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  1. I'm going to talk to the MD about lithium. I've started having attacks of anger and crying, so that hasn't been great. My therapist was seriously asking me if I needed to spend a week in the hospital.
  2. Latuda 120, Lamotrigine 300, and Klonipin .5 as needed.
  3. Hi guys. I posted before that I was experiencing on and off days with some days feeling like hypomania. It's getting more intense. I have days where I feel almost dizzy and out of it, and others were I feel super great and optimistic, but both can whiplash quickly into fits of smoldering rage. I'm seriously a little worried I might hurt somebody. My MD tried treating with a higher dose of my Latuda, but it made me unable to do my job so I went back down to the original dose. I have Klonipin but I'm not sure it's quiet enough, and I haven't been able to resist the urge to drink. Any idea of what I should do?
  4. So I have been on the higher dose (160mg) of the Latuda for two weeks, and am going back down. When I first posted I had been on the higher dose for a week. Well, if fully kicked in a couple days after I posted and turned me into a zombie- RIGHT as I am starting at a new job that is fast-paced and requires tons of product knowledge. At first I thought I was feeling tired/foggy/irritable because of stress, but then I was like 'oh yeah, it's probably the Latuda.' So I called my MD to tell her I'm going to start taking the lower dose (120mg) again, and see what she says. I need to have energy to do my job, and I was just dying on my feet I was so tired. It's a rough choice, but I'd rather be teetering on the edge of mania but crushing it at my job than an unemployed zombie. Any ideas on squashing the mania that won't make me a zombie? I have a Psychiatrist and a therapist.
  5. Yikes. I'm trying not to be ramping up. Am drugging myself for sleep, so that has been helpful. I've also been having periods of feeling shitty about myself and hopeless.
  6. Hi guys, I have schizoaffective bipolar type. Since the beginning of June I've been having some troubling symptoms. I started needed to sleep much less, then started sleeping only when take a large dose of benadryl. I have tons of energy, which sometimes feel nice but also sometimes feels like agitation. Things feel too loud/bright/fast. My jaw is tense from being clenched. I haven't wanted to shower and have had to force myself to bathe. My speech can be rapid and pressured. I used to get like this every summer when I was younger. I told my MD and she upped my Latuda and Klonipin. So, some days I feel pretty okay, and then it will flip and I'll feel like a mess again. I get disoriented. Does this happen to other people- being fine some days and kind of hypomanic others?
  7. I'm currently in more or less complete remission, and have been for several years. Before that I had some lingering symptoms, but was able to keep things under-wraps. I don't know if everybody in remission tries to hide their illness, because lately I've been openly talking about it and writing about it. I think it's very individual. So, yeah. Probably lots of people in remission, mostly hiding.
  8. @HAL9000 Word. I had to talk to 12 people before they fixed the problem. No joke. 12.
  9. Hey all, So, thanks to my lovely insurance company, I went two days without my Wellbutrin (XL 450mg). Is it possible to go into slight withdrawal after just two days? By the night of day two I felt pretty shitty, but wasn't sure if it placebo/stress.
  10. Wow. That was a hot mess. Some degree of positive thinking can be helpful. I value some creative tendencies I have that I think are influenced by my MI. BUT, omg, see a therapist and stay on your meds. Also, being mentally ill is not a trip. People choose to take hallucinogens, and they wear off eventually. A thing that is bearable for a day is not always going to be bearable for months or years.
  11. Well, somebody said something kind to me, so I wanted to share. I told my friend I sort of feel like I'm tricking everybody by seeming so okay and competent when I actually feel really damaged. She said I'm one of the strongest, most resilient people she knows despite going through "serious shit." It made me feel better, and it's probably true of many people on the forum, as well.
  12. Told another person- a friend I've known for a long time who didn't know my full diagnosis. Explaining it very clinically seemed to work, but she is a scientist. I think with some people bluntness might be the best policy? Yeah, I'm just going to keep updating here, if that is okay.
  13. @Velvet Elvis LOL I second the beer but advise against the surprise kissing. Have a beer, if you can safely, and then say you like him and would like to kiss him. Springing a kiss on somebody can lead to bumped noses and other physical disasters. Don't sweat, this is the fun part of romance, weirdly.
  14. If he's spending time alone with you it's possibly a good sign. But people are weird and complex, so you won't really know without asking.
  15. Top sign: When you say "Do you like me?" he says "Yes." Seriously, though, you should ask. Do you like him?
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