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  1. I just wanted to sat one more thing. Hormones definitely can cause depression. Just look at the reason behind PostPartum Depression. This is a very REAL issue that happens to alot of women. Here is why.... "When you become pregnant, your placenta produces 350-400 mg of progesterone a day. Progesterone is a feel-good hormone, and 50 percent of your progesterone receptors are in your brain. After you give birth, your progesterone levels drop like a rock all of a sudden … and remain low during the postpartum (after-delivery) months. But when you go from thousands of milligrams of progesterone in your body to zero in an instant, good luck trying to stay in a good mood. When your body takes all that in, it inhibits your production of progesterone, meaning you have a terrible estrogen dominance in your body. This provides temporary relief during pregnancy, but worsens immediately afterward, causing fatigue, memory loss and … depression". I got that info from here.... http://www.alsearsmd.com/its-not-in-your-mind/ And this site is really informative too. It talks about how a sudden drop in progesterone is the cause for PostPartum, PMS, And issues during Menopause. http://www.womentowomen.com/depressionanxietyandmood/postpartumdepression.aspx One week before your period, your progesterone levels are at their peak and then they suddenly drop. For most women the balance is still pretty level and they just feel cranky. But for Some.... the level severly drop and can cause major mood imbalances. The women who have bad PMS & PMDD are much more likely to get PostPartum Depression and even worse PostPartum Psychosis. Sure you all have heard cases of NORMAL women going off the deep end and wanting to kill their child... or worse.... actually going thru with it. SO YES.... I believe hormones definitely can cause severe mood disorders in some women. It's a proven fact. Thing is that Big Pharma CAN'T Patent Natural hormone creams. So they made Synthetic ones which actually do more harm than good. And like I said... I am NOT on Progesterone cream. It's not like you will just rub the cream on and be all good. It doesn't work that way. It takes alot of tiral and error to balance things. And it doesn't work perfectly for everyone. I am taking the suppliments DIM & Calcium D Glucarate which both help rid the body of bad estrogens. And I also take Vitex which helps balance progesterone & estrogen. There are a few other things I take too but these three are the ones that effect my hormones the most. We are trying to lower my estrogen levels becuase they are so high. And then once they are lower maybe I'll be able to handle the Progesterone Cream. It's complicated but I'm in it for the long hall.
  2. My Dr is a Naturopath. She is AMAZING! She practices Natural & Regular medicine. So when I need perscriptions she gives them to me. It's not all herbs & suppliments. Naturopathic medicine is more about Prevention thru Diet, Lifestyle, Suppliments. And I didn't go off my meds without the approval of my Psych. What I did was.... start seeing the naturopath because I was sooooo depressed and having a terrible side effects from every med I went on. I wasn't living and I'm sure many of you know what I mean by that. I was a walking zombie with numbed emotions, stuck in bed, gaining weight & losing my hair at alarming rates. So My Naturopath drew a bunch of blood and put me on some natural suppliments. She worked WITH not against my Psych. At the time I was on Prozac & Wellbutrin. I was still seeing my Psych & a seperate therapist weekly at this point. It took many many months to get a cocktail of suppliments built up before I weaned off my meds. This all took place over a year and I'm still on my wellbutrin. So I didn't rush to this conclusion overnight. First I weaned slowly off the Prozac w/ approval of my Psych. It took a while and was a little bumpy but once I was fully off I felt a million times better. My Psych didn't want to believe it. I was feeling so much better that when I went to therapy & my Psych visits I'd have nothing to say but good things. Both of them kept pushing my appointments further and further apart. Over the summer I went on a cpl vacations and decided to start school full time. I NEVER would have been able to do these things last year on all those meds. I was a zombie for real!! I still have my Psych Dr....I saw her in September. I told her I'd see her again after the first of the year OR if I feel bad. So I'm not being stupid about this. My Thyroid is a little low. Not too bad though. I'm taking Zinc for it now. But my Dr said if it doesn't get better at my next lab test she may put me on a Script. Synthroid I think. Thing is that Psych meds can Lower your Thyroid. So who knows why my level was low. My last lab test was in the spring. I test again in January. So we'll see! She told me that some people just don't metabolize medications properly. I get EVERY side effect with everything I take. Not just Psych meds. I tried soooo many different med combos. The problem is that Weight Gain is NOT an option for me. So that ruled out a big chunck of them. My Hormone issues are.... I'm severly Estrogen Dominant from being on Birth Control Pills for 14 years. That means my Estrogen is very high and Progesterone is very low. BCP provides your body with Synthetic Progesterone so your body stops making it. Then when you stop you have low levels. It's a common problem that often gets overlooked. This a Great site talking abt all of this. http://www.progesteronetherapy.com/estrogen-dominance.html#axzz2CpY1DBBj Here is another page from the same site talking about Depression. Messed up hormones DO cause these serious side effects. http://www.progesteronetherapy.com/natural-remedies-for-depression.html#axzz2CpY1DBBj PLEASE NOTE: I'm not promoting that site. I DON'T use her progesterone cream. I would never buy something like that over the internet. I just think the site has alot of great easy to read info about hormones. Read the site.... the lady who created it had severe depression / suicidal thoughts too. She went thru exactly what I did. Hormone issues Do cause depression and a million other bad side effects. Now that site talks about Natural Progesterone cream benefits. My Dr perscribed me a cream and of course I got a million side effects. So she stopped it. So it's not a simple thing to fix. It's a long bumpy road with trial and error. Just like with Psych meds. It doesn't get fixed overnight. I'm on a bunch of suppliments trying to balance things and lower my estrogen. Then we are going to try the progesterone cream again in a cpl months. Anyways.... like I said. Things are not perfect BUT I'm much better off now then I was a year ago. That was the point of my post. To let others know that maybe... just maybe there is a natural way to help. I know this isn't going to be the case for all people... espicially ones with life long mental illness. Even if I helped ONE person by writing this it's worth it. Be Well!
  3. Yea I hear ya on that. Mine was a weird case though. I swear I got Worse after I started messing with all the psych meds. I never felt that depressed before I started. It was more symptoms of BPD in the beginning. I went to see the Dr because I was having bad anxiety, anger, ect. I was in a stressful relationship & bad job too that was stressing me out. So alot of it was situational. But the meds made me so depressed and I suffered every side effect. I couldn't get out of bed for like a year! Now after a long battle I'm fine. I pray I'll never go back to that spot again. But I'll definitely be watching myself close. And like I said... I still suffer from BPD which is a whole nother can of worms. I deal with that daily. Just as long as I keep my life low stress then I can keep a handle on it. I gotta watch myself because if I get too stressed then that triggers all sorts of bad things in me.
  4. I had to come back and update this thread since it's been a year since I created it. I have been working hard this year to balance myself. I am sure now that my mood / depression issues have been hormonally driven. Things aren't perfect BUT I feel a million times better and have weaned off my Psych meds over the past 6 months. I am almost 100% off now. I stopped seeing my Psych Dr regularly because I am doing SO well. It's almost like she didn't believe it. She tried to make me convinced that I had a "chemical imbalance" and I'd be on meds the rest of my life. I can't help to believe that Psych Dr's feed meds to people to keep their paychecks coming in. I dunno. I feel bad saying that because I guess she was only doing what she is trained in to help me. But it's hard not to think its all a big scam sometimes. Now... This DOES NOT Apply to someone who is Bipolar or Schizophrenic, Ect. Those are serious mental illnesses and DO need medication for life. But for alot of people I fully believe that alot of mood issues are hormone related. There are so many things that cause hormone problems. Hormonal birth control, excess estrogens in our environment ect. I'm not really here to get into all of that. I just wanted to make a point that if your having depression or mood swings then it's worth researching all of this & seeing a Naturopath to get your hormones checked. You have to do this naturally though. Do NOT take synthetic hormones. That's what messes people up in the first place. My Naturopath kept me on all my Psych meds. And in time we have SLOWLY weaned me off. Like Super Duper Slow... cutting my pills smaller and smaller taking many months and months to get off. All the terrible side effects have gone away from the Psych meds. Biggest one is my hair is all growing back. It's the best! As far as the BPD. I do believe I have this. I have almost ALL of the criteria and have the childhood to explain it all. This is something I work at daily to control. But no medication will cure this. It's all coping skills and how I deal with stress and life. Constant Struggle. As far as the depression.... I am NOT depressed. I do NOT think about dying or suicide EVER. I am HAPPY! It's an amazing feeling. I never want to go back to that dark spot ever again. I don't wish that apon my worst enemy. Anyway... I wish everyone well. I know first hand how terrible depression is. I almost died from my own hands due to this illness. It's a scary place to be. But if you really want to then you can find a way to heal your body. It takes alot of trial and error. And I have to fight daily to maintain. I'm not perfect but I'm MUCH better off now than a year ago. Look into it! If you have time to search the web & this site for info on depression then take a little time to search hormone issues. Why Not! You have nothing to lose. I have nothing to gain from writing this post. Just the hope that my story may help someone like me. Take Care everyone and I wish you all recovery if possible!
  5. I 100% understand where your coming from with the original post. I have ALOT of experiance with MDMA. I relate because when I would take it I would feel amazing, not shy at all, not crazy.... just normal... like the way I imagine everyone else feeling regularly. BUT - through out the many years of my drug use.... the effects wore off. I built up a tolerance and barely felt any of the good effects anymore. And the come downs just got worse and worse. It makes my depression so much worse when I take MDMA. So my advice is to stay away from that stuff. Some people have no probelms with it but if you have a mental illness and are on psych meds espicially... you should not be doing recreational drugs. I know it's hard to imagine not doing it because it is so amazing... but trust me.... years down the line it's not and it causes more harm than good. Be Well! :-)
  6. Well I've been on prozac now a cpl weeks. I started at 5mg and just felt tired. The bumped it up to 10mg for about a week now. That's when the apathy started. My Dr swears it will get better. But from what I have read and now everyones replies I don't think it will. And I'm only on 10mg! The lowest dose. ugh!! I was on Abilify and didn't have this issue. I may have to go back to that. Everytime I take an SSRI it makes me soooooo tired. But this blunting of emotions is a new feeling.
  7. Will this go away? I just started Prozac 10mg a couple weeks ago. I am emotionally numb, have no motivation, very distant, sluggish, no excitement, no desire to do anything. And I'm sleeping about 9-10 hours a night. Wake up very unrested and lay around all day in bed. My body is starting to hurt cuz I'm laying around so much. I'm normally very active and love to work out. My Pdoc says that these side effects of Apathy, No Motivation, Tiedness will eventually fade and I'll feel better. Is this possible? Has anyone ever had these feelings get better? I've read alot of things that ppl say they are just tired all the time on prozac. Help! Let me also add that I'm already on 225mg of Wellbutrin. I see alot of ppl add Wellbutrin to give them energy. Not helping in my case.
  8. I can totally relate. I just moved so I am seeing someone new and I HATE it. I get so nervous. I'm opposite... I get nervous if the conversation doesn't flow. I can't stand uncomfortable silence. I had been seeing the same person for 7 years and was so comfortable. Now this new girl.... UGH I feel like we don't click. But I love the way she does my hair. I also HATE having my nails done. I have to psych myself up for it every time. I'm kinda a "prissy" girl. So Hair and Nails are a must! I get my nails done every two weeks and hair every month. I dread it every single time! Torture!
  9. I tried it. I didn't like it at all. Worst I ever felt on a med. I couldn't get out of bed. Super tired, Headache, dizzy, just all over bad feeling. I took it almost two weeks so I tried to give it a fair shot but I just couldn't take it anymore. But I've seen some posts from ppl who did well on it. It just wasn't the med for me.
  10. I took ALOT and I mean ALOT of extacy, cocaine, ghb for many many years. But I'm the opposite of you. I'm SUPER sensitive to my psych meds. So in my case No... all my drug use hasn't made a difference. When I have tried to take an SSRI I actually feel like I'm rolling for the first few days. It's nuts! Wonder why that is... rush of serotonin or something.
  11. I have done cocaine many times while I've been on my psych meds. I still felt it. BUT I'm not advocating this... because I worry sooo much what it was doing in my brain. Too much dopamine or sumthing. I dunno. Not worth it. But I'm no angel when it comes to this stuff so I understand. It's hard to be strong and not partake in the party. I'm not sure abt meth... nvr done it. I smoked weed one time and I felt it too but I NVR smoke weed and I don't even know much about how it effects your brain.
  12. OH THANK YOU SO MUCH! Obviously everything isn't perfect. BUT stopping the drugs and moving out of Vegas were the best things for my Mental Health. Living at the Beach in So Cal is healing!
  13. I had / have hair loss on Abilify. I take wellbutrin too and I know that causes hair loss. BUT I took abilify 2mg alone last winter, had some thinning but when I stopped it fell out in clumps and the texture changed. About a month after stopping it started to feel better. So I know it was the Abilify. Now that I'm on wellbutrin and abilify I am losing hair but it's leveled out a little. I take a TON of vitamins for my hair so it has helped a little. I want to get off my meds do to hair loss and weight gain. I'm so upset about these two side effects. And when I stopped my abilify last winter I had major sadness, crying spells for about two weeks. I think I should have tapered off slower. I just stopped. But it was only 2mg so I thought I'd be fine. It was pretty bad though. If I stop this time I will decrease it very slowly.
  14. SOMATOMAX recommended by my Dr and it works! I posted a link so you can read about it and read the reviews too. http://www.amazon.com/Hi-Tech-HTP-SOMA-SOMATOMAX-20-SERVING/dp/B0013TPJKI
  15. I used to take an SSRI and your right... I would take X and feel nothing. I actually stopped my celexa year ago due to this fact. I wanted to feel something when I would take X. Fast fwd years later.... I can not tolerate and SSRI. Makes me soooo sleepy. I already have an issue with laying in bed too much so I refuse to take something that makes me tired. I wish they would activate me because they really do make me feel btr mentally.
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