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  1. It's ok. A lot of people have allergies and need to carry epi pens. Well, I shouldn't say "a lot of people", but I mean, it's common. The good thing is you didn't die! Anaphylaxis is serious. In my opinion, carrying an epi pen is small inconvenience when compared to the consequences of having another reaction like that and not being prepared.
  2. Enjoying the break. Haven't felt this happy in a long time

  3. Enjoying the break. Haven't felt this happy in a long time

  4. omg! I have the same problem! I see a stylist regularly. She is so bubbly and friendly that is makes me feel relaxed and the exact opposite of anxious. It's so easy for me talk to her that it made me want to be a regular client. She has such an interesting life though, and I clearly do not lol. It seems like other people who go there do as well, because it's kind of a small place and I can hear everyone telling their stories. I have nothing to say because school is basically my life. She asks how school is going and I tell her "it's so stressful", but I don't think she really understands...
  5. finals week is going pretty well so far

  6. Indigo-- Here are the nutrition facts and ingredients: 200% Niacin. 2,000% Vitamin B6. 100% Folic acid. 8,333% Vitamin B12. <1% Sodium. Energy blend (daily value not established) consists of taurine, glucuronic acid, malic acid, N-acetyl L-tyrosine, L-phenylalanine, caffeine, citicoline. Other ingredients: purified water, natural and artificial flavors, sucralose, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate and EDTA (to protect freshness) It also says it is comparable to about 4 cups of coffee. I agree with everyone though, that it's probably not a bright idea. I'm just so concerned about
  7. What do you think would happen if I took an "extra strength 5-hour energy shot"? I've taken the standard one in the past. It was just before I set out to run a 20 mile training run. I felt like my heart was out of control and I couldn't "catch up" with it (if that makes any sense). Seeing as how I'm pretty manic right now, I'm wondering how this would affect me? Has anyone taken one while in a manic state? The things is: it's finals week. I'm an insomniac. I need to be awake at certain times. And sometimes my body wants to sleep when I really need it to be awake. Believe me, I want nothi
  8. My anxiety is worse at night. I also think just being in my apartment alone creates anxiety for me. I feel better when I'm with my boyfriend or a friend, talking to someone. When I'm alone I start thinking about depressing, weird things. During the day I experience sporadic triggers, but I'm mostly "normal"
  9. If you take it as prescribed and immediately get in bed, you shouldn't experience the sleep-walking-type (for lack of a better term) adverse effects. Don't mix it with other CNS depressants (aka other drugs that make you drowsy). Also, it seems really strange about the almost committing suicide while sleeping on Ambien. Even when the body is resting during sleep, the so-called "survival instinct" (which is innate) is still intact. So, the idea of attempting suicide while sleeping just blows my mind. I'm not saying I think the story is completely false or whatever. I just think it seems unr
  10. I will occasionally sleep for 24-36 hours at a time. But mostly I am awake for about 2 days straight and will just nap for about 4 or 5 hours, then again will be up for about 48 hours. Is this normal for depression as well? I know most of depression is excessive sleeping, but I experience more insomnia than anything else. It may be hypomania. But I feel as though I'm extremely depressed as well. It's kinda confusing for me. Either way I feel like a zombie. Every single day is a struggle to act normal and to stay awake. I admit I'm glad I'm not the only one who falls asleep in public. I have be
  11. I am bipolar and I feel the same way right now. I am currently pretty hypomanic. I'm actually exhausted but just can't sleep because I have way too many ideas n' shit in my head. I know how troubling it can be. I wouldn't really say I'm happy though haha. I actually hate this. I have been on a schedule lately of being awake about 48 hrs straight, then sleeping for about 4-5 hrs, then repeating the cycle over. It's tough, especially with school. And when I crash, I crash hard. Like you said, suicidal thoughts and damn near acting on them. Several times last week I was about to call a suicide ho
  12. fuuuuck

    1. llama44


      Things are not as bad as they seem. You are still making B's in school. I have failed out of school due to my illness so many times. Keep up the good work. You can do it!

  13. I know it's possible because I am living a normal life and have been before and ever since I have diagnosed. However, I do feel like I'm living a double life. During the day I am bubbly, laughing, making others laugh, extremely happy, etc. I go home and I'm incredibly depressed, suicidal thoughts, etc. You get the idea. It's hard work to pretend I'm "normal" during the day and function like every else. I often feel like I'm putting on an act. Most of the time I look at others and wonder "how do they do it?" I feel a bit jealous, to be honest. I try to mimic their actions and I keep most of my
  14. I feel like I'm living a double life. Not in the interesting kind of way...

  15. Yeah I know what you mean. Finals are coming up and everything is getting crazy at school. That is why I'm growing more concerned. I feel like I have no control over when I sleep. I'm not sure if my bipolar has anything to do with it because I was sleeping fine before I started school. Prioritization is key. I'm trying to relax more. I guess I'll just keep trying all of these things... Thanks
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