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  1. Yes, I’m singing to my dog. She likes it. We have a special song that puts her to sleep and helps her calm down at the vet. Sometimes if I’m just petting her and don’t think to sing she fusses and heaves big dramatic sighs until I remember, and then she settles down. 

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    2. Unstrung Harp

      Unstrung Harp

      Why have I never tried singing a special song for my dog?

    3. saintalto


      I sing to my dog when I’m alone in the house. I also talk to her as though she’s a person and just chatter on about this or that. She’s a very attentive listener. 

    4. Gearhead


      We leave the radio on for them when we’re gone, too. So they listen to NPR all the time. They’re very well-informed. I came home the other day and discovered that they had managed to spell “Impeach Trump” with their poop. 

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