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  1. I think you should be upfront. I do see both the possibility of getting worse from the stress and of a crisis occurring if you hit a bad patch and no one had any idea why. I’m also concerned about how the other adults might interact with the littles if they don’t even know they exist. Even just from a safety stand point....like keeping raw chicken in the fridge...
  2. Do you have a doctor you see about your bipolar and social phobia? Phobias can often be managed with therapy, but bipolar disorder requires medication for you to live your best life. Treating your bipolar should help your social phobia.
  3. A woman I know worked at one, and she found it very stressful. She said the pace was extremely hard to keep up with, and management put a lot of pressure on them to meet hourly quotas. I don’t know your dx; it might be worth mentioning that my friend is autistic. A capable, independent adult autistic.
  4. Cerb makes a good point, Chee. Have you ever had therapy specifically designed for sexual assault victims? It isn’t the same as garden variety “Tell me about your mother” therapy.
  5. Welcome to CB, AprilRose. You’re in the right place. Please feel free to PM me or one of the other mods if you need help navigating the site. Gearhead (admin)
  6. Barbie’s full name is Barbara Millicent Rogers. That’s something I know now. And so do you. Do you have any idea how bored you can get spending anywhere from 70-90% of your time lying down for 48 days? I do.
  7. I was always told not to sit on my feet at the table. But...if I don’t, my plate is level with my fucking chin. Joke’s on you, Ma. I’m still so short I sit on my feet.
  8. I’m still suffering considerable impairment from Covid. Checking in, but pretty useless. I miss you.

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    2. Fluent In Silence

      Fluent In Silence

      Have you tried injecting bleach? Of course you haven't because you aren't a fuckwit. Hope you feel better soon.

    3. echolocation


      keep resting. we'll have a party when you're back.

    4. Will


      Hang in there, please

  9. Demonstrably untrue. I like you. Worse today. I was up and about yesterday and now I’m paying for it.
  10. Saying hello and welcome. Please feel free to contact one of the moderators if you need help with the site. Gearhead-Admin
  11. And when your phone gets hacked, all the world will know how strong your pelvic floor is.
  12. I was having more trouble learning their grammar
  13. Well, Covid fucking sucks. My life isn’t in any danger, but I’m entering Day 29 of symptoms. Most of what’s getting me now is the famed Covid “fatigue.” Calling it “fatigue” is like saying tornados are “a bit breezy.” I have considerable muscle atrophy from spending the last month in bed. Did you know Covid comes with brain fog? I didn’t. I’m a moron half the time. But that means that part of the time I’m not, so as my energy allows, I’ve started looking in on CB again. I missed all your squirrely asses.
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