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  1. If a med is making you that sick, you should call your doctor and say so. Making you feel worse is not the goal. Asking for a slower titration is responsible on your part. Explain that you want to give Rexulti a fair shake, but at the current dosage the side effects are unmanageable.
  2. @DammitJanet I’m so glad! I have a pretty bad UTI. Thanks to my terrible interoception (stand up and wave, autism), I never realize how sick or injured I am until much later than I should, which always makes treatment more difficult. Go me!
  3. Similar weather here. I fucking loathe summer.
  4. Thanks, everyone. I’m going to have to try to remember to eat and see if it helps. It’s weird, though. I’ve eaten (or not, depending on your pint of view, I suppose) this way my entire life and never had issues before.
  5. I’ve been taking 300 XL for long enough now that any initial side effects have passed, but something weird is still happening and I’m wondering why. Wellbutrin is in my morning pillbox. I generally take it around 11:00 am. And I’ve been noticing that roughly six hours later, my hands start to shake, I get pretty dizzy, and disoriented to the point where I can’t remember what happened ten minutes ago. I am putting pieces together, I think, and have tentatively linked relief from this feeling with eating dinner. Still, it leaves me feeling wiped out for the rest of the day, and my memory is going to hell. I am very bad about eating breakfast, and/or lunch. It may be my autism, but I am almost never hungry in the sense of my stomach reporting pangs or any kind of discomfort to my brain. And I plain forget to do it. You can chalk that up to dubious executive functioning. I’ve been reading and I gather you’re supposed to take Wellbutrin with food. How much food? What kind? Does volume matter, or substance (protein vs carbs, say) or am I supposed to measure by calories? Can I just drink a glass of milk? Eating when you’re not hungry is disgusting. People always say “Smoothies!” but the texture of such makes my gorge rise. Not an option. I also hate yogurt. I’m confused about whether not eating can really be making a difference so long after I take the med. Is it the food? Should I be looking at something else?
  6. I’m coming down on both sides of this argument, which I find interesting. There are circumstances under which I would kill myself, no question, although as I examine them in my mind I find them more related to calamities impacting my physical health than my mental health. Huh. I agree that staying alive because someone is guilt tripping you into it isn’t an adequate reason, and that it’s shitty behavior on the part of the guilt-er. But living for someone else without them asking you to do it is a different thing. I have a 12 year old nephew, and I would unquestionably force myself to live through anything so he wouldn’t have to lose me. He has lost enough already. I’m not positive he even understands the concept of suicide. My death isn’t going to be he way he learns about. So in an entirely innocent and unmanipulative way, he’s pressure on me to stay alive.
  7. It has rained so much that the holes in the back yard, which my dog dug and carefully shaped to her exact contours, are full of water, and she is sad.
  8. Do you take the rest of your meds in the morning? I take Flexeril sometimes, and it makes a big difference if I take it with my morning meds or in the afternoon, before my P.M. meds. I notice some weird interactions. Sedation. Feeling spacey.
  9. Glad to meet you, WinslowBoba. There are a lot of people like you here. You can tell us anything. We’ll understand. Please PM me or one of the other mods if you have trouble navigating the site. Gearhead (admin)
  10. Hot, sticky, and detestable. It rains every day. When the sun comes out, the humidity makes everything hotter than it should be. I loathe summer.
  11. I spent a delightful day with my very entertaining nephew (“Aunt Gearhead, If you could be any machine you wanted, what machine would you be? Please don’t say ‘electric toothbrush’ like last time. I’m still grossed out”) and had a really good talk with my brother.
  12. Positive vs. negative symptoms need defining, and are tricky to describe. They don’t mean good vs. bad, because being symptomatic is de facto bad. It means more like “something you usually don’t feel or experience at baseline that you do feel now” vs. “something that you usually do feel or experience at baseline that you don’t feel now.” It’s more like gain or loss. With mania, you suddenly have pressured speech, and grandiose thoughts, and lots of energy etc. With negative symptoms you suddenly don’t have pleasure in things you usually enjoy, or facial expressions that mirror your feeling (flat affect), or motivation to do stuff. Negative symptoms are thus distinguished from depression, but also similar to depression. It’s a fine line.
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