream. I assume it's normal. This has been the weirdest antidepressant I've been on. Most side effects and slowest to work. Im hanging in there, though, hoping for the best.
  13. Thanks! I ended up seeing pdoc late this morning. Got my prescription filled. He said pretty much what the rest of you said, that it takes a long time for prozac to get out of your system and me missing half a dose yesterday and getting todays dose late, isn't a big deal. I told him also, that Im having anxiety. He said probably the prozac and that it should even out soon. This is honestly the weirdest, hardest antidepressant I've taken. Most of them kick in quicker and I see results quicker. This one is taking it's precious time. Ugh.
  14. I went to fill my pill box this morning, and I only had one 20 mg Prozac! My pdoc put me on 40 mg, but since I had just filled my script, he didnt give me another. I don't see him till Wednesday. I took the only one I had today, so I only got 20 mg instead of 40 mg. Then I have nothing for tomorrow morning. I plan on calling in the morning. Will this be bad for me? Or should I see about getting something today? Can I even do that? Im actually not doing too bad these past few days, and Im scared this is going to mess with my mood.
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