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  1. How are you doing on Abilify?

  2. I guess it would depend on the level of happiness. For me it will be a small high but last only a few seconds until i come to my senses and realize nothing is tha spectacular for me to be happy about. A lot of the time i just want to be happy. But when extremely happy, lets say 8 or above on a scale of 1-10, then i'd imagine it is true happiness but only for a few seconds. I just seen your edit. Ok i guess it would be always draped over seomthing else because if i'm happy about "A" i'll be happy about it but i haven't thought about the rest of the shit which cancel out the happy. I guess i would say my happiness is generally more so being excited then happy.
  3. I wouldn't know either way as i don't take it nor have ptsd. I just posted because i came across it.
  4. Found this article today while doing my daily internet surf. http://www.msnbc.msn...th-health_care/ Its about respirdone and how it is no better than a placebo at treating ptsd
  5. 144 GeneralCoping:57 LifeEvents:31 Depression:31 Anxiety:58 Phobias:67 Self-Esteem:67 EatingDisorders:45 Schizophrenia:50 Dissociation:42 Mania:85 SexualIssues:25 RelationshipIssues:56 Alcohol:67 Drugs:8 PhysicalIssues:33 SmokingIssues:38 GamblingIssues:0 TechnologyIssues:50 Obsessions/Compulsions:81 PosttraumaticStress:8 Borderline Traits:92
  6. Hello and welcome. by the way Despicable Me is one of my top five movies of all time, not that it really has any relevance to welcoming a person to a board.
  7. yes i am clean now which is largely due to random drug tests twice a week but still drink occasionally depending on the tests and who i can get to buy it for me.
  8. driving while under influence of drugs then a few month later possession of analogues, possession of marijuana with intent, operating a drug house and just to add salt to the wounds possession of drug paraphernalia.
  9. yeah i know that but i didnt go to him for therapy. I went to him more so just to get ease legal actions on me.
  10. Hello and welcome. I am new as well. Thus far the people here have been for the most part helpful. People will no doubt talk to you here.
  11. i am not on a mood medication and as of right now yes untreated bipolar because like i said i switched p-docs and my old one was absolutely useless except for my legal matters. My new pdoc has diagnosed these conditions and i believe my next session we are going to be going over meds and shit. She mentioned abilify last session but we will see what happens with that. i am not using the board narcissistically as it doesn't really feed my hunger for that sort of thing, that is more of a in person thing for myself. I have no problem printing this off and giving it to her as i have already gave her a few things such as this as has my girlfriend. Yes structed i agee is absolutely needed as my old shrink was very unstrucctered and that was just an absolute waste of time. For being a forensic psychologist used constantly in the circuit courts he was surprisingly bad. you mention that i ahve atleast one PD and possibily more, now yes i know none of you are doctors and such but what other ones would you throw out there?
  12. the trauma thing we've tried and i didn't use to be that protective over that until we had a few sleepless weeks. I don't forbid her from seeing material with things of that nature no but we have to watch those together because she reacts 100% better if she sees such material with me then with any other person. No i am not using the board as my pawns. I'm using the board for exactly what i'm doing. Maybe this isnt the way i would like it to go by drawing such heat from everyone but its understandable and i'm using it simply for self help and i suppose it is helping as i control myself a little better within the last few days thinking of the comments people have left me about how fucked up i am so thank you. I am an excellent friend. Sure i have a small group of people who i consider my friends but i am an extremely great friend to those who i am actually friends but yes i agree that based on what i said i sound like a bad friend. I didn't come here to piss people off and it appears that i'm some sort of a monster. Yes i'm an asshole and perhaps a bigger one then i've ever imagined after reading some of these comments but i am obviousy trying to change some shit. Yes people are more then intellect and yes i can continue the list Reddog left (even though one could argue a lot of those are vices but that for a long philosophical debate) and if that list is some of the other qualities that i am lacking i assure you that you are wrong there in multiple ones. And do not fool yourself about knowing people like me. You may know people who share some characteristics like me and etc but no one even close to me especially when all you know from me is from a few posts on the internet. So yes i will get into this therapy business and while on this topic does anyone have any recommendation on what credentials, degrees etc. the therapist i'm going to see have (leaving out jokes that he/she would have to be God to help me)
  13. Everyone gets what they want thought, i get someone of use and they get a friend
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