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  1. ... And which caused more anxiety? This is for schizoaffective with lots of anxiety. Worrying excessively about things 24/7. Anyway I have a feeling my pdoc will change AAP tomorrow and wanted to know others' experiences.
  2. I'm going through this right now. Was psychotic, psychosis went away and now it's just hard to get out of bed or shower. The guilt is the worst for me. My pdoc just put me on a new antidepressant. Good luck to you.
  3. I can't find anything on how common this is, so I thought I'd see if anyone here experiences it. I don't hallucinate at all. I have some visual distortions but that's it. Nothing auditory. I do however have very prominent delusions when my psychosis is present. So how many people only have delusions?
  4. I'll have short periods of being relatively symptom-free, with only minor paranoia and delusions. But it seems like the longer I've been sick, the shorter those times get. I used to go months between episodes, now its usually weeks. But I've always had a lot of difficulty controlling the symptoms and so maybe my brain has damage or something. Eta: the negative symptoms are always there.
  5. I take my antipsychotic like I'm supposed to and my delusional thinking still flares up. I will be symptom free for awhile and then it comes back. The only one that it didn't happen on was clozapine and I had to stop it because of blood sugar and sedation. Is this something that usually happens?
  6. I am feeling kind of hyper and very unsettled. Trouble sleeping last night. I think I'll be able to get the lithium tomorrow. Thanks for responding. ETA: My pharmacy just text me that my lithium is ready. Yay!
  7. I ran out of lithium over the weekend because I was an idiot and didn't realize I was low on it. My pdoc was supposed to call it in to my pharmacy today but for some reason they didn't. I have been feeling restless and uncomfortably jittery for 2 days. Somewhat more talkative because of the jitteri-ness but not too bad. Do you think this is mania coming on or just withdrawal? I'm calling my pdoc again tomorrow morning.
  8. I just started taking it a few weeks ago. I was started on 25 mg. So far, the main side effects are extreme sedation and high blood sugar (I'm already diabetic.) My doctors are working together trying to bring down my blood sugar numbers by doing more insulin, so that I can keep taking the Clozaril. I am noticing a major improvement. My family and I can both see it. I could see some change after a week. I am taking 100 mg now, but when my blood sugar is more in control it might be increased. My dx is either schizoaffective or schizophrenia.
  9. Does anyone else get anxiety about everything at the start of a psychotic episode, about things unrelated to delusions? I start to get unbearably nervous about driving, bills and housework. Is there some way to relieve it that you know of?
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