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  1. I finished my finals today, now I can say I finished a full semester at college! Yaaaay!!
  2. I'm so happy bell curves exist. I got a 92 on a test that I would have gotten a low 70 on. One less thing to worry about.
  3. recite recite recite, repeat repeat repeat, and try to apply concepts youve learned to stories, personal experiences, and people/places/things. Using more than one sense while learning helps, like reading/writing/listening/tasting/feeling/etc.I also find that re-writing my notes helps, since I'm analyzing what I've already written and the repetition is pretty much forced onto me.
  4. I'm in so much disbelief. I got my essay grade back for English and it was a 100. A 100. I never got a 100 on an English paper in my whole entire life. So much weight off of my shoulders. I also talked with all of my professors after missing class yesterday and I have pretty much nothing to make up for. I can finally have a relaxing weekend!
  5. So much homework. Ughhhhhhhhh. I'll get it done before the deadlines, though. It might mean staying up late, but it'll be done.
  6. I've been in IP 7 times and PHP/IOP twice. The last time i was hospitalized was from Mid April up until the end of it in 2013, so It's been well over a year. I was so close to going into residential treatment during my last hospitalization and it took a lot of convincing towards my parents to let me go back home, that I'd be safe, and shortly after we all ended up moving back to my home state for completely unrelated reasons. I'm really happy we did move because I've been significantly better. I remember a few of the hospitalizations absolutely sucked, but my first hospitalization was one of the best ones. There were a lot of kids my age and we all loved playing volleyball outside and sometimes were able to go out onto the little kids outdoor section and go on their playground. When I moved my way into the adult unit, though, it sucked. It was horrible. It was a lot less structured towards keeping patients busy and there was a lot of downtime, the activities sucked, and the doctors and therapists visited with patients a lot less often. I really hope I don't go back anytime soon - my insurance doesn't fully cover it anymore since medicaid stops covering mental health related conditions at 21 and my private insurance absolutely sucks at mental health coverage. Plus I need to stay in college and can't drop out of classes anymore for hospital visit related reasons. It's a promise I made to myself and is helping me stay in one piece for the time being.
  7. I'm extremely proud of myself, I got a 100 on both my French test and Psychology test, and a 99 on my Statistics class. I have been really worried because I suck at remembering things and despite studying a few concepts can't stick, so Thursday during my 2 hour gap before the stats test I saw my professor during office hours and she helped me MAJORLY and I'm really damn greatful that my Psych and Stats professors are amazing. My English essay was handed in and I have no idea what my grade will be, but it should be a C at minimum which is okay, I'll live. I've been a perfectionist since elementary school and am starting to crack down on that and really am understanding how poorly I treat myself and hold myself to unrealistic expectations. Sorry, long post and most likely a wall of text because I'm typing this on my phone but I had to get this off my chest.
  8. depression with psychosis was between 15-16, sza was 17 and it's been what way for me since.
  9. Infinite Jest, by David Foster Wallace. My English professor suggested it to me, mainly because she based her masters thesis on it and read it about 5 times. It's around 1100 pages long and will probably take me a long time to finish, but I like it so far!
  10. I started my 1st year, 1st semester finally. I was going to start last fall but ended up moving to NY and it would have been smart of me to wait a year after moving so I could get in-state tuition. I have 3 classes online and 3 on campus, no Monday classes so I can solely concentrate on working on existing schoolwork. I have all 100s so far but I have 2 tests and an English essay due on Thursday so I'm pretty sure my grade will drop some. Psychology and my online classes are extremely easy but Statistics and English... Oh man. I'm really happy I'm in school,though. I have been bored with my life for such a long time and can finally wake up knowing I have things to do and if I don't do them, I'm pretty much throwing money down the drain. But yeah, since I have tests on Thursday, this will be one messed up week.I'm sure it'll mess with my stability but I'm confident it'll work out okay.
  11. I'm taking a slow ride back to lala land. I'm pretty upset about it. I usually have physical signs that tell me I'm slipping, like sleeping a LOT more and feeling confused and a lot of deja vu feelings - and yep, it's happening. My dreams are sucking me inside of them and it's really hard to escape. I try so hard to anchor myself, but I'm not superwoman. I'll figure something out. Not now, but eventually.
  12. I'm one of those people that didn't really mind the cherry flavor, it was really bitter and at first made my tongue feel really weird, but I grew to somewhat like it. I was stuck on the original flavor for a while and I found Listerine pocket pack strips to be my best bet.
  13. Hi Welcome aboard! CB is a pretty cool place, I made a lot of acquaintances here, some friends, and some really close friends. Everyone is really supportive, and we all share some good laughs now and then (or for me it's every time I go into chat). I hope you feel comfortable here
  14. I trained with them, but had to drop the training when I was on the last module due to a hospitalization, and I can say that the process is pretty in-depth. I recommend them
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