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  1. Even if you are able to try one of these, i worry about you getting your hopes up so high that THIS is the pill that is going to work. remember- it is another pill choice for pdocs- its not necessarily "stronger " or "better". it has side effects too ( and potentially dangerous ones if mixed with the wrong med or food) you might want to read member signatures as you read around- many list current and past meds. it might give you an idea of what (and how many) meds are out there. also remember- a current helpful med for one, might be a past disaster med for someone else. There is no one answer- and something we all agree on is that it sucks! null could tell you better- but there are many choices for anxiety in addition to valium other anti-anxiety meds are more commonly used here (us) these days than valium. and there are whole other classes of medications that can help with anxiety and depression- not necessarily just anxiolitic and antidepressants. I find it unusual that your pdoc you say won't tell you your diagnosis. it might be helpful to talk to pdoc about this. and to discuss in detail, what you hope to get from meds and about the side effects you experience. it usually works out better if you feel you can work together. you may want to to a search or ask people's experiences with maois and others.
  2. all the things you list that you want a med to do- well in an ideal world there would be one med that would do all of those things( cure the symptoms). most of us find that even if a med is mostly helpful, we have to put up with side effects ( some things we are trying to get rid of can be side effect- like feeling tired). it can take years of trial and error of meds, dose levels, combinations plus therapy. there are many meds used to treat all kinds of psych symptoms- i'm wondering why you want to request an maoi. i'd think you might want to try as many other things because the dietary restrictions can be difficult. and you really have to stick to them. did you know someone who took it or did you just research it? ( i'm assuming you know about the dietary restrictions). i'm just wondering why an maoi? everyone reacts differently, so if someone else did well on one, it doesn't mean the other might not be good too. as always, when it comes to meds only you and your pdoc can decide what's best for you.
  3. I've also heard that chocolate can be a trigger for migraines for some people. How great that you were able to make the connection and save yourself from so much agony! bummer that you won't have chocolate- but knowing the pain of migraines its a small enough sacrifice! You hear all sorts of stuff- I've heard that caffeine can be a trigger, and i've also heard that caffeine can make you feel better if you get one. who knows? its probably different for everyone. I was lucky too- that I was able to match the migraines to a med and as soon as I stopped, the headaches stopped too. I feel bad as I don't think most sufferers are as lucky.
  4. Troubled- yes i think journey vs destination is a very good way of looking at it. your planned destination is your goal, and your journey to get there is the process. I'm wondering what the context was that led you to this question. As far as I know, goal directed activity is not limited to mania. It could apply to anyone who is doing something to reach a goal. Around these parts i think it is often used to describe a change- as in increase or decrease- which could correspond to changing moods. ( like a depressed person is likely to decrease, and a manic person is likely to increase.)
  5. Have you had your blood sugar checked recently? hubby found out he was diabetic after some vision changes, and can't some of that numb tingling be a symptom too? i don't really know much, but the when leaving the eyedoctor, he was told to have blood sugar checked before getting the glasses prescription filled. turned out he didn't need glasses after all. just goes to show you never know what something *might* be. get yourself checked out by your reg doc.
  6. rabbit- they make a liquid for kids ( probably sweet flavored) i think you can mix it in a drink too- might help with the multiple pill thing. i'm sure you've probably researched all this but recently i saw children's vitamins in gummi form. i've seen them in gumballs too. i'm thinking of trying those gummi's myself! edit- forgot to say that I started taking them today! I decided to take one today, 2 tomorrow , then 3 on fri.
  7. funny you bumped this up today. i just got it and am deciding if i should start it today. does anyone ever get side effect like intestinal ones when they first start? that the only thing making me nervous. i've heard talk about the right "ratios" of fish oil in different brands.
  8. I can't say if you are overreacting-talk to pdoc and gp i've tripped over my own feet a number of times-my tdoc told me she thought depressed people are more accident prone. i would talk to your docs for reasuurence.
  9. I thought you couldn't google blogs. and i thought only members could look at them, not guests. is that not true? and how can you tell who is veiwing your blog unless they post on it?? i don't know silver, its seems a little creepy to me. why wouldn't someone want you to know they are reading your blog? i hope you're right and its no big deal.
  10. I found this in the drug store on the aisle with all the tummy stuff. the box says it is a "medical food" I'm wondering if anyone has tried it. it appears to have some probiotics which were recommended here before (thank you penny century) so i'm wondering if this would be helpful. ( I got really sick of eating the cheese everyday. I'm still searching for the cereal flavor that looked good from Post) also- anyone know if fish oil has any effect on digestion?
  11. I ordered omegabrite. i've heard of the nordic naturals too. omg T- that would for sure be traumatizing!! did you ever eat fish again?? i'm trying to convince hubby to take them with me. he could definately benefit from all the cardiovascular help. i guess he benefits either way- i'm sure his blood pressure would be a lot more stable if my moods were- haha.
  12. they say this kind doesn't cause the burps but i dreamt last night that they did. ( and all i've done is order them!!) they say others have the taste/smell because the oil is rancid and they claim it isn't with these.
  13. thanks- yeah I guess at least it created some motivation to clean. hubby was annoyed too because he came home early yesterday to mow the lawn. and here it is about 10:00. still no call. as you guys say- grrrrrr. she's always been super competative with me so I really wanted to show off my house, and show her my wedding album. ( because- oops she couldn't come for that either.) I knew it , i knew it, i knew it.
  14. an old friend called a few nights ago to say she was going to be near where I live and wanted to have dinner tonight. she lives almost on the other side of the country- I haven't seen her in a really long time. she was going to be staying with a friend of hers who lives about 1/2 hour from me. we had this same plan a couple of years ago and she ended up cancelling. I've spent the last couple of days cleaning and getting "company ready". the whole time wondering why i was bothering because she'd probably cancel again. but i thought no i'll try to think positive. so the house looks nice, i even put on some makeup. and its 6:15 and I havn't heard from her. she didn't even give me her #. she just said the day she called that she'd call later. so as i sit here getting annoyed i'm distracting by writing here. uucchh i knew it.
  15. my pdoc consult recommended taking fish oil. my tdoc takes it herself cause she's into the health stuff. she uses a brand that one of the researchers in this area says has the right combo. so i just placed my first order. i'm hoping someone here can tell me how it was helpful to them. they say rarely people have gi distress- my luck it will probably happen to me. they say it should arrive in 2-4 days. i hope its worth it to start taking at least 3 more pills a day.
  16. I recently had a pdoc consult where she told me that BP people often have messed up circadian rhythms, and that the amount of light and dark can have a big impact. do you wake up and take meds at the same time every day? I will often get really tired and desperate for a nap in the late afternoon, but then I'll get a second wind. Whatever it is, I hope you find something that will help you to feel a little better.
  17. it really could be any of the above. Does it happen a lot? or has it increased lately? if there's an anxiety in it it would be worth talking about. sometimes you just don't feel like it and it might be nothing. but the fact you are asking makes me think you are worried about it. this is almost constant for me. I'd love it if everything in my life could come to me. If I don't have an appt or somewhere I have to be, I often don't go out at all. for me its anxiety about all sorts of things. sometimes, i can't even get out the door if I do have to be somewhere. for me its definately anxiety and some ocd. i'm afraid of driving, i'm afraid of getting sick away from home, i'm afraid something bad will happen. and sometimes i can't really identify it- i just can't go out. and sometimes its nothing more than I'm tired or the weather is bad. so this is some of why it happens to me. what do you think it is for you? any ideas at all?
  18. Would you keep taking it even though its giving you a rash? i mean i supose its better than stopping, but could the rash get worse if i keep taking it? (pdoc still has not replied)
  19. I called the pharmacy yesterday. she told me to try taking benedryl and if that cured the rash to go ahead and take the wellbutrin. she said if it didn't help- to skip the dose and get in touch with pdoc- but don't stop abrubtly. so the benedryl did not make the rash any better and i did not take my wellbutrin yesterday. i emailed pdoc yesterday( this is always a better quicker way to get in touch- he's horrible at returning phonecalls) and I have not heard back from him. so I weighed out my options- rash vs stopping wellbutrin suddenly. I opted for the rash. and took today's dose. not really sure what i am supposed to do but i'd rather have a rash than a seizure! its so frustrating to not be able to reach him. i hope i did the right thing.
  20. thanks T- it is allergy season, though everyone else seems to be getting it worse than me this year- i've just had sporadic sneezing (ha ha spore-adic). the rash is red bumps ( similar to prickly heat but bigger bumps- and prickly heat has only ever appeared on my arms) its down the sides and back of my neck-from my hairline to befor my shoulder line. and there's none on the front. its slightly itchy. i think you are right about calling the pharmacy since they are the ones who changed manufacturers. but what if it is something else? i know in the scheme of things a rash is pretty small but it would be nice to figure it out.
  21. You would need to call pdoc about how to come off it, most info will say to continue on it until you talk to your doc so you can come off safely ( that's true for any med) but why is it freeaking you out? why did you start taking it and what changed that you want to stop? are you having any reaction to it? or are you not liking the idea of it? i'm assuming you and your pdoc came to a decision to try it for a reason- those reasons rarely disappear that fast, and it is true that it can take a while to take effect and may even need dose adjusting before you get benefit. It can be a frustrating process that takes patience a lot of us have run out of. maybe if you talk about why you suddenly want to stop- it will help you to understand better what is going on. we'll be here if you want to talk to us.
  22. I have a bumpy rash all over the back of my neck. I noticed it first on Thurs- its a little itchy today (Sat) I looked up some side effects of my meds- someone had suggested lithium could make you sun sensitive and maybe that was it. I'd never heard of it. Well lithium does in fact list rash as a possible side effect, but since i've never had it before and i've been taking lithium for years, i'm wondering if it is something else. My current theory- my pharmacy changed manufacturers of my generic wellbutrin. wellbutrin lists rash as a side effect too and notes it could be from dyes in the pill. well the new pill is white- but i'm asuming there must be some dye in it anyway. I think I began these new pills on Tues or Wed- so the timing seems right that this would be the cause. so if that is the case- now what? do i just wait for it to go away? do I go to a different pharmacy and get the old type pills? should i keep taking the ones i have? How to know if it is med related or just some random rash. Anyone have any experience with rashes??
  23. thanks silver- too bad graham crackers over the sink all too often is a meal- but thats a whole other story. interesting- i never knew lithium caused any photosensitivity. I thought of my meds- it was only the seroquel might increase the burn potential ( as well as the overheating potential.) so hmm- this could be the cause of the rash. now how to make it go away and how to prevent it in the future. it does seem odd as i've been on the beach for a week at a time with no issue. now i just remove my spring jacket and this is what i come up with. but still- a rash is just there- it doesn't interfere with anything. the nausea and intestinal distress are way more of a problem.
  24. I'm having similar problems. A few months ago I was so sick i had to come down from 1050 mg to 300 mg. then my moods went haywire- i need the lithium. I tried upping my seroquel dose as that apparently can work as a mood stabilizer. but i knew i really needed the lithium, so I went back up to 450 mg first and did ok. Now i've gone up to 600 mg and was ok the first week, but now i am so nausous and dizzy- i feel almost the same as when i got sick before ( we think was some degree of toxicity). i had done really well on 900 mg for a few years. oh how i wish i could get back to that. i never heard taking it with food could help- i'll try that. any other suggestions?? now i just feel overmedicated and on top of that i have a rash all over my neck. : ( note- all these med changes were supervised by pdoc. don't worry i would not mess with this stuff on my own!
  25. the "everyone feels that way" etc infuriates me. you'd think any doc would know better. not long ago my doctor was away when i had an urgent visit- so i saw a nurse practitioner who was available. after not listening to the problem i was there for, she blurts out "you have way too many meds on board"- i've come to really hate that "on board" expresssion. anyway its not like she followed that statement with anything ( like perhaps her reasoning for thinking this. and what i should be doing instead in her illustrious opinion. but no- make a judgement, be judgemental, and walk away. ok i'm thinking, if i'm on way too many meds, which do YOU think i should stop huh??? you met me for about 90 seconds. go suck an egg! you ignorant bitch!! so yeah i can relate. but i'd say don't give up asking for help. do you see any other docs like a specialist? or even your dentist can be a good source of info. can pdoc get you in to see someone or at least get you onto that waiting list? is pdoc by any chance also a tdoc you could go to? best of luck
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