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  1. Just dropping in. Pdoc put me on zyprexa about 2 months ago. I stopped taking it after 4 weeks because I was becoming obsessed with food and had extreme dry mouth. But, I noticed my vision started getting worse (up close and distances). I went to the eye dr and my prescription had changed (now I need bifocals) - all since I had started taking zyprexa. Anyone else have vision problems on zyprexa? I've been off it about 3 weeks. Is my vision going to be permanently changed?
  2. I feel kinda dull. Not totally dull, just dull. Haven't blogged or posted in a while. Feel disconnected.

  3. I would suggest not asking, because like you said, things are really hectic and they don't need to be answering everyone about who can come or should come. Find the obituary in a newspaper, or online, or call the funeral place if you know where that is. You should be able to get all that information without talking to the family. Typically funeral etiquette is: unless it has been "advertised" (couldn't think of a better word) as "just family" or "just family and close friends", then funerals are (almost universally) open to anyone who knew the person. You were her friend, regardless of how long, so unless it's private, you can go. As for talking about how you knew her, if it were to come up with her parents or immediate family, you could very discreetly tell them. By discreet, I mean if no one else is around, and lean in and whisper. But if anyone asks, which they probably won't, just say "I didn't know her long, but she seemed really nice." It's a question you really don't have to answer and can avoid easily enough. Just cray and look weepy. If they ask a question, just cry or look weepy more. At a funeral (service), nobody is really paying attention to who is there. I've been to tons of funeral. When people show up, it says that your friend had friends, which is nice for the family to see. Hope this helps.
  4. Yeah, I couldn't get in either. Good thing I don't have rejection issues. Oh wait...........................
  5. Been feeling fairly normal. I think. I'm not sure. Maybe.

  6. Been feeling fairly normal. I think. I'm not sure. Maybe.

  7. Merry Christmas Everyone

  8. Same here. Went to a christmas light show in a huge park and had awful anxiety the whole time. My anxiety has no specific time when it's worse.
  9. We have multiple guns in the house. No kids. I haven't been suicidal since I was 17. Plus, I live in New Orleans and having home protection is almost a requirement. If someone breaks into our house, they will have to contend with both me and Mrs. Obscuremachine. Plus, I love the challenge of target shooting; trying to improve my shooting skill.
  10. Seem to be doing conflict resolution with a number of people.

  11. Stille Nacht: Mannheim Steamroller
  12. I agree with Anna. I don't like anything to be "buried" or ignored. It almost always festers or bursts out from beneath the surface at the worst possible moments. I disagree with blueandgray (no offense intended): it sounds more defensive than embarrassed. But, I am a deal with it honestly and move on kinda guy.
  13. Took this in the Smoky Mountains last week.
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