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    yoga. Bass. Alt music. Practiced hot yoga until it interfered with meds ;made me heat sensitive..Now i just do regular yoga for mortals.

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  1. Buspar has me feeling like a regular person with little to no trauma. Past diagnoses include : Bipolar2, PTSD and BPD.                I lived about 15 years at rock bottom-half of those suicidal.

    Has anyone else had success with buspirone?

    Sidebar: alsp on Seroquel, Latuda.

  2. I'm sleeping a bit less on Latuda, however there's a nappening later in the day. Cat-nap. Also I wake up feeling unthreatened, unafraid and clear.
  3. On "vacation" from work while trying out Latuda. I hope it dulls my nightmares.

    1. lifequake


      I hope the Latuda helps.  It's nice to have time off work when giving new meds a try.

  4. This thread helped. I thought it was just me having this issue.
  5. My warning sign(s): racing thoughts, talking fast and non-stop, (a boyfriend nearly took me in for that one) Feeling high or too good. Shopping sprees have happened. No need for sleep is the big sign.
  6. I'm a 35 year old bipolar chic. I'm functioning well but it may all end tomorrow in which case, I'm doomed. Not really..that was just a Morrissey lyric. Anyway I found this board when I ran out of meds. Nightmares I won't even talk about. I like my life the way it is right now-No friends in real life. Anyone else?
  7. BPD with a side serving of migraines. I'm a 35 yr old female. I've been lurking on this site. I stumbled across it when I ran out of meds and searched nightmares and meds. Struggling yet functioning.
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