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  1. Granted! You discover that there is some weird. shit. living in your neighbor’s garden. Human anatomists have never even had to coin names for some of the body parts you’re seeing. The plants next door are wonderfully healthy, but now that you’ve seen who’s really tending them, you think of all the tomatoes your neighbor has given you over the years with utter horror. You will never eat gazpacho again. I wish I could time travel.
  2. Good idea for a thread. Today I went out to lunch with my husband. We had Indian food, which is my favorite international cuisine. While we were there, I realized that the ambient music was a sitar player covering such classics as “Desparado” and CCR’s “Who’ll Stop the Rain?” It was a moment of transcendent surrealism. I was entranced.
  3. Bemused. How profoundly can one feel bemusement? Deeply bemused.
  4. Hello, Sephiroth999. Welcome to CB. Let me or one of the other mods know if you have any trouble navigating the site. Gearhead
  5. Granted! Not only is your office warmer, but much more humid. You are forced to abandon your current career and start raising orchids instead. You are allergic to orchids. I wish this bracelet wasn’t too big for me.
  6. Oh god no. I can barely imagine which bone I’d break first. I can roller skate either. I grew up on a gravel road. Not a surface friendly to small wheels. If you wear jewelry, what kind do you like best (earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings)?
  7. I have. I’d rather play darts. How far away is the nearest park?
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