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  1. Well, it sounds nice for the dog. I once caught a bat that was in our upstairs bathroom while on Ambien. I didn’t remember doing it until I found my husband’s work gloves in the kitchen.
  2. @KJ We’re glad to have you.
  3. Sonic! I’m so glad to see you! I’ve wondered how you are. Congratulations on your baby boy. Does he look like you?
  4. Does your doc know you’re dependent on other people for rides?
  5. No, there isn’t. You might manage a few days of increased productivity in the very beginning, but you can’t control mania. If you induce it or let it go when it starts on its own, you’re dooming yourself.
  6. My dog engaging in personal hygiene. She is being very thorough.
  7. A redneck walks into a bar with a parrot on his shoulder. The bartender says “Where did you get that?” and the parrot says “Mississippi. It’s full of ‘em.”
  8. I’d really like to offer you a job, but I’m not totally sure doing what. What’s the job title for “Verbalizing What I’m Thinking So I Don’t Have To?” Will you send me your salary requirements and dietary restrictions? Sugar, managing conflicts between employees is what managers are for. It’s inappropriate for your boss to expect you to confront your colleagues.
  9. With whom are you supposed to have this conversation?
  10. Is she the kind of person you could talk to frankly and establish some relationship boundaries with? It kinda sounds like not... Is it worth it to you to try, keeping in mind that you might have to cut her off all over again? What would that do to you?
  11. Does anyone know where his young son, Barron, is sheltering?
  12. If I find him here, I’ll ban him. We only deal with people who want to manage their mental health and/or get better.
  13. I was biting my tongue about that. He’s been a fucking maniac from the word go, but at least he’s been capable of sitting upright. Not a given with a nice fat case of Covid.
  14. Even if he’s well enough to go home tomorrow, his handlers would be taking a big risk. It is very common for Covid patients to experience a “crash” 7-10 days in. I did, and I was sicker than I’d been on day 3. It was a devastating setback to the little bit of recovery I’d begun, and, while I have no way of proving this, I think it’s connected to how bad I continue to feel. During that crash it was hard to feed myself - literally physically difficult to get the fork from the plate to my mouth. It was the only time I thought seriously of going to the hospital. I’m not an obese 74 year old man who abhors exercise. I don’t spend my time training to Ironman competitions, but before this, I was reasonably fit, and had perfect BP, cholesterol, etc. If the Fast Food Aficionado in Chief gets hit like I did, it’ll be straight back to the hospital in a panic. He’s getting the best medical care in the world, so I assume he’ll survive, but the “optics” of that situation would be terrible. And if he gets post-Covid syndrome like I have, I’m telling you, he would be in no uncertain terms unfit to run this country.
  15. I want his case to be serious enough that he’s not walking around smiling and waving in two days and claiming Covid isn’t that bad.
  16. For those of you following along at home, I have post-Covid syndrome. My heart and lungs are ok. Too soon to tell if there’s neurological damage.

    Sixty-two days in.

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    2. echolocation


      i'm sorry, gear. that's not fair at all. strength and gentleness to you.

    3. Wonderful.Cheese


      I'm so sorry gear to hear this. I'm very sad to hear this. Why does this have to happen to the best people out there? So unfair. 62 days is awful. Beyond awful. Sending healing thoughts your way for sure.

    4. Antecedent


      I'm sorry :(I hope it eases soon

  17. I stand in solidarity with the Orange Fuckmuppet! I hope he recovers just like I have.
  18. Rabbit has good advice. Enjoy the doing. Also, it’s practice. Everyone needs to practice before they get good at something. I’ve heard it said that it takes 10,000 hours to achieve true mastery of your craft.
  19. Wholesome as fuck, yo. https://v.redd.it/nyg7yc1dg8q51/HLSPlaylist.m3u8?a=1604065991%2CNjAwZWE3NzM5NWJiNjU1ZmFmMTIzMWI0ZTM0Yzg0NjYyZWQ1ZTUyNWE5MDkzMzEzMTIzOTFhZjQxMzEzMzViMw%3D%3D&v=1&f=sd
  20. @Will, I had a text this weekend warning Brandi that there was a problem paying for her Amazon order. My name is not Brandi. I am not going to click on the provided link.
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