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  1. Oh and also there is medicaid for the working disabled... one hour a week counts and on SSDI you can make 900 a month.
  2. APPLY AGAIN AND AGAIN! Its a lie you do not have to include his salary. Only if your married. They cant have it both ways... you dont get marrige and tax benefits and they cannot include his salary! BTW 1,500 is a lot... dont let them take it back!
  3. Don't give up. The depersonalization and derealization episodes do not last forever. I have dissociative and depersonalization symptoms that I work through daily. It is possible. You need grounding techniques. AVOID SMOKING POT! Its only going to make matters worse. Find your local Dept. of mental health services... they will guide you through the steps to receive help. (If you are in USA) Keep us up to date and good luck on your journey towards recovery.
  4. I really think if you stick with the current dose it is safer. when you find what works dont tamper w it. (Speaking from experiance. ) Iwas on seroquel for years, symptom free but the weight gain was killing me so we switched to Geodon and I ended up w TD. Now on Saphris, or supposed to be and I am not even alive. Im happy you found something vthat works!
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