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  1. My name is Hugo. I live here now.
  2. I attended (moderated, in fact) two social groups tonight. Thank you, Zoom. I haven’t attended since July, before I got sick. It was good to see everyone again.
  3. Also quite possibly something you could make money off of if you recorded it and put it on YouTube.
  4. I’m exhausted all the time. Post-Covid sucks. I forgot how to spell my father’s name for two days.
  5. I had basically the same experience. I wasn’t manic, but I wasn’t anything else, either. Blunt, wistful, and dumb would about cover it.
  6. I don’t have experience with TMS specifically, but after my first MRI, which was of my head and shoulders, I felt really serene. It lasted for days. This before I had ever heard of TMS, so it can’t be chalked up to placebo effect.
  7. I second coffee, very dark roast, ideally. I also take fiber capsules. One can tire of prunes.
  8. I hate scales like this for anything. They mean nothing. In the past I’ve just refused to do them. If you’re bipolar or have any mood disorder, they’re just not helpful. I keep having to use the goddamn 1-10 pain scale, which is worthless to me. Pain and numbers aren’t even apples to oranges, they’re apples to ceiling fans-they’re totally unrelated. I always try to explain pain relative to other pain I’ve had (“Well, it’s not as bad as the moment you rip off a toenail, but it’s worse than a three week old broken rib), and they say “Uh-huh, so on a scale of one to ten...” Finally I sat down and wrote a pain scale of my own, numbered one to ten, with my own ranked experiences of pain as references. So, say the toenail would rate and eight, and the rib a six, and so forth. Could you do something like that with the mood assessment scale?
  9. I think everybody is right, that the two are intertwined. It’s a bummer that you have to reduce your lithium right now.
  10. @Complicated toad, telling us how you feel is what we exist for. I know how you feel. This is not what I planned for my life. And my IRL people don’t get it. @echolocation, change sucks. It’s hard to process. But you can do it. It might even prove to be interesting, once you get a handle on it. Good luck tomorrow!
  11. The love between a man and his toaster is beautiful and natural.
  12. I recommend every single thing Tom Lehrer ever composed. But it’s deer season hereabouts, so this is the one that’s stuck in my head.
  13. This week has sucked. Covid relapse. Relapse, now with pain!

    I’m coming back online as quickly as I can, my dears.

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    2. Will


      Thinking of you and wishing for quick improvement.  Take care.

    3. coraline


      I really hope you get better soon


    4. Wonderful.Cheese


      I hope you are feeling better gear. Stupid COVID. Argh!

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