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  1. So I was working at "company" when I sprained my ankle. I sprained it pretty badly (but off duty) and the doctors said it would take 6-8 weeks to heal. the first week I stayed totally off of it but my job requires standing and running around all day so after a week I was back on my ankle working 50 + hours a week. After three weeks my job was PISSED OFF that i wasn't completley better. All that running around hurt my ankle all over again...and they were yelling at me and told me that they were "tired" of accomindiating around me and they were pissed off at me because I was injured because they had to work harder. What the hell? Anyway, they pretty much harassed me the rest of the day and made me feel like shit...I was in tears. My manager sent me home and I couldn't deal with it and I told the doctor and he wrote me a note to stay off my ankle for a few days in hope I could fully recover from my injury. I gave this to them and they were furious and the manager said i had to talk to main manager the next day. Anyway, I call main manager the next day to confirm he has recieved my doctor's orders and he yells at me from the start: he called me a horrible employee, he said I had an "attitutde problem", fired me and slammed the phone down to hang up on me...and yes he slammed the phone. I got absoultley ZERO chance to describe what had happened or my side of the story he didn't listen at all. So, I got fired for being on doctor's orders to rest for a few days...now I'm trying to deseperatley heal so I can find another job...I need another job ASAP. I have no savings and don't know what I'm going to do. It doesn't help that my roommate had kicked me out this same week only giving me THREE days notice to find somewhere to live and to move all my stuff...she's such a bitch. She did it b/c I wouldn't have money on time for rent b/c I hurt myself...she even told me that "I was never really in pain" and just feeling "a little pressure from the swelling" whatever...she's not a damned doctor.... All this coupled with my depression is just way too much for me to deal with right now. Thanks to a careless mistake I have lost everything to a stupid sprained ankle. I'm so pissed off at myself for getting this damned injury in the first place!!!! I just needed to rant...
  2. Good luck with the zoloft, I hope it works for you it was a nightmare for me! I hope it kicks in for you though and fast!
  3. I think i've missed the oppurtunity to have a normal relationship with anyone. It's robbed me of my happiness, my well being, i've missed whole days where I couldn't even get out of bed...I've missed out on life in general.
  4. I didn't exercise today but I do 3-4 times a week...I usally go to zumba it's a good hour workout.
  5. I feel you...if I had xanax and alcohol I'd be dowing it all right now. But...you don't deserve to die and I wish I were there to give you a hug and tell you that you deserve to be happy...we both do even if we're not. I'm with you there on the "not wanting to live but not wanting to die either" I feel you. *big hug*
  6. thank you both for responding. I think I am going to try the clove oil and see if it helps. and unfortnatley with me, I'm allergic to most antibiotics (i know how much does that suck?) I just may have to go to the dentist and hope they don't charge up front.
  7. I've had these crashes a lot too! I honestly just try to eat better and exercise or take a nap...there might be medications that may help too.
  8. abusive relationships aren't the norm but they do seem the norm for me! I had a really bad emotionally abusive mom growing up and so was my ex husband and a few other guys I dated..I probably need therapy for that. If you're in an abusive relationship though, get out! Immediatley! Don't put up with or tolerate that crap. It's better to be single than in a relationship that makes you feel miserable. A relationship should be based on mutual love and respect.
  9. I'm having terrible tooth pain! However I currently have no health/dental insurance. I don't know what to do I'm losing sleep over it. I wish I could just go to the dentist anyway and just charge it on my credit card but I've reached all my credit card limits JUST from living expenses alone. I can't keep up. I'm employed but I don't have the extra money either to just go and get seen by a dentist. What should I do? I've heard clove oil can help and I plan on going to go get some but that's not a permanent solution. I just don't know what to do. I can't sleep. Please help! Can they put you on a "payment plan" if I do go? I don't even know how I'd pay that though...I can barley even pay rent as it is and it's not looking I'll find any better job anytime soon although I keep looking. I don't know what to do expect for keep chugging down ibuprofin but that's not offering too much relief.
  10. I haven't binged but I do notice a noticable difference in decrease of appetite while on Wellbutrition
  11. I have felt like this a lot latley. Nothing really matters to me either.
  12. I feel like there's absolutley no point to life. That everyone is just waiting to die. That every die is just one day closer until we die. There seems to be no point, no reason to do anything. I'm just going through the motions. There's no joy or reason for being alive, I'm just waiting until I die. I hate feeling like this, I'm so alone I have noone to talk to at all. I don't have any close friends anymore I haven't had one in well over a year. It's so very hard for anyone to even understand me anyway. Even as a child I was the "weird" or "odd" or "different" one and it's always been that way. On the outside I probably look fine: I go to the gym almost every day and somehow maintain a 4.0 in my college classes, but....I'm really just dying inside. Nothing ever happens. I feel like I just wish I could have *something*...I wish i could feel SOME point to life, make sense of it somehow and not just feel like I'm waiting to die.. I wish I could say that life matters, but it really doesn't to me.
  13. Like everyone else it could be depression or it could be something else. Noone can diagnose you on here.
  14. I would be nervous too, I don't blame you! Just try to remember that it will be over soon and try to think about anything else. Good luck!
  15. I always feel like I'm a total and constant burden to everyone including tdoc/podocs in the past. I guess you just have to remind yourslef that that's what they're there for. They chose this job, knowing what it entalied, knowing the kind of comittment it takes. It's their job to help you.
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