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  1. I thought about making fried eggs. This sounds incredibly lame, but it took a dazzling amount of mental energy. Because toast, too? In the end I made instant potatoes. I was up way too late.
  2. Did you go off your meds because you thought they were making you ill/giving you bad side effects, or did going off your meds cause the episode? Chicken or egg?
  3. Very glad to meet you! Please PM me or one of the other mods if you need help navigating the site. Gearhead
  4. I know that people take TPX for weight loss sometimes, even though that’s not a consistent side effect. I lost weight when I started taking it because I was sick. as. hell. for about two months. Stomach pain, nausea, could hardly eat more than a few bites of anything before I felt sickeningly full. In time it went away. I’ve read about other people having stomach issues during the initial titration. Now I’m curious about whether anyone has had problems lowering their dose. I went from 75 mgs to 50 mgs, and while the symptoms aren’t as severe, I feel the exact same way I did when I started. I’ve noticed that I’m having particular problems with meat. Even the leanest cut seems too fatty and rich. l’m almost never hungry, and when I am, I’m eating maybe 3/4 what I used to before I feel uncomfortably full, and then queasy. I’ve lost four pounds since Christmas, which doesn’t sound like much of a problem until you consider that I started at 108. Then you realize that it’s more than 3% of my body weight, and you start to wonder. So. Anyone else have this problem, or anything like it?
  5. Granted! You now have a peculiar form of Synesthesia that causes you to see print all over people, as if they’re newspapers. You’re forced to know everything about everyone. No one can keep secrets from you. You always know what you’re getting for your birthday before you open your presents. You even perceive little white lies, so all efforts at tact are lost on you. Other people’s fears and anxieties are almost as horrible as your own. I wish these headaches would stop.
  6. Granted! But now you are too embarrassed to leave the house if all of your nails aren’t perfect. You see cuticle sticks and bottles of nail hardener when you close your eyes, and have semi-erotic dreams about fish pedicures. One day, the fumes from the acetone polish remover overcome you, and you pass out, thumping your head on the coffee table as you fall. When you wake up, you will have a complex case of anteretrograde amnesia. You will be unable to form new memories unless they involve nail polish. This life will be strangely relaxing, but people around you will tire of always having to find your car keys for you. I wish Double Stuf Oreos were good for me.
  7. Edgy and nauseated. It’s a great combo.
  8. @echolocation! You forgot to leave a wish!
  9. Granted! You discover that there is some weird. shit. living in your neighbor’s garden. Human anatomists have never even had to coin names for some of the body parts you’re seeing. The plants next door are wonderfully healthy, but now that you’ve seen who’s really tending them, you think of all the tomatoes your neighbor has given you over the years with utter horror. You will never eat gazpacho again. I wish I could time travel.
  10. Good idea for a thread. Today I went out to lunch with my husband. We had Indian food, which is my favorite international cuisine. While we were there, I realized that the ambient music was a sitar player covering such classics as “Desparado” and CCR’s “Who’ll Stop the Rain?” It was a moment of transcendent surrealism. I was entranced.
  11. Bemused. How profoundly can one feel bemusement? Deeply bemused.
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