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  1. I defer to the bean-counters at the IRS. Children are a pain in the ass. Change my mind.
  2. I do not believe in ghosts. And, bonus info, I don’t give a shit if aliens exist, and will not until such time as they show up here trying to start something. Have you had any strange weather events in your area in the last year?
  3. Have you seen The Road to Wellville? You need to watch it.
  4. @Cerberus, my best friend keeps kosher, and it just. never. ends. The dietary restrictions are just the tip (I’m sorry, I’m sorry) of the iceberg. There’s the separate pots, pans, dishes, utensils, sponges, the ceaseless reading of labels and expense of ordering online, the guilt if she screws something up...I would stop eating. There’s no way I could stand to think about food that much. My eating habits are already odd enough, because of autistic food sensitivities, and because I just don’t enjoy eating enough to fuss with it. I’m not arguing that getting circumcised isn’t awful, but at
  5. I am pleased with you. When it’s my turn to use the space laser, I will make sure that your home remains standing while I evaporate the rest of the city. You are welcome to join us. I’m afraid your foreskin is part of the price of admission. I only know one man who was circumcised as an adult, and I believe he did not care for the experience overall, but he was a shallow bastard who only did it because he was embarrassed about how his prick looked and couldn’t deal with getting teased in locker rooms. Look on the bright side. Join the Reform movement and no one will care if you keep
  6. OK, everyone, I signed in using my civilian identity and looked for a couple of invite-only blogs I read as Gearhead, and I didn’t see them. So what I did when setting up the test blog didn’t make it private, but you guys are still hidden. I’ll keep investigating.
  7. No coprolites were harmed in the making of that episode of Mythbusters. No. This: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dorodango Only with kiln-dried...poop.
  8. Is there something weird going on with blogs?
  9. How much work are you willing to put into it? https://go.discovery.com/tv-shows/mythbusters/videos/polishing-a-turd-minimyth
  10. If you want chicken-themed amusement, I recommend this very highly: https://themoth.org/stories/an-egg-too-far
  11. Just a heads-up if you do decide to try lamictal: the titration period can be rough. It can be very activating, which would be a real treat to deal with on top of Wellbutrin anxiety.
  12. @notloki Would be most welcome, too. I first thought you’d said “weird side effects like edamame.” Immature soybeans would be a very peculiar side effect.
  13. I didn’t mean for CB, sorry. I meant I use it for everything my iPad possibly can.
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