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  1. I was diagnosed when I got pregnant and was on Seroquel through the entire pregnancy. But personally, that's a decision only you and your doctor can make.
  2. Moorestorms A Guide for the Bipolar Parent is now available on amazon.com!!!!

  3. He sucks! He truly, truly sucks!

  4. Depression hit me around 13 years old as well, after I had my first manic episode. I can remember being like the others, laying around and thinking about ways I could rid myself of this world. I even tried it. I was ignored and told everyone has problems, get a grip. Tried again around 14 years old, didn't work and I had to hide the wound from my Mom. I never got any treatment until about 12 years ago. I'm now 36.
  5. I am baffled! I can't believe the incompetence of some doctors' out there! I agree with what everyone else has said. Time to find a new doc ASAP. Worse comes to worse a trip to the ER may be in order so they can get you back on meds and keep you stable. I'd be calling every Tom, Dick and Harry and making my voice heard about what they've done to you! Right up to the medical board if you have to. They can't just prescribe talk therapy to someone with BP and leave them unmedicated! In the mean time, take it one step at a time......
  6. There's a certain member of the board I miss. I will keep their name to myself....but I think about that person often.....

  7. I didn't accomplish any of my goals today. I accidentaly took my night time meds this morning and have been a blob all day.
  8. Yay! Congrats! Still waiting to hear on mine! Shredding papers........I should really do that! I took my night time meds instead of my AM meds and now I feel like a zombie. I have never made this mistake before!
  9. Clean up the kitchen Do some laundry Take a shower and do my hair and makeup Maybe paint my nails All of this depends on if my energy level decreases as the day goes on.
  10. Tired.....probably due to all the broken sleep I had last night. Frustrated because I'm sick of being the only one to keep the house clean. We live in a tiny tiny house with 8 of us so it doesn't take much to wreck it up and make it look junky. I'm left every morning with a sink full of dishes, dishes to put away, a floor to clean and a table to clean off. The kids are to be doing this at night before bed. Guess what? They lose all electronics till they start doing it!
  11. Today blogging helped me get everything out in a safe place and get some much needed feedback that I needed.
  12. Becks

    whatever the weather

    Miserable.....dark and dreary! I think it's effecting my moods big time!
  13. It's hard with kids getting their meds right because their brains are constantly changing and I really don't think they can grasp the coping skills that come with having an MI. My oldest daughter has a mood disorder with psychosis (thankfully no psychosis in over a year). But her moods are out of control. I felt horrible giving her meds and I took her off of them. I should have never done that. We will be making a trip to the docs soon. You are doing the right thing for him. It's hard to see it right now, but in the end, it'll pay off. I'm sorry you are having such a tough time right now.
  14. Your not a failure......your mom is trying to help, but she's setting the standard too high for you and it might be time to just tell her that. What is good for her, doesn't have to be good for you and maybe it's time to just come right out and say that to her. Sometimes saying things nicely to someone isn't always the way to go. I understand now wanting to step on toes. I live in my Aunt's rental and she says a lot of the same things to me and well, I just had to tell her forth right, just because I do things differently and slower than you doesn't mean I'm wrong it just means I'm me and I'm different and that's okay. It's hard not to let the people who are "helping" us control us at the same time. It's a fine line and many cross that line, most without thinking. It's up to us to make sure we put them back over that line. I have to do it regularly and I know it causes a bit of a rift......but I am paying my bills and doing what's best for me and my family. I won't let someone who is helping me destabilize me.
  15. Changing my look The smell of my children after their baths The sight of my Hubs coming home after 16 hour work days The house quiet when the kids are in school and the babies are napping Sunny, colorful, bright, warm days Baking
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