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  1. Why do coworkers judge?

  2. I'm struggling with these same issues since returning to work from short term disability. I've finally had to turn to HR because the retaliation and hostility from co-workers. The only thing that keeps pushing me forward (or at least maintaining) to stay is that I know I'm protected by FMLA and ADA. Most people just can't comprehend the depths of Mi and PTSD. I share your struggle! Deep breaths! My mantra lately is "Dont't get stabby! Don't get stabby! " ha! Kidding! Not really... You are not alone!
  3. I am approached in public all the time by strangers. I don't know what it is about me but people must think I'm approachable and that I actually want to listen to their emotional vomit. At any rate... I believe absolutely that there is a way you could approach strangers and strike up conversations without coming off like the people that approach me. Start small at the grocery store or where ever you might be. I often give a compliment such as "I like your shoes, where did you get them" etc. Depending on where you are at the time... It can instigate a bigger conversation. Just an idea. You'll be surprised at how receptive people can be!
  4. Today is especially bad. I don't know what the trigger is... but going into work I just start to get extremely anxious and feel as though everyone is talking behind my back or judging me. I know the chances of this are slim and it's just a vicious cycle. (I've been this way most of my life). Fucking PARANOID and Worried ALL the time! I try to tell myself "I'm Smart" "I'm Pretty" "I'm worthy of happiness". I could go on and on... I just need someone to tell me that I'm not alone and that I will be ok. UGH!
  5. High Anxiety Day - Triggered by an apartment inspection... STUPID!

  6. It seems for the past year I've been trying to remember who I am... Where I belong... How to quit worrying about stupid shit I create in my head because I feed off of chaos and self doubt. Tried nipple clamps once and I prefer just good biting! Glad I found this board and people who can relate! Hope to make more friends and find myself again!
  7. Lamictal and Irritability

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