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  1. I have to wear earplugs to have any hope of sleeping anywhere. My husband always insists on a fan or something, because he can’t sleep without white noise. Has any good come out of the last few months for you?
  2. A television show about the weird shit nature can toss at you. Are those eels? If they aren’t eels, please stop the ride; I would like to get off.
  3. I am truly sorry, Noah, but we don’t work with children. Helping adults is hard enough. As a peer support site, we don’t have resources for kids.
  4. I can make a flawless pie crust. This surprises people, because I hate cooking. So boring. I’m a good cook, too. I guess that counts. When did you get your first cell phone?
  5. Camping. No brainer. Do you eat eggs?
  6. According to my husband, no, unless I have a really bad cold. Whats your favorite season?
  7. Words. Straight words, start to finish. I don’t see text in my head, but I can’t even excuse myself to the bathroom without some chatty layer in my brain announcing that that’s what I’m doing. Not aloud. To myself. I also have some spatial deficits, and I am incredibly bad at “picturing things” in my head, but I find that I can mostly ameliorate those issues by thinking very well with my hands. My hands are never still, and I can figure out how things go together and how to make things that are new by physically doing it. I write, both creatively and for things like CB and other non-profits, so more technical writing, and as far back as I can remember I’ve gotten these sudden obsessions with words that either manifest themselves as the same thing written over and over in the margins of my notebook, or, when needed, traced again and again on my thigh with the tip of my finger. I’m pretty sure it’s some form of echolalia. Right after I started taking lamotrigine, the habit almost disappeared. I didn’t notice for a while that it had gone, and I miss it.
  8. I remember, Mia. How much their deaths hurt you. I’m sorry I can’t be with you. I would if I could.
  9. Well, it’s a big universe, and it seems like a waste of space (no pun intended) for us to be the only thinking critters in it. Cloth napkins or paper?
  10. My best friend used to get completely deranged once a month. Like, seriously, just suicidal for a week. It was insane to watch. Now she gets DepoProvera shots (May have misspelled that) and she’s just fine. It’s like throwing a switch. She could never tolerate the Pill in any of its myriad forms. Made her crazy. But the Depro works like a charm. And your GP could do that.
  11. Based on brief acquaintance, I do. How’s the tap water where you are?
  12. Another thing not to do with zucchini is put it in soup. By the time the soup has cooked thoroughly, the zucchini will have broken down to something that’s essentially snot with a rind. I can forgive a lot, but don’t you go brewing courgettes.
  13. I’ve always been good at standardized tests. But this makes me uneasy. This was someone’s cafeteria questionnaire.
  14. The dog who’s scared of fireworks is now too deaf to hear them, and the dog who can hear her bowl being filled with kibble from the back yard doesn’t mind them. This is the calmest 4th I’ve had in 13 years.

    1. saintalto


      Margot barked a little when someone lit them close by on the street, but the distant fireworks didn’t bother her. 

  15. I have a question. What do y’all do when it’s hot as fuck out? My primary exercise comes from walking the dog, but when it’s 90F or more I don’t do it. I don’t think it’s good for her. Or me. All her shiny black fur...at least I can shave my legs. Whether it’s really unsafe or not (I heed the excessive heat warnings, certainly), from a sensory standpoint being that hot, and particularly the feeling of sweat on my face, is intolerable to me.
  16. Hot as fuck stop 

    Dog standing in water bowl stop 

    Appears to think his foot is stuck stop 

    Please advise stop


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    3. Gearhead


      Husband reports underpants non-optional during dinner please advise stop

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      Bad Haiku




  17. I have naturally low blood pressure, and when I took Zyprexa it dropped into the 80\50 range. I had no idea what was happening; no one mentioned that was a possible side effect. I realized something was off when I found myself pouring salt into my hands and licking it up. One of the weirdest damn cravings I’ve ever had, and if I’d been a little more compos mentis at the time, I’d’ve figured out the blood pressure thing a lot faster. I don’t recommend this. I recommend using french fries as a vehicle to get the salt into your mouth. Much tastier than your palms.
  18. Oh yeah! I forgot completely, but that’s what drove me to stop taking it. Thirty days, whole new cup size. I am way too old for that shit. Also my mania was walking right through it like it wasn’t even there, but the tit thing really pushed me over the edge.
  19. It’s so hot and humid that going outside feels like walking up someone’s nose.
  20. I can’t speak to risperdal particularly, as I was on it very briefly, but both times I’ve taken doses of Seroquel larger than 50-100 mgs for sleep, I packed on pounds. And I never gain weight unless it’s med-related
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