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  1. Yeah...kinda figured I'd be alone in worrying about the identity thing. Ah well.
  2. I now kinda doubt that it's stress, because I just got the exact details of Boyfriend's nearly-fatal car accident on Thursday, and yesterday I was breathing fine. Today it's back. I'll be asking my pdoc Monday, and if he isn't helpful I'll be calling the GP I don't like when I get home from pdoc. Really hope GP doesn't try to set me up with his son again.. that's gotten really old.
  3. My last known level was .6, but that was 3 months ago now. I'll finally get the new levels Monday.. But yes, I'm quite twitchy, and always in the same muscles. My left calf, my right thigh, and the back of my neck. That last one drives me nuts..my hands have a tremor, and my neck twitches only randomly, so if I'm eating and it happens, I stab my lip with the fork. It's not a big twitch, just..grrr. I'm tired of abusing my lip like that! Drinking is interesting, too.. So, yeah. Far as I know, and as far as the previous posters seem to have said, low levels can still twitch and tremor. I thin
  4. People take me for granted or ignore me completely really often because I'm short and soft spoken. I'd rather work hard to show them they're wrong about me than feel guilty about playing the town fool in order to get what I want. It feels so much more satisfying to know that I have what I have because I earned it. Tattoos are great fun, I've got three, and I've now got one piercing after having two, but fair warning: Many people will still pass you by because there's stigma against body art. It is a lot more accepted than it used to be, but there are still people who are old fashioned about
  5. I'm kind of surprised to see this many over 25's. Rock on, all of you! I know I wouldn't have made it that far without going to a doctor. You're all officially added to my list of heroes.
  6. Everyone's already said what I was going to, so I'll try to make you smile instead. When I saw the title of your post, I got a little voice in my head. This little voice is from a movie I saw when I was very very young, and haunted my childhood when I was thinking about doing something I knew I shouldn't(climbing onto the countertop in front of the lit stove to get cookies from the top of the fridge..). "Danger, Will Robinson, danger!" I hope you take care.
  7. Violent movies, yes, absolutely I watch them. Sometimes they actually keep me from harm, because it's like...watching 300, the Spartans are fighting my aggression out for me. I absolutely cannot handle torture of any kind, and a lot of the medical stuff makes me squirm. I'm not sure I entirely understand the second half of your question, sorry! Haven't been sleeping much, I'm not working at full power.
  8. I'm not invited to family holidays anymore.. Something about me being argumentative. Yeah, it's arguing to defend my baby sister against my uncle telling her there's no future for her if she doesn't go to college. We refer to that as the Great Easter Upset of '08. So there's that, and the fact that for the past 10 years, no one has managed to grasp the fact that I'm still a vegetarian, and no, I won't eat the salad that you put bacon in because you chopped the pieces so damned tiny I can't pick them out. Mashed potatos and rolls are not a meal. Thanksgiving, though, starts my dad's downslid
  9. Can I just say, your English is a lot better than a friend of mine, who is a US native and somehow managed to major in English? I don't like the lack of security that that visiting set-up had. Only a first name or nickname? Any kind of person could walk in off the street! I think I'd write a letter to the administrator suggesting they rethink that. I hope he was trying to cheer you up. His methods were a little odd, but if he was trying it's sweet that he wanted to. I'm sorry that you're not feeling so well, I hope the boards can offer the support you need.
  10. Hehe, I actually kind of like Matt Smith.... As long as Rory comes along, too. *swoon*
  11. well now im the bad guy for sticking up for self harmers ? ? someone says something like that and we should be nice in return ? ? fight fire with fire... eye for an eye... words for words... Twist, twist, twist. Read the sentence before the one you quoted and gain a little context. Nowhere have I seen you stick up for self-harmers. If you had made sure that boy on the ward was alright? I'd grant that you were concerned about him. Neither have I seen you be anything remotely close to nice. You're not fighting anything, you're playing big man on the rock because you seem to feel moral
  12. Both hospitals I've been in had visiting every day, but at very specific times. One was 5-7pm, the other was 7-9pm. Aside from one violent patient exploding and all of us including visitors being herded to the dining area so he could be taken care of(I will never, never ever get that day out of my head), visits were all done in the common room. And the visitors had to have passwords to get in to see us...hee! I was a smartass and used a French curse because I knew my mom would understand and hate it. No one ever said a suicidal girl couldn't have her little amusements... I really want to g
  13. I'm at the Ball mostly via music nowadays, but when I was little I used to freak our babysitter out because if I got upset, I would just sit in the corner and slam my head against the wall. I started that when I was maybe..3? Trying to think of what might ease this a little.. I stopped because I discovered sharp things. Would it yield the same release if you had a pillow where you would be hitting, to ease the blows a little? Coz, honestly? I'd be worried about what this will do to your wrists in 15 years.(Mine are fragile, and very narrow-minded of me, everyone else has fragile wrists too
  14. Having fun twisting people's words around so you can feel justified in calling a trainee cruel? Little story. I spent a week on suicide watch. I have several scars, some of them were new and still required treatment. You want cruelty? Try having the nurses who are there to treat you tell you that they're not going to take care of your scars because you aren't taking care of yourself. Try having them refuse to bring out the supplies to treat the cuts at all. THAT is cruelty, and that is an issue. What your trainee said? Was not cruel. It was inappropriate and insensitive. If it bothered
  15. Thanks! Your answers have been both comforting and not.. I knew there was a chance I was freaking out about the lithium without cause, because I've been on it far longer than I've been having this problem and it would seem unusual to me to develop an allergy after at least three months on the med. I just had to ask.. My gran kept threatening to take me to the ER. She was misunderstanding me completely, thinking I was short of breath and sort of panting. It's not that, I just can't fully inhale for a regular breath, and sure can't take a deep breath. I'm currently hunting for a new GP bec
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