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  1. Thanks for the advice all! The fentanyl seems to be helping a great deal with the back pain, but quite a few problems seem to have stemmed from it, or at least AFTER it. My calves and ankles have become routinely swollen, and somewhat sore. I did contact my doctors office about this, and it's not something they are worried about. More recently I've been having pains in the joints of my toes and my ankle on one leg, and the other I have pains where my leg meets my body. None of them are as bad as the chronic back pain was, or rather they are more painful but for less duration. I'm going to set up another appointment with my doc. I'm not sure what a pain management team is, or does, so explanation on that would be great!
  2. I'm relatively new to the boards, so I hope this is a good place to put this. After years of pain (about 3 years of BAD back pain), I've recently been diagnosed with "Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder". I've never heard of it before this, and my doc describes it as an auto immune disease. I've done a little reading since the diagnosis, and know a bit more about it, and I'm wondering if anyone here has the same problem. Over the last few years I've been on: Ibuprofin, naproxen, lidocaine patches, capsaisin patches, celebrex, mobic, tramadol, and most recently fentanyl patches. Some of these have been over the counter, some prescribed...some separately, and some at the same time. Up til two weeks ago I had never heard of fentanyl, so input about usefulness/side effects or really anything about the drug would be appreciated. So, I'm hoping to find other people with the same type of problem, or on the same medication to chat with.
  3. Thank you all! Looks like there's a board for everything around here, which should come in handy! You certainly make a crazy person feel welcome.
  4. Mental illness is not something I talk about often or at length. At work it's taboo, my family doesn't get it, my SO tries to be understanding but doesn't understand, and to be truthful I'm not even sure I'm truthful with myself about it. So, I come here to talk about my problems as an anonymous name to a bunch of anonymous names with problems of their own in the hopes that I can be honest enough with you to be honest with myself. My doctor tells me I'm rapid cycling bipolar, and that I have attention deficit disorder and depression. Those are just the mental issues. There's physical stuff as well, but as this is a broken sanity board and not a broken body board I'm not sure what all is open for discussion. Hello every one, it's nice to meet you.
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