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  1. Dont worry if they are high. Thats just your body fighting a bug. Worry if they drop. I dont know if the same scale is used where you are but the neutrophil (a type of white cell) level has to be above 2.0. Mine fell to 0.8 so I had to stop clozapine straight away. My platelets also dropped. I had neutropenia a precurser to angranulocytosis. Dont be worried though. Through regular monitoring the doctor can spot things happening before you become sick
  2. No clozapine did not work for me. I got through to monthly bloods but on my second month I went red so had to stop. According to the doctor I have treatment resistant schizophrenia but I dissagree. Back now on a haldol depot but struggling mentally Good luck with your treatment I hope it works for you
  3. Hi all its been about a year since I last posted anything I was given the diagnosis of treatment resitive schizophrena I was put on clozapine but it really screwed with my white blood cells and had to come off it. Got a full time job but yesterday I had an appointment with my pdoc He claimed I was still unwell I disagreed Now my motivation levels have collapsed. My posistivity is through the floor. I have gone months feeling great yet after my appointment I feel crap. I have stayed off work work and don't pan on going back. I am currently medication free. right now I feel I am a worthless schizophrenia suffering pathetic waste of air. I am really struggling. I have a supply of haloperidol and sertraline and I wonder if I should resume taking them. Currently my voices are quiet but negative. Should I wait for my symptoms to get worse before taking the tablets or should I do a pre emptive strike on them. I was hoping to stay medication free as I now have my creativity back after 10 years of feeling nothing. I guess I am depressed. Not sure as what to do. Andy
  4. At the moment god is my new mountain bike. Tomorrow God will be pregnant wife and my lovely children. God is just something that we are devoted too. Everything we love is god. God is a way of keeping our priorities in order hence perhaps I should put my family before my new bike. Religion is just based on faith. I have not and cannot fact check the bible and no one can. Therefore I can only act on faith. Life on the other hand is not faith based. You don't have to fact check life as it is current. Therefore I choose Life over faith. God is the crying new born baby or the sight or sound of anything you love so yes you can hear god just as long you have the ability to love
  5. A funny little thing has happened to me with surprising effects. I am currently waiting for surgery on my ulnar nerve in my lower arm. I spoke to my consultant last week and for the pain he has prescribed me gabapentin. This drug is fantastic. After reading the information sheet inside the box I was excited to find that it can be used as a mood stabiliser. I was diagnosed as schizophrenic in 2009 but there was a question mark wether or not I was actually schizoaffective because of my depression. After a year of admissions they decided that I was not schizoaffective I was schizophrenic (paranoid type) with depression. I was put on various drugs but none really got rid of the voices and after I had to come off clozapine because of a failed bloodtest I was worried that nothing was going to work. Then on the 16th day God created gabapentin lol. Yes my voices are still bad but my mood is elevated. I no longer want to sit on the sofa all day beeing a moody bum. I want to run, Sing, Kiss my wife and tell the world that after years of feeling shit I still love it. I want to say to my voices "Do your worst you bunch of pointless annoying fuckwits you may well be in my mind but you are nothing compared to voices in the real world. I have spent far too long listening to you telling me that I am ugly fat and evil when I only have to look at the morning sunrise to know that I am still here, still fighting and I will not give up. i have far to much life to live than to listen to you lot putting me down". Things are good. Very good and i only hope my Pdoc agrees to keep meon a mood stabiliser because I think I need it. Peace people
  6. Wow this happened to me and I was hospitalised because of it. I was convinced my wife was putting powdered glass in my food and drink. It was a horrible six months but after a med change this soon stopped.
  7. Clozapine made me eat like a horse. I put on 50 pounds on it. It worked wonders for the voices but sadly it messed with my white bood count so i had to come off it.
  8. I gained 50 pounds on clozapine but since coming off it and switching back to haldol depot all the extra weight has come back off. I am now 80kg. I am switching again to abilifi next week
  9. Bad chest again been diagnosed with astma i have been put on a course of steroids for the week and two inhalers. Mentally all good though
  10. Thanks melli I am really well at the moment. Good luck with the clozaril I really hope it works for you. If you do come off it please dont do it cold turkey as it is terrible to come off for some. Hope you are feeling better soon. xx
  11. Not because of the sickness when taking it. It was when it was taken away that the sickness started an the weight just fell off me and has continued to.
  12. I for one know the side effects of clozapine as it nearly killed me. After a year of taking it and just started to go on monthly blood tests from weekly then fortnightly my neutrophills and white count suddenly plummeted to dangerously low levels. I was taken off it immeadiatly and for 5 weeks I thought the withdrawals, Sickness, Bad stomach, Sweats, restlessness, anxiety, Brain zapps every 6 seconds. Were going to kill me faster than the low white count. Clozapine is a wonderful drug for some but it did not work for me. Good thing for me though is that I lost 50 pounds in 3 months. So as they say every cloud has a silver lining.
  13. Well its been 3 months since I was suddenly and without taper taken off clozapine. The first 5 weeks were horrific. I did not eat sleep and barely left the house. Since then though things have greatly improved. I feel fantastic, I have lost 50 pounds my mood is great my blood preasure is now normal and my white cell count has recovered to normal levels. This may sound stupid but my eyesight has also imporved, I no longer need reading glasses. I dont knnow if that the clozapine was affecting my eyesight but I can read a lot more clearly now. Clozapine is a wonderful drug for some but for me it nearly killed me. I even managed a little cry yesterday whilst listening to music. It was not tears of saddness but pure emotion, Its something that I have not been able to do for years getting lost in the music and letting the hairs on the bak of your neck stand on end. I am so happy that I am back on my old haldol depot yes it is a pain in the ass but clozapine was for me terrible. Feeling better than I have ever been.
  14. I was on 450mg of clozapine but my blood result was to low so they have removed it. Will i get any side affects from stopping so suddenly
  15. I am so disapointed that my latest blood test showed that my white count has dropped in to the red zone. I have to have another test tomorrow but so far they have taken me off clozapine. Clozapine has been a fantastic drug for me over the past 12 month. It has stopped the voices and made me feel normal again. i will have to see the doctor again this week to disccuss my options
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