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  1. That’s pretty crass on their part. I would express my anger to them in clear terms. But that’s just me. I’d probably tell them I’d sign something saying I gave the info back right after they signed something saying it was their fault. Remember it isn’t your fault, Redhead. They are firmly in the wrong.
  2. Gearhead

    Targeted ads on CB

    More opioid addiction treatment, ethically sourced diamonds, and a non-profit working to end gun violence. I’m going to meet the love of my life in rehab. We’ll get engaged, and I’ll dedicate the rest of my time on this earth to working on social justice issues.
  3. Gearhead

    Targeted ads on CB

    @Unstrung Harp, I can’t even figure out what that is.
  4. Yes they did. They sure as fuck did. You didn’t do anything wrong at all. They handed you your papers, which you are by no means required to review while you’re in the office. They’re damn lucky you’re a good person and called them to report THEIR mistake. Not that it’s any of your responsibility or your concern, but are you going to contact the person whose file you received? If they want those documents back, they can send a courier.
  5. This has been bothering me... I before E except after C Unless you and your eight weird, feisty foreign neighbors, by sleight of hand, commit a heist, then have seizures at a great height while bitching about your weight, during the reign of a sovereign in beige.
  6. Constantly. I’m never without a book. What would you like to ask me?
  7. I’m sorry for the toll it takes on you, but I very much respect you for doing the work. We need our own taking care of us.
  8. I’m an idiot today.
  9. Gearhead

    Targeted ads on CB

    Ads for a pro-gun politician and an abortion clinic. Voting pro-gun is about the last demographic I’d fall into, and I had my tubes tied eleven years ago. Who the fuck do these people think I am? I’m not buying a Dodge F-1500 either.
  10. No graham crackers? No graham crackers? Dear god, @MiaB, now I’m trying to figure out how much bubble wrap it would take for me to be able to mail you an intact box of graham crackers. Plus then you’d have bubble wrap. EVERYONE likes bubble wrap. https://www.mostwatchedtoday.com/raccoon-bubble-wrap/ My own Nerf gun and plenty of darts, so that I can keep up with my young nephew. What would you like me to know about you?
  11. I’m tired of putting up with this asshole who’s sitting five feet away from me staring at me, then pretending he isn’t when I look at him. I just want to work in peace.
  12. Yes I do. And I’m planning to make a pair of these: https://www.instructables.com/id/Steel-toe-bunny-slippers/ I might do a pair for my brother for Xmas, too. Do you like graham crackers?
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