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  1. Polar bears are my favorite animals so I just wanted to say I love your avatar and your user name!!!!

  2. Yes. Its like my body is shutting down and i don't need any stimulus to work, so i just sit there and stare at nothing for hours and don't get board.
  3. At the end of the day its up to you weather you want to try the medication. It might help! it might not! but if don't go on medication you have to live with the consequences, I understand the fear with going on medication, but I think those fears are part of the illness and the medication is there to treat the illness, and then when you are on meds it might change your thinking. As for side effects, they are hard but its important to work with your psychiatrist so if they become to bad it can be fixed. Welcome to CB.
  4. I'm shy, but I'm less shy when hypo,manic or mixed. I'm always socially awkward which i guess has something to do with social anxiety.
  5. Hey Kevin, welcome to crazy boards! I'm bad at spelling too. I hope you like it here!
  6. Haha i love that video Maybell, Ive seen it like a 100 times but never gets old lol! You'll love a kiwi pavlova better, cos Aussies stole it from kiwis first
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