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  1. My allergies have gone completely haywire in the last 48 hours, and I don’t know why. Possibly because it rained? Breathing itches.

    1. Cerberus


      Given that you’ve described the atmosphere where you are as being filled with smoke from Canadian fires, and given that the rain will have collected all those particles of Canada that went up in smoke and dropped them squarely down to earth on your head, I’d say there’s a fair chance that you’re allergic to Canada.

    2. Gearhead


      That seems a terrible shame…I’ve been there twice, and enjoyed it both times. If I have to be allergic to a nation, why can’t it be North Korea or some other pariah state I don’t want to visit? 

    3. jarn


      MWUAHAHA we are an allergen!  

      (Hope your breathing gets happier)

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