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  1. VW,u do bloodtest everyweek??aint it painful??there is currently a complete blood cell counter which is small and portable and only need a single drop of blood(finger pricking) to count ur white blood cell,so i thought that would be good for clozapine patient instead of a venous blood draw,which is so painful.... and how is clozapine for ur schizo symptoms??is it of anygood??ur on around 2nd week already...
  2. i agree with chimpmaster,the thing to worry about is treatment and symptoms...
  3. pamito,r u functioning well??do u work and have a social life??thx for reply in advance
  4. pamito,how has seroquel helped u??in ur positive symptom or negative/cognitive symptom??
  5. i m taking mitrazapine(remeron) for my negative symptom(schizo),i m still on day 2,will know if it works within 3 weeks time~~any1 take this for social negative symptom of schizo??
  6. ytd i open my facebook,i saw a picture of the girl i love with another guy,and they seem to be together,i m deeply fustrated and dissapointed with myself,but the main culpride is the schizophrenia negative symptom...if it isnt the negative symptom,i would be with the girl already ,this is so sad,i dunno why i coulden even cry when i saw this,this is fucking sad and fustrating,i dun want to live this life anymore...ALL THE FUCK BECOZ OF THIS SCHIZOPHENIA,i lose to participate in life,anguish is the word i would descript my feeling...now i dun want to even open my facebook anymore,becoz i dun want to think about that...how i wish i had the bravery to commit suicide,but i just coulden...and i dunno if this is delusion or jealousy,sometimes when i think of her,i imagine her having sex with guys,and i feel like pucnhing the wall with anger... FUCK SCHIZOPHRENIA,I DUN DESERVE THIS KIND OF TREATMENT,THIS IS REALLY UNFAIR,I HAD NEVER COMMITED CRIME OR ANY INHUMAN THINGS TO DESERVE THIS KIND OF TREATMENT,WHY IS THIS SO FUCKING SHIT??
  7. i dunno,but some say it works for negative symptom??can u try it and let me know,becoz i believe i in the same situation as u prominent negative and cognitive symptom!
  8. i had once stop medication for 3months , but i still suffer from social withdrawal,apathy and blunting affect..i think mine is primary negative symptom,i already dunno what to do about it??
  9. abilify is better for negative symptom??i m on abilify but i aint got any relief at all!
  10. so chipmaster,has it helped with ur negative symptom,since i m sure clozapine is definetly effective against postivie symptom but not too sure of negative symptom(social and emotional withdrawal)?
  11. haha,well so y58 going for it??if ur current meds fail??ur going it for negative and cognitive symptom right??but god bless ur curent meds work so u don't have to deal with all Side effecct of clozapine!
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