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  1. Do you mean safely? In that case, the answer is Wellbutrin. If safety is not an issue, Celexa shot me through the roof into a manic episode so dramatic my tdoc said I didn’t belong in the hospital, I belonged in the zoo. I requested accommodations with the ring-tailed lemurs. It is a measure of the man’s sanity, humanity, and devotion to me as a patient that he didn’t have me committed on the spot. Gentle reader, I was batshit out of my mind.
  2. See also: Iceland I’ve been to Iceland. It’s humbling.
  3. I needed a lightweight down coat today. Totally normal for the second half of May...? Two days ago it was 80F.
  4. On, but down very low. Have you every worked or volunteered for a non-profit?
  5. @Fluent In Silence, I’m not convinced Welsh is a language, not in the sense of having a grammar and lexicon and of being useful as a means of communication. I suspect that all those impossible “words” are just part of some huge hazing ritual made up by the people of Wales to fuck with the entire rest of the planet.
  6. Fairy, where do you work that you’re confronted with loud, live music? I’m glad that one of your co-workers got the big picture enough to tell off the other who thought you were rude, and that others came to comfort you. Today I took a load of clean laundry back to my friend, who needed help this week and had asked if I could do her laundry for her, which I did. And I did the grocery shopping. And I went to Starbuck’s. That was it for my day.
  7. Is everyone ok? I’m having trouble going to bed because I’m worried about you. I worry about all of you.

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    2. Wonderful.Cheese


      Gear ❤️

      I hope you got some good rest and sleep.

    3. coraline


      I'm grateful for the caring people here..

      I'm sorry you are worried..

      And I hope you got some sleep.

    4. echolocation


      i didn't reply to this when i first saw it, but i kept thinking about it and i want to say that you have such a big heart, gear. we're lucky to have you.

  8. People take antipsychotics for all kinds of reasons that don’t have to do with psychosis.
  9. There are so, so many things, but top of the list is veal. The way veal is raised is sickening. Cheerios or Raisin Bran?
  10. Yes. Every four weeks on the dot, or my pixie cut turns into a puffball. Have you ever injured your back?
  11. My brother, who isn’t on any meds, and doesn’t have an eating disorder, just terrible eating habits and the metabolism of a greyhound, likes Soylent pretty well, though I think he said the original flavor is pretty unappealing. I drink Vega One shakes, which are a powder, and vegan, although I mix them with milk because I find them utterly horrid if made with water. I like the chocolate. My problem is just that I forget to eat. I think it’s some sort of autism thing. I don’t get hunger pangs.
  12. Cross post: The most annoying current side effect, or the most annoying every? Currently, it’s word recall. Thank you, AEDs. Ever, Geodon sedated me so badly I fell asleep everywhere. Like at stoplights, in public bathrooms, at work...slept 14 hours a day. That med ruined my life. Baby sloths are cute. Adults are a little iffier. Helps if they’re clean. Do you chew gum?
  13. Later that day Husband and I went out with Dynamo again. We saw a couple of old friends who live in town but only come out when D is around. I was out until 2:30 am. There was beer. ‘Nuff said. Yesterday I fixed the downstairs toilet, which was a nice change from fixing the upstairs one, and only required two trips to the hardware store. Really I could’ve gotten off with one, but I decided to do the pump and the hose to the shut off valve as long as I was working on it, so there you are. Then my friend stopped by to pick up another package, and she played with my senile dog, who loves her. Good luck at your new job, Fairy!
  14. God yes. That would rock. Do you like maple syrup?
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