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  1. people let me know about the new chat situation. i dont blog or post just chat, so for the 'forseeable future' i wont be on CB either



  2. Pseudopod always dug my sense of humor and I liked him a lot, prayers for his friends and family
  3. manic as hell playing the la la land soundtrack into the ground while bummed i cant get into chat

  4. So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.

  5. Men and melons are hard to know. -- Ben Franklin

  6. Love was invented by people like me, to sell nylons. --- Don Draper

  7. "Curiouser and curiouser!" cried Alice.

  8. where is the fancy bread, in the heart or in the head?

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      Kroger's bakery carries some fancy breads.

  9. hi there, I think each and every person with a mental illness or psychiatric diagnosis has the same feelings of frustration with treatment -- it puts me in a constant state of existential crisis. Glad you have some hope. Try to be gentle on yourself and think positively about the future. Also as hard as it might be sometimes try your best to stay med-compliant and trusting of your doctor. Remember that meds and talk therapy and CBT DBT 12-step all of it are just tools to help you cope with your illness, and not an instant cure. The aim of treatment if you work at it is not so much to be 'cured' but to learn to live, cope and thrive with your illness. Think of them as tools toward a better life. ppox p.s. (on a posting roll today, usually just a chatroom guy!)
  10. hi I notice you're on Wellbutrin which btw has been shown in studies to help with ADHD. Also your fear about returning to college is normal -- but all that algebra and citation styles will come back to you! Look for resources within your college like tutors and study centers. About getting rx'ed stimulants -- your best bet is to get that referral and start a relationship with a psychiatrist and describe all these symptoms, feelings and more! Seeking treatment is a good step. ppox
  11. on a first visit appearing to ask for stimulants might look like doc-shopping to them, usually you have to establish a rapport with 'em. I agree with your approach to only describe symptoms and related anecdotes on the first visit which it looks like you had already
  12. I've been on straterra, adderall, vyvanse, concerta, ritalin and provigil at various stages for off-label depression really more than ADHD, but stimulants help me tremendously. ANYWAY the biggest mistake I think both patients and PDocs can make with stimulants is to confuse the high or initial euphoric effect for the med doing its job, and then increase and increase until its unmanageable. This reflection also comes from having had to for a period of time to go through amphetamine withdrawal because a switch from a new to Pdoc to a retired one proclaimed me "hypomanic" in our first meeting and axe'd my 70 mg prescription of vyvanse. ANYWAY stimulants like all meds come with a known and unknown long-term and short-term risks. Amphetamines and the relate stim classes are known to possibly exacerbate heart conditions, cause serotonin syndrome when rx'ed in adjunction with serotonin-affecting medications, dry skin, depleted magnesium to name a few. And of course, amphetamine abuse. My favorite stimulants are good ole amphetamine salts (adderall) XR and then IR boosters and Vyvanse but they're more "hardcore" on dopamine receptors than others, from what I understand. Just whatever works for you. Tread carefully! ppox
  13. When's the last time you went an extended period of time without any stimulants? For me, drug holidays (as much as doctors think they're BS) are key, especially with Vyvanse. If going without stimulants puts you into a non-functioning state, it's possible you're simply tolerant. Taking a good week or two off from them helps. Stimulants help me a lot too but I try not to get to the point where I -need- to take one to function throughout the day. Unfortunately after years of messing around with all those different formulatons, you might have developed a dependance and need basically to detox yourself to get the same effect. The worst of it is a week. Can't the PRN though rx both XR and IR amphetamine as if they're seperate medications? im useless though this is why its my 2nd post ppox
  14. Hi there, Will try not to be a one and done forum visitor, but who knows how many online communities I've joined and never visited again and abandoned Hello!
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