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  1. I get the full manic-to-depressed cycle. When it comes to bipolar l, I’m a classic textbook case. https://www.webmd.com/bipolar-disorder/guide/bipolar-1-disorder#1
  2. @DogMan, lord, I hear that. That’s why I use beer instead. No, just kidding. Tequila works better. No! Stop it! Bad Gearhead! I wish the tulips would come up.
  3. Yup. Although, for me personally, really excessive spending has never been a huge issue. Or doing drugs. I’m more of a pressured speech, racing thoughts, magical thinking, hypersexuality, insomnia, forgetting to eat, whatdoyoumeanspeedlimit, kinda girl.
  4. Owing to my prowess with firearms and my generally unflappable nature, half a dozen of my friends have informed me that if things go all Mad Max they’re going to show up on my doorstep with everything from sewing machines and dried peas to crayons and blankets that look like tortillas. Every one of them is MI, so I hope they bring their meds, and somebody had better bring a whole lot of dog food, too. It will be ok, people. Messy for a while, but ok.
  5. The game came out in 2016, and Clancy died in 2013, so one wonders exactly how much input he had into it.
  6. Tom Clancy also wrote about an airplane hitting the Capital building in Washington, D.C. In his version, the pilot was...Japanese. It made sense in context.
  7. Antidepressants can make bipolar people manic. If I don’t have other meds to counterbalance my AD, I go totally crazy.
  8. In the realm of the experiential rather than the technical, as a bipolar person I’ve found that without a mood stabilizer AND an antipsychotic, I can’t take antidepressants. Things get really exciting really fast if I try.
  9. Stay home. It’s the safest thing to do for ALL of you. And everybody in the country is going to need a haircut in a few weeks’ time. My pixie cut is already showing signs of rebellion. It’s gonna get ugly around here.
  10. I got hit the exact same way at first. It was debilitating for a few days. Stare at nothing, refuse food debilitating.
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